Sodomites Murder Over Six Thousand Teens And Seriously Injure Over Forty Thousand In Six Years With Poisonous Drugs

The transgender movement is extremely evil, as it is taking a healthy person and mutilating him with strange drugs and physical abuse in the name of “surgery”. This evil has been foisted upon teenagers, and while one sees the evils of it by looking at photos and videos of “protests,” the horror of the transgender movement in real time is even worse than how it is presented.

If one is willing to do it, go to 4Chan and go to the “Society and Meetups” (/soc/) board or the “Robot9000” (/r9k/ board and look for “cute” threads. Sometimes they say “cutemale”, “cute boy”, “uwu”, or outright “trap” that have a link to Discord or with extensions that look like “gg . /(five or six letters and numbers)”, or just five or six random looking letters and numbers. These are links to discord threads, which one accesses by going to numbers and letters).

There are invites to sodomite and trans discussion threads, where people talk in real time and post videos of themselves and their “journey” to mutilate their gentials.

I am not going to post photos today of what I have seen on them. However, on these threads one will find large numbers of male sodomites talking to pre-teens, teenage boys, and young men encouraging them to:

-Send nude videos and photos of themselves (sometimes including child porn)
-Use said videos and photos to attempt blackmail of them
-Meet up with said underage persons for illegal sexual liasons
-Take videos and photos of cutting the forearms, thighs, or upper body
-Take videos and photos of them inserting large, unnatural objects into their anuses
-Take strange homemade concoctions as substitutes for “hormone replacement” to assist with “transitioning”
-Take videos and photos of them mutilating their genitals with kitchen utensils or household tools
-Take videos and photos of them cutting off their testicles or penis, and in some cases playing with the dismembered parts or cooking and eating them
-Take videos and photos of them committing or attempting suicide

Visit at your own risk. I don’t encourage it.

If all of the above was not bad enough, one can add another crime to this, which is the medicines that the sodomites use to prevent puberty and cause bodily mutilations have been shown by the FDA to have caused over 6300 death and over 40,000 injuries in the last six years.

Between 2013 and June 2019, FDA recorded 41,213 adverse events, including 6,379 deaths and 25,645 “serious” reactions in patients who took the hormone blocker known as Lupron — the same drug given to children who say their gender identity is not consistent with their biological sex.

Leuprolide Acetate, known as Lupron, is clinically approved for treatment of prostate cancer in men, endometriosis in women, and, for a short period of time, “precocious puberty” — a condition in which children begin puberty at a significantly younger age than is considered normal.

Lupron is also being used — without formal FDA approval — as a puberty blocker on the increasing number of children and adolescents who are being diagnosed in the U.S. and the U.K. with gender dysphoria. This is being done — with the support of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Endocrine Society — despite the fact there is no evidence that such hormonal treatments actually benefit children and adolescents with gender dysphoria. (source)

People may ask why “the government” is not doing anything, and the answer to this is because “the government” is made up of the people in society, who not only support sodomite marriage as a majority population (63%) and as a supermajority (>75%) for those under 37, but likely support sodomite behavior at rates up to and possibly over 90%.

It is the same reason why many states have anti-pornography laws, yet they are never enforced, because the force of any law relies on the will of the people to enforce it. Likewise, American law is notorious for being understood as a political tool and not a reflection of justice.

If you want to try another experiment, type in “bar lawyer gay” and look at the results. There is not a state bar association lacking without a section dedicated to sodomites, and then the sodomites have very large bar associations on their own.

No lawyer who wants to make a career is going to oppose them because to oppose the sodomites will mean the end of his career and potentially being debarred by his state bar association, and not because of legal issues, but because of political persecution, thus stripping him perpetually of any ability to pay his bills or live and economically starving him into poverty.

It does not matter that thousands of teens have died and tens of thousands have been hospitalized, because the movement is about power and indulging one’s lusts at any cost. They have legal protection as a statement of fact due to public support and their infiltration of the legal system, and so they are not going to be stopped barring a major event that forces them to do so or if the political benefits of prosecuting outweigh the negatives. But until either happens, there will be no serious change. Instead, there will be what happened in the UK, which is where Christians are now being told that they are ‘against human dignity’ for refusing to submit to sodomite ideas.

The persecution is not coming- it is already here and as it continues to worsen will reach a point of violence against Christians and legal punishments more severe than already.

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