Germany Prepares To Buy US-Made Fighter Jets With Nuclear Capabilities

The rise of German militarism is a consistent theme of European history, where usually and at least once a century, the nation makes a serious attempt to grab territory from her neighbors or conduct other military operations. Some of these result in serious wars such as the Thirty Years War, the Prussian war, World War I, and World War II. Her patterns of behavior do not chance, but what changes is the weaponry used, which becomes deadlier each time.

In an age with nuclear weapons, there is extreme concern that if Germany was to go into another war, she would consider using nuclear weapons, which would be disastrous for the world. One must never say that she would ‘never’ so such a think, for few people could have imagined the horrors of the 20th century and likely would have doubted it could be possible.

Having noted this, one should recall that the US has been worsening the situation by working with National Socialist and other nationalistically oriented groups around the world since the end of World War II with Germany. She has also helped to rebuild Germany into a powerful nation, who controls currently the entire economy of Europe.

The refugee crisis of 2015 was not an accident, but part of a plan by Germany and the US to revive nationalism, for what was originally presented as an “Islamic invasion” quickly became filled with racist language, which then was translated to a love of country and defense for it, and now is taking on a militaristic sentiment. The refugees did not “invade”, but were used as pawns in a massive game of geopolitics and just like many pawns in a game of chess, will be sacrificed in the future when they are considered no longer necessary.

German militarism is returning, and as Germany has the economic, industrial, farming, logistical, intellectual, and organization potential to wage a major war, she could easily make a transition instantly from her current state into a war power.

But Germany is also smart. She is not going to do this transition immediately, but will wait for an opportune time. Since there is a possibility she may eventually turn against the US, she will not hesitate to take as much as she can from the US to help herself, the danger of this being not so much that Germany will invent a new weapon that is more creative than the US, but that she will innovate and make more efficient that which the US has, for the US is a land that makes dreams into a reality, and the Germans are a people who while lacking creativity, are brilliant in terms of engineering and are able to take almost any process and make it maximally efficient.

It is with note here that according to US government and German military sources, there is going to be a massive retirement of the current Eurofighter jets by the year 2025. In response, the German government is moving to update her arsenal with US model F-18 fighters, of which at least forty will have the capacity for carrying nuclear weapons according to German News.

Germany uses the jets as part of a NATO deterrent concept in which allies in war can have access to US nuclear weapons. But the successor has to be certified by the USA. The F-18 had such a license already in an earlier series.

There is little public talk about the topic, also because nuclear bombs in Germany can not be used to attract political capital. Officially never confirmed, but still a kind of open secret: In Büchel, in the Eifel 20 thermonuclear B61 gravitational bombs of US forces are stored. However, the Luftwaffe also uses the aged Tornado in a version for electronic warfare against enemy radar systems.

The US report is available to the Department of Defense for dpa information. However, the details do not become public and are referred to as confidential. “We are in constant dialogue, including in writing, with our partners and allies,” said a spokeswoman for the Department of Defense on Friday on request. (source)

If Germany was not intending at some point to use nuclear weapons, why would she buy jets with this capability?

Germans are an extremely efficient people- arguably the most efficient in the world. They do make mistakes, but not major ones consistently, and if so they correct them because that is how they tend to be disposed.

Germans do not make major military purchases with certain capabilities if they do not intend to use them in the future because, as they think, “it’s not efficient.”

The fact that she is buying US jets is more than just a military transaction. Germany, being that she is very efficient and intelligent, has the ability to reverse-engineer any of these jets and build her own, but more efficient and deadly versions. The US complains about China stealing technology, yet it is known fact that the Chinese make garbage, even for themselves. Just go to any dollar store, or look at the very “apartment buildings” in China that crumble to nothing. This does not happen in Germany because of the mindset, which is oriented to quality and efficiency.

The US has a lot more to worry about with the Germans stealing her technology for themselves and then possibly in the future using it against the US. They will not currently because Germany is small and the US is much larger and more powerful, but if Russia and Turkey were to side with Germany, it would be a fight that the US likely could not win, and she would not participate but retreat to her geographic isolation that has protected her for so many years.

The same is to be said of nuclear weapons, which only have been used twice in the history of war. If Germany was to use nuclear weapons though, it would be far more deadly, not for a difference in power, but because she would see to it that the weapons were more efficiently used.

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