“Its Her Time To Die”: Man In Massachusetts Takes Two Year Old Girl Beats And Strangles Her To Death After Declaring That She Is A Demon

Michael McCarthy

By Theodore Shoebat

“Its her time to die” were the words said by a man in Massachusetts who murdered a two year old girl after declaring she was a demon. Here is the story:

Rachelle Bond, the mother of the 2-year-old whose body washed up on a Boston Harbor island, is testifying in the murder trial of Michael McCarthy.

Michael McCarthy, 37, is accused in the death of Bella, the toddler known for months as “Baby Doe” after her body was found on Deer Island in June 2015.

Rachelle Bond’s testimony began with answering questions about losing custody of her other children, her criminal history and her history of drug use.

Jurors were informed that Bond’s testimony was a requirement in her own plea deal, and the judge instructed them to scrutinize the credibility of her answers.When the questioning turned to Bella’s life, Bond admitted she did not remember the exact date of her daughter’s death. She only remembered that it was in the beginning of June.

Bond also testified that McCarthy would discipline the little girl in their shared home. At least once, she said, he put the child in a closet.

“I asked him why he would do that. He said, ‘She was being fresh,'” Bond testified.

She also described the night that she saw McCarthy punch the child in the stomach. The girl was on the bed and Bond said her whole body bounced with the force of the blow.

Bond said McCarthy also threatened to kill her when she tried to leave the room with the girl’s body. She said he put his hands around her neck and she blacked out.

In a later discussion, Bond said she asked McCarthy what he did.

“He said, ‘It was her time to die. She was a demon,'” she testified.

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