Muslim Woman Feigns Conversion To Christianity To Root Out Apostates From Islam And Turn Them Over To Torture And Death

A very interesting video has emerged online in which a Muslim woman is said to have feigned conversion to Christianity in order root out Muslim apostates and target them for harassment and death:

Part of the success (and I use that term rather loosely) of the Muslim community’s tight conformity to the brutal and extreme sharia is the vigilant policing by family, friends and neighbors, a “culture of denunciation.” Like the Communists, the Fascists, and the Socialists, it was the duty of every citizen to spy and report on their neighbors and report it to the Gestapo, the KGB, the Stasi, etc.

And so it is in Islam.

The media and academic elites worked furiously to stop any surveillance of jihad terror-linked mosques, but they say nothing of Muslims spying on Muslims to enforce the sharia with its attendant brutal punishments. And Facebook leaves these fatwas up — but blocks my content. (source)

Now there were a few issues that I saw with this video that seemed off, and in addition to our discussions about the close connections that we have written about how Pamela and her colleagues have ties to a various scoundrels, one should be very suspicious of any such videos. I am not saying she was lying or this video is not true– just to be very cautious given these circumstances and background. It is good that she did a story about this because she is discussing a historical reality and problem faced by Christians in Islamic societies, which is feigning Christianity in order to undermine the Christian Faith from within. What is so unfortunate is that so little was discussed about this, and that the discussion was reduced to a quasi-political diatribe instead of the greater historical context.

The conflict between the Church and Islam is ultimately the battle between God and the demons for the salvation of men’s souls. This conflict manifested primarily in two ways. The most visible manifestation was the temporal, military struggle between Christians and Muslims through various armed conflicts lasting for centuries and still enduring through today. The less visible was the theological war, which took the form of missionary outreach efforts by both Christians and Muslims throughout the world.

While both Catholics and Muslims fought and died in this struggle, the Muslims were far more inclined to using violence ­because Islam both denies the intrinsic human dignity of non-Muslims as it simultaneously gives license to lying, deceit, and any sin so long as it is being done “for the cause of Allah and his religion.” Although many Muslim missionary outreach efforts were made in good faith by genuinely believing Muslims, much of Islam’s expansion came through using violence, torture, and terror to compel people to submit by fear of death of themselves or their loved ones. This violence was directed at Christians they wanted to convert to Islam, Muslims who apostatized from Islam, and even at fellow Muslims who other Muslims did not believe practiced Islam the way other Muslims believed it should be practiced.

While this pattern repeated itself wherever Muslims and Christians lived in contact and still does today, Spain was a historical laboratory for witnessing this conflict and the responses due to its history with Islam. Originally one of the ancient lands of Christendom and visited by St. James the Apostle himself, Spain was invaded by the Muslims in 711 under Muslim general Tariq ibn Ziyad and was save for the northernmost mountain regions of Asturias conquered by the Muslims in 718. After 781 years of conflict, Islamic power was fully driven from Spain when the last leader of the final Islamic stronghold in Granada, Boabdil, turned over the keys of the city to Ferdinand and Isabella before departing for Morocco.

El ultimo suspiro del moro

The Moor’s Last Sigh by Alfred Dehodencq, depicting the farewell of Boabdil from Granada

Many people have the impression that the struggle with Islam within Spain ends at this conflict. It is true that the death of Islamic political power allowed Spain to re-focus its efforts on other pursuits, and over the next century Spain would sail to the Western world, colonizing and Christianizing the natives while driving out the heathen darkness that once defined the Americas. This took place at the same time a new struggle within Spain developed, and that was what to do with the Muslims, since they constituted up to 1/5% of the population.

Originally Ferdinand and Isabella were going to keep the Muslims in Spain, but that did not work because many of the Muslims were found to be colluding with their co-religionists in North Africa and were plotting rebellion against Spain so to precipitate and islamic reconquest of Spain. Historically speaking, Spain had come close several times to expelling Islam from its borders, and each time they were defeated by waves of what came as sudden attacks from Morocco. Portugal was aware of this as well, since she too had fought for centuries against Islam and due to her proximity with Spain would suffer equally

In order to stop this pattern from happening again, the kingdoms of Iberia began expelling Muslims and outlawing Islam. The Muslims who did not leave for Morocco after the fall of Granada, called the mudejars (“those who were left behind”) were outlawed beginning in 1497 and finally in all of Iberia by 1526. They were given the choice of either leaving for North Africa or instead for embracing the Catholic Faith and becoming a morisco, or a former Muslim turned Christian. This was very effective, as at the turn of the 16th century almost a million people entered the Church. However, this brought its own problems, since many of these people were not merely converting so they could stay in Spain, but were converting for the purpose of sowing rebellion against the Church the same way many of the mudejars did. The Spanish Inquisition played an important role in this conflict because they were charged with determining who was a true convert and who was a false one, and if the person was found to be a false convert, to repent and make full communion with the Church. While there were certainly abuses, the function of the Inquision was clear an important- to solidify the Faith among the newly converted Muslims, and of equal importance, to root out the rebellious elements among them before the could actually precipitate a full Muslim invasion as in the past.

