Homosexual Pervert In Thong Publicly Gyrates In Front Of Little Girl At “Gay Pride” Event In San Francisco

Homosexuals are pouring out a torrent of filth across the world as shameless men engage in vile sexual activity in front of the most innocent of people. This includes young children.

In a recent “gay pride” parade in San Francisco, a bystander took a video of a horrible scene where a gay man dressed in nothing than what appears to be a leather thong an sneakers gyrates in front of what appears to be a young girl there all by herself:

This video first appeared posted on Twitter. You can see the link here or view the screenshot below:

Now there are some questions I have about this, such as where were her parents and who took the video. It does seem odd that a small an impressionable child would be left alone in such an event with no adults seemingly around. Also, there is the issue of the person who filmed this event- who was this person? In a world where as we have noted there are many “coincidences” that seem too strange to be mere occurrences, and given the torrent of propaganda that is enveloping the world in a way not seen in a long time, one must be cautious and ask questions about this.

While there is little more information to go off of from the video, there is one major and curious clue. Notice the user who posted this has the handle of awyattmann88.

A Wyatt Mann is not a real person. Phonetically it sounds like “a white man,” and was originally the code name for Nick Bougas, a National Socialist cartoonist who has published many famous NS cartoons, some from many years ago that are still in use today:

One of Nick Bougas’ many cartoons. Note the drawing style.

A simple search on “A. Wyatt Mann” reveals many of his cartoons.

The “88” part of the name is NS code talk for the 8th letter of the alphabet, or HH, meaning “Heil Hitler.” It is often used in the phrase “1488” or “14/88”, with the 14 part referring to David Duke’s 14 Words and has been around for many years.

I bring this up because of two points that I have often repeated at Shoebat.com that are exemplified by this Tweet and must be repeated because they are so important. They are the use of (frequently) socially inappropriate truths by the National Socialist movement, and the current public position of National Socialism on homosexuality.

As I have said before, the deceptive power of National Socialism must not be underestimated because it derives its strength from embracing truths that are considered socially inappropriate and then expecting persecution for making themselves the champions of such truths. Yes, there are factual lies that NS members will say in terms of presented facts, but if one looks at the propaganda carefully there are actually few lies in terms of the same facts. The reason for this is that by embracing such truths and expecting persecution, the National Socialist can build a long-term attraction to his beliefs from other people, especially among those who are more inclined to reason somewhat before making a decision. The deception is not in the actual truths they present, but it is in the answer they present to the issues they so willingly discuss.

For instance, National Socialists will talk about the decline of the birth rate of the European people and the fact that Europeans and their nations, cultures, and identities are in danger of disappearing. They will cite abortion statistics, immigration, the decline of the Churches, the small families, the declining family structure, disease, drug use, and a whole number of real statistics that cannot be denied because they measure objective facts. The National Socialist will near completely agree with clergymen, social scientists, statisticians, and other intelligent people of good will who have no connection to the National Socialist movement because all of them can reach the same conclusions based on the same data from the same sources and with basic reason.

The deception comes in after the National Socialist and you (or another person) agree on the facts and the conclusions of such facts. What the NS will do is to present, even if casually in the conversation, National Socialism as the answer to the conflict. Even here, this is many times presented in a way that causes the person to think about the presentation as much as he did to arrive at the conclusion of the same facts. Using our example above, the National Socialist will say among other answers those which appeal to the emotions and would seem to make rational sense to the intellect. Even some of his answers may make rational or good sense, but at heart they are deceitful because the philosophy which they come from is one of ethnonationalist, darwinian paganism, asserting that man is but an animal who exists for himself and that the “law of the jungle” rules all, with Christ at best being an electable side piece through which one can direct his beliefs but never the actual point from which belief itself derives. This is why so many people, including many people of good will and sound minds are coming to side with the NS, because while the fundamental conclusions are very drastic and noticeably evil, the positions that one needs to adopt to accept that evil are hidden under layers of truth so it gives a false impression.

There is no difference between Communism (or what some people call using the deceitful NS term, “cultural Marxism”) and National Socialism is not one of essence, but one of a philosophy of application. It is in a historical sense the conflict between Stalinism and Trotskyism. Joseph Stalin saw global communism coming on a country-by-country basis, suited to the needs to each nation. This is the essence of NS- socialism by-nation. Lev Bronstein (Trotsky) conflicted with Stalin because he believed that communism had to spread in a uniform fashion over each nation it entered into. The two men fought viciously against each other and was the reason why Trotsky eventually had to flee the USSR.

