Vile Sodomite Makes Video Of Him Raping His Dog, Puts It On Social Media, Complains That He Gets “Judged A Lot For Being Different”

The Bible makes clear that the characteristics of the residents of sodom are that having chosen to given themselves over to evil, they act out of will and passion devoid of truth. How this manifests can vary by individual and group, but it at the very least inclines a man to the worst of actions, which can cause him to abuse himself, adults, children, and animals in horrendous ways.

But it is not enough to commit crimes, as many likewise feel completely right in doing them. This leads to a sense of justification and even offense at the thought of suggesting that something done was wrong.

A recent case in California, in the sodomite area of West Hollywood illustrated this after a sodomite who legally changed his name to “Sexy Vegan” made a video of himself raping his dog, then put the video on social media. He was later arrested and charged with animal abuse.

It is of note that this same person has been on television before, where he complained that he people judge himb because he is “different”.

A 37-year-old man whose legal name is Sexy Vegan pleaded not guilty Friday to two misdemeanor charges stemming from allegations that he sexually assaulted his dog and posted a video of the assault on social media.

The West Hollywood resident, who was born Hansel DeBartolo III, is facing a count of sexual assault on an animal and a count of posting obscene matter. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted of both charges, according to Los Angeles County prosecutors.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies arrested Vegan on Thursday morning after authorities said he posted a video on one of his social media accounts Sept. 5 depicting “inappropriate behavior” with a pit bull, prosecutors said.

Officials did not offer specific details about the video but said it depicted obscene matter. It is not clear how authorities became aware of the video, which no longer appears to be posted on any of the man’s public social media accounts.

Vegan’s IMDB profile says he moved to West Hollywood from a Chicago suburb in 2016 and legally changed his name to Sexy Vegan. He has his name tattooed on his forehead and chest in blue ink. The profile also describes him as a 2020 presidential candidate, an “Instagram sensation” and a singer who released a 28-track album on YouTube called “Ending World Suffering the Fun Way.”

During an appearance on the “Dr. Phil” show in 2017, security guards escorted Vegan from the studio after he engaged in an expletive-filled rant and attempted to moonwalk across the stage. He appeared on the show a few months later to apologize.

“I do get judged a lot for being different,” he said at the time.

Vegan is being held at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in lieu of $35,000 bail, according to jail records. It was not clear Monday whether he has an attorney. (source, source)

When a man says that he supports the sodomite agenda, it cannot be dismissed from events such as this or the individual in question because the reality is different from the image presented. It is wrong to call sodomites “gay” because while that is the popular term, “gay” means “happy”. The sodomite lifestyle is defined by anything but happiness and instead by anger, deceit, greed, hatred, jealously, violence, perversion child abuse, disease, drug addiction, and even death.

Does one believe that eating feces is normal or healthy? Or masturbating with feces? Or spreading disease for the purposes of sexual arousal? No man of sound mind and soul believes this, yet all of these actions are endemic to the sodomites no matter where they go. It is not a quality of race or being, but of the soul as guided by one’s choices.

Likewise, certainly there are those who, having embraced this lifestyle, do leave it. However, the ones who truly do are very few, and their conversions are not made known by public professions, but by their deeds and associations.

If one feels disgust and revulsion at the fact that this sodomite raped his dog and that he needs appropriate justice, this is natural. However, if one also supports the sodomite agenda, then one has embraced a contradiction because it is the philosophy that drives the behavior. This man did this to his dog because it is the product of his beliefs and how they manifest in the real world.

If one really wants to love people and show support for what is good and right and loving, then one must speak out against sodom and call those who choose to take up residence in her walls what they are, which is sodomites. Their sin cries out to Heaven for vengeance, and God destroyed not only the city, but those who looked back.

As Jesus says, “Remember Lot’s wife,” for while one can only guess what she was thinking about when she looked back at Sodom (possibly as many women say today, for her “gay best friends” that she was thinking about), it was her desire for sodom that put her into the fate of the sodomites.

Remember her, and remember the stories such as these, for these stories were likely the same type of things that were happening in sodom four thousand years ago, and why she met the fate of a ten megaton nuclear bomb.


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