Cardinal Cisneros,  one of the inquisitors. While there were certainly abuses, many of the inquisitors went to extensive lengths to look out for the good of both Muslim and Christian and strictly enforced Christian teachings for the good of the faithful. Ultimately, the purpose of the Inquisition was about preserving the souls of men and rooting out evil from society during a period when Muslims were infiltrating the Churches to try and destroy them from within,

Ultimately, the moriscos continued to revolt and on more than a few occasions nearly overthrew Spain. The worst of these revolts was the revolt of the Alpujarras, which lasted from 1568 to 1571. Led by the morisco Aben Humeya, it is said that he and a group of his followers initiated their rebellion by renouncing their Faith publicly before attacking. This was the reason why in 1609 at the insistence of St. Juan de Ribera, Archbishop of Valencia, the Spanish crown organized the peaceful expulsion of all moriscos from Spain.

St. Juan de Ribera, Archbishop of Valencia who helped to organize the expulsion of the moriscos from Spain.

Times, places, and people change, but principles and truth do not. The Spanish experience of the past shows that Muslims are not only going to engage in aggressive war and conversion by force, but that their theology permits them to lie even about converting to another religion as long as they are doing it for the purpose of Islamization. There are no moral bounds with Islam, and as such one cannot trust a Muslim because while all men are men and they will follow or disobey whatever teachings they ascribe to as they please, this is strictly a matter of their own wills, because the theology they subscribe to permits them to use deceit as they believe it is morally justified.

Spain also, and more importantly for our modern times, shows how to deal effectively with a large Muslim population in a particular nation in a way that is morally licit. This is very important in the context of the rise of National Socialism and its identical twin sister in Paganism as the solution to the “refugee crisis” that has been manufatured in Europe today. The governments of the West, in their power play against Russia and her allies have allowed for unchecked Muslim immigration as a tool by which they can justify more political and social control in their societies as well as eventually a war lead in this case by Germany and her historical ally in Turkey against Russia in a quest for Empire. They do not care at all about the Muslims or their issues, and are indeed feeding the most licentious and anti-social tendencies of both Islam as well as human nature in order to generate a public outcry so that these same governments and their owners in finance, industry, and business can present their solution, which is a new national socialism.

While the Catholic Church has always engaged in politics because she is a part of this world, the Church also carefully notes that men’s lives are not mere political tools to be used for the private gain of a few at the loss of the greater. This is why the Church is often times the only voice that will historically speak out against Islam, since while the governments of the past have sought as do the governments of today to use the easily manipulated Muslim masses as a political tool of leverage, the Church has always maintained that the dignity of man and the salvation of men’s souls comes before any political goal and applies to all people because all men are made in God’s image and likeness. Muslims are to first be evangelized, not manipulated, and fought against as is necessary for the greater good and within the constraints set forth in Sacred Scripture and explained through the lens of Sacred Tradition, not coddle and then murdered for political expediency.

The Spanish example is clear. Fight the Muslims when necessary and expel their political presence. Then attempt to bring them into the Church, to true saving faith in Christ in the Holy Church, and to be long suffering in doing this, taking not just years, but even decades or longer . Then, if this fails after a long and tried period and they still resist and resist violently, to peaceably remove them from society to their own lands.

Nowhere is there ever any talk of genocide, mass murder, or destruction for the sake of destruction.

Going back to the video posted above, notice how nothing of this history was mentioned at all, but simply a trite discussion of contemporary politics. Politics is important to discuss, but this video embodies in a modern context the issues faced by people living in Spain centuries ago as proof that the problems faced then are no different than the ones faced now. Notice how the discussion was left hanging as the fault of “those leftists,” and no answer was even given or suggested in a minor way.

Our position is clear. The answer to the problem of Islam and really, the problem of all evils is to turn to the Catholic Faith and follow it with all of one’s mind, soul, and might. The Catholic Faith provided the theological knowledge and the temporal might and experience to, when properly applied, resolve these issues and restore what was lost, for that is why Christ came, to save the lost and restore His creation. Political activism, Paganism, National Socialism, and any other “-isms” cannot stop the problems caused by Islam, and if anything will make them worse because they will attempt to use Islam to advance their own causes.

This video also illustrates again another example of the insidious nature of the propaganda that is being used today. The issue is not about facts because for the most part, the facts are self-evident truths and are difficult to deny without denying basic, visible reality. The danger is the assumptions they want you to conclude, because if the person who is presenting the answer to the facts does not outright give an answer, then the answer will be left to the voice which sounds to be the loudest and most pleasant to the masses unless there is a mitigating force, and historically that was the Church. But with the Church’s present absent as it needs to be, it is only a matter of time before history repeats itself again.