People often times think of “left” and “right” as two extremes, and in one sense they are because that is how they are perceived just as one looking through his peripheral vision with his own eyes. If you stand in front an object and attempt to view it from your peripheral vision, you can see the left and the right sides of it, and both sides may look different to the point the would appear to be two different things. However, it is only if you turn around and actually look at the object itself that you see that there are not two different objects, but that it is the same object just with different sides. The same is with Communism and NS- they are two sides of the same object that appear different when viewed from the periphery but are just different sides of the same object.

This is where the Catholic Faith is so important, because the Catholic Faith is by its very nature against all forms of socialism because socialism is a Darwinist, materialistic, modernized form of Epicureanism. It has existed under different names in different places, but no matter what form it assumes the ontology is that man is a material animal who does not have a soul and exists for his own good in a jungle where truth is defined by the will of the most powerful man in the same way that animals fight for dominance in a pack. The Catholic Faith is the antidote to this, occupying the opposite position and only opposition to this position because on the basis of divine revelation she hold that man is created in God’s image and likeness, that morality, truth, and meaning come from God and that as God became man so that man might become like God, it is for man to imitate God’s nature in his relationship to himself and his fellow man, subjecting his passions to the Holy revelations and conforming himself to them instead of making revelation conform to himself.

No matter how many actual truths National Socialism claims to hold in terms of facts, you cannot look at the truths, but at the conclusions, which brings up the next issue, and that is the growing “opposition” to homosexuality among the NS.

I have been witnessing an increasing amount of opposition to homosexuality and the homosexual agenda among National Socialists on social media. They have been taking strong public stances against the deviant behaviors of these people in a similar fashion to what we have been doing for years on Shoebat.com, even using language similar to that which we use here. Such was the case with the most recent Twitter post above.

Jack Donovan

However, it is important to remember that National Socialism is NOT ANTI-HOMOSEXUAL, IT IS PRO-HOMOSEXUAL JUST AS IN LIBERAL CIRCLES. The difference with the NS is that it attacks the effeminacy of “leftist” homosexuality. Instead, it supports “masculine” homosexuality, such as that propagated by the deviant Jack Donovan, who is an unashamed homosexual pagan who runs a compound in Virginia where he worships demons with his homosexual lover and runs a völkisch inspired “group.”

One only needs to look at the admitted pederast Milo Yiannopoulos, who we have written about before. If the “right wing” was so “anti-homosexual,” then why are there still so many “conservatives” who are defending Milo?

If that was not enough, then what about Ted’s recent expose on Dennis Prager, who openly advocated for sodomizing 15-year-old boys and said the Bible permits it yet sure enough there were innumerable “conservatives” who came to the defense of his words, even going so far as to deny he said them when they are on tape for the whole world to see?

Now referring back to the tweet mentioned at the beginning, it does not really matter if this was a real video made by a genuine bystander or if this video was set up or encouraged in any way because that is not the issue at hand here. The issue is that of what is being presented as an opposition to the homosexual movement when there is actually no opposition at all but instead support coming from all sides just by different means with different angles of interpretation. Be not deceived, there is nothing at all “anti-homosexual” about the conservative, “alt-right,” or National Socialist movements because they are no different than the left. Indeed, just like how we have pointed out with Islam, Islam is not anti-homosexual at all and Islamic law makes no secret of this. “Liberals,” “conservatives,” and Muslims alike are pro-homosexual, but where they differ and will fight with each other to the point of outright war is how to apply these teachings in society. The liberal will support an effeminate homosexuality, the conservative will support a masculinized homosexuality, the Muslim will support Shariah-based homosexuality, but all of them end up in the same place, with another man masturbating into another man’s rectum for pure hedonistic pleasure while hating the Catholic Faith for opposing it for the sin that it is.

There will be more postings from the NS that will go against homosexuality- effeminate homosexuality. At the same time, there will be an open and seemingly disconnected but what is in reality a unified push for a masculine homosexuality. Don’t support any bit of it, because it is all evil and leads to the same end. There never was any difference between them, just the illusion of difference caused by looking out the sides instead of turning around and seeing the evil for what it really is.