Is Refugee Crisis 2.0 In Progress Right Now?

The refugee crisis that began in late 2015 was directly connected to US foreign policy movement in Syria and Libya intended to weaken the nations and bring about a massive displacement of people from said regions and points further south and east into Europe. reported that it was uncovered on at least two occasions that the entire crisis was outright manufactured by the Western powers, where major NGOs, charities, corporations, and other groups received lucrative contracts in exchange for trafficking human beings into Europe with the permission of the government on sometimes legal, sometimes legally questionable, and sometimes with openly illegal means.

The purpose of doing this was not to help the people involved, nor was it to help Europe. Rather, its purpose was to facilitate social instability in Europe so that nationalism could be revived as part of a later plan to revive militarism. The process involved importing large amounts of people into Western European nations, but especially Germany, burdening these people with excessive welfare to encourage idleness and crime, refusing to formally work at integrating them, and then to allow for the rise of people who criticize “those migrants” while condemning them but refusing to take conclusive steps to stop them.

Right now, Turkey is preparing to invade northern Syria, as the US is pulling out. Trump’s team has been excessively tweeting about “crashing” the Turkish economy, but it is yet to be seen what real actions he would take. Either way, any action is going to be done in the context of keeping Turkey and Germany within US influence.

Germany is outright warning right now that if the current event happens, which it is likely to, it will trigger a second “refugee crisis” in Europe that some sources are reporting will be bigger than the crisis in 2015.

“We have to help our European partners even more in patrolling the EU’s external borders; we have left them alone for too long,” Seehofer told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, referring not only to Greece but also to Spain and Italy. “If we don’t, we will once again see a refugee wave like in 2015 — maybe even greater than four years ago.”

Seehofer said Europe had to avoid a crisis for which it was unprepared, as it had been in 2015. He clarified that he had “the full support” of Chancellor Angela Merkel, with whom he has publicly differed on refugee policy in the past. (source)

This comes at a time when Germany is starting to go into a crisis, something that we have warned when it does happen will cause great trouble to Germany because as the financial powerhouse of Europe, her inability to pay her bills yet her choice to take on large numbers of migrants on considerably large amounts of welfare would severely hurt her. Likewise, the situation with Brexit is also hurting Germany because she cannot as fluidly continue her manufacture-and-export model, and it is reaching the point of a crisis.

The German carmakers finally broke their silence on Brexit last month. In a rare joint statement with car industry lobby groups from across Europe, they warned that a No Deal Brexit would have “seismic” and “devastating” consequences for the sector.

A German study released earlier this year predicted that No Deal could put as many as 100,000 jobs at risk in Germany – and that Wolfsburg would be among the worst hit cities. Already reeling from the Dieselgate scandal, No Deal is the last thing VW needs.

“We absolutely need a deal with Britain,” Hartwig, Erb, Wