Orthodox Jewish Man Busted For Leading Secret Sex Parties In New York’s East Village

People who live double lives and cause a scandal to those around are not uncommon. In modern times, one of the greatest scandals has been that of those particular Catholic priests who under a vow of celebacy have been found not only to be sodomites, but to be engaging in the abuse of children.

While the sodomite scandal in the Church is evil, it is also without question a great mercy that it has come out, for once a problem has been identified is the point at which healing can begin. One could say that the greater danger is scandals which are less talked about, because they continue to be hid, and as such are not allowed to heal. If one takes this far enough, it is possible to believe, and rightly so, that it is the wrath of God which permits this as proof of condemnation.

It is well-known to those who study it that sexual abuse is endemic among Jews, with some of the highest rates of abuse of all religious groups. Statistics are not always clearly available because of the insular nature of the communities and the refusal to report crimes, but the numbers are very high and is a massive scandal.

A recent example of such a scandal emerged after 33-year-old Avraham Adler, an orthodox Jew with a wife and three children, was exposed as leading a “double or triple life” as he hosted sex parties on the side.

“I want a divorce,” an angry Shana Adler told The Post Thursday outside the couple’s modest three-bedroom home in Clifton, New Jersey. “He is not supporting us whatsoever. He’s cut us off completely. My friends are paying our bills.”

Shana Adler said she doesn’t know what her husband is up to in the four-story townhouse at 189 East 7th St., where the allegedly randy tenant has been charging $60 a pop for sex-filled soirees featuring spankings and group foreplay, according to a lawsuit against him.

His wife claims his multiple “girlfriends” call her and “feel bad about the double life they’re leading.”

The wife found out about gal pals “Nicole” and “Alexa” a “few months” ago and then kicked Avraham out of their Jersey digs “for a lot of things I don’t want in the paper.”

Avraham Adler’s alleged behavior belies his claim to a Post reporter of being a “deep man of faith.”

He is a former student from Yeshiva Gedola of Passaic. The Adlers worshiped at “multiple congregations” in New Jersey, his wife said. Avraham once told a newspaper he’s so religious that he wouldn’t carry his car keys on the Sabbath. (source)

It is very unfortunate when such things happen and wrong. However, there are a few questions.

Given the insular nature of the Jewish communities in New York and New Jersey, how come it seems to have taken so long for this scandal to have come out?

Likewise, was Adler working for somebody else? It is well-known that the Israeli government has, like the USSR, a long history of hosting “sex parties” in order to blackmail people into submission to their demands. One only needs to consider the now long-buried case of human trafficker and child abuser Jeffrey Epstein to see this.

What exactly was going on we do not know. However, what we can say was that there were indeed parties of a sexual nature, and that it is in itself a scandal as the organizer was leading a double life. It does not matter in so much that he was Jewish, but what his actions were.

It is true that there are patterns of behavior that tend to run in certain groups, and these exist for certain reasons. However, there is no such thing as one evil that is limited to one group or a group that is beyond the capacity to do evil or unable to be criticized for their actions, as though they existed as a sort of protected class for which the laws applied to all others save for themselves.

It is good to call out priests when they do abusive things as well as other Christian clergymen. However, what applies to them applies to all others, and one must not forget to address these evils when they happen.

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