Google CEO Confirms Predictions About Building Killer Robots And Genetic Editing has noted before in the archives that a major trend for the future will be the integration of advanced computer technologies, such as nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, with biological organisms. There are many different facets this appears to be adopting, with each one differing based upon the particular goals in mind.

From what we have seen, we have been able to identify two major sub-trends within this. The first is the obvious, which is for military use. As with any new invention, product, or idea, one of the first questions (if not the first question) asked is “Can this be used to kill more people with greater efficiency and less loss to our side?”. This question is a staple of human existence going back to the ancient world, where pointed sticks gave way to bronze and iron weapons, which gave way to advanced armor and further tools all the way through the development of the machine gun, poison gas, the nuclear bomb and now artificial intelligence.

The second major trend was a patter throughout all of human history, which was attempts for man’s quest at divinity but realized in a technological context. To quote the transhumanist Peter Diamandis, the next step of man’s “evolution” is not from the muck to humanity, but from humanity to an “interplanetary species.”

During the 1960s, there was a popular belief that the human race was going to explore the universe. However, the opposite happened, where the universe became the invisible world of the microchip, the atom, and nanocomputer, and then AI.

Taking int account the above trends, warned what Google is now delcaring, that the future of technology is in the integration of technology with biology.

Brain inserts and carbon-absorbing bacteria aren’t just the fantasies of Silicon Valley’s richest executives, they’re also a part of a larger hope to advance artificial intelligence and computing efforts.

“Biology will undoubtedly fuel computing” in coming years, former Google CEO and current technical advisor Eric Schmidt said at a conference called SynBioBeta in San Francisco Monday. “Taking biology, which I’d always viewed as squishy and analog, and turning it into something that can be digitally manipulated, is an enormous accelerator.”

Schmidt’s comments come as Silicon Valley’s seeming obsession with biology attempts to move beyond fascinating projects and into more serious investments that could help modernize tech processes. (source)

Facebook has also stepped into the market as Zuckerberg this year announced he and his wife would spend $68 million to support the mapping of all the cells in the human body as well as having purchased two companies, CTRL Labs, and Neuralink to work on brain-computer trials on humans next year.

All of these things sound very interesting, and the promise of such integration is to create what is being called “enhanced humanity”, or a humanity that having been integrated with machine is more “capable” than just humans on their own.

This is being touted by major scientific bodies, such as one who recently pulled a tweet in support of “designer babies” that would be possible because of genetic editing and engineering.

A government-funded group that’s leading efforts to set standards for gene editing has pulled a video it posted in the wake of concern about how it portrayed the ethically dicey science and its possible use to make designer babies.

The National Academy of Sciences posted the video earlier this week along with a tweet it later removed.

The tweet read: “Dream of being stronger? Or smarter? Do you dream of having a top student or star athlete? Or a child free of inheritable #diseases? Can human #GeneEditing eventually make this and more possible? #TheScienceBehindIt Take the quiz!” It included emojis of a brain, bulging muscles, a professor and an athlete. (source)

What we are seeing here is the development of a new form of darwinism, except this time aided by technology, to bring about a new eugenics.

In the past, it was popular to talk about “evolution” as coming from biology. However, there is more evidence coming out to suggest that indeed, the Bible was right in that all things came from a common source, which is creation by God.

This argument will still be used, but less so. Instead, the emphasis is shifting to how humanity has the capacity to transform herself, and that man does it by his own hand. Thus evolution becomes something less discussed of as a biological process by natural means, and rather something that is chosen by the “strong” to favor themselves over the “weak,” which will be defined as anybody who does not support a eugenic agenda.

The same basic arguments that underlined the old eugenics- racism, classism, and a contempt for those who are different -will still be used. It is the particular combination and reformulation that is reviving the toxicity of the past and giving it more tools to be more powerful than before.

This is as it concern those who would seek to become divine as the infamous futurists Ray Kurzweil and Michio Kaku discuss. Humanity is building her own tower of Babel, except this time instead of bricks, it is being made out of microchips and DNA molecules.

There is also another concern for this, and something which has explicitly discussed, which is the invention of killer robots that are surrounded by living tissue. The concept of the Cyborg as captured on film by director James Cameron in his Terminator film series is not an invention of the mind, but is actively being created right now with these technologies.

Google is not just talking about helping enhance the human race. Such enhancement will be “reserved” for the rich alone, who as they attempt to make themselves divine, are also going to produce humanoid robots to kill each other.

This also is a trend that works with the pursuit of rare-earth metals, for while they will be used in advanced computers, there are also reports that nanocomputers are being integrated into new liquid metal alloys. The current alloy being experimented with, an alloy of Mercury, Indium, and Gallium, has a computer inserted into it and can be manipulated into basic shapes with commands from the chip.

If you have not figured it out already, this is the experiment phase for the T-1000 robot from Terminator 2.

Science fiction is not fiction anymore. It is happening before our eyes. Yet it is the same philosophies of darwinism and eugenics that are driving them, just slightly modified to a contemporary understanding and given a new life and tools to execute their ends.

With the way these trends are moving, people will look back upon Hitler, Mao, and Stalin, and wish for them, not because they were good, but because given the potential for destruction of the current tools and the nature of man in a post-original sin world, those who will take their place will likely dwarf all three in their atrocities.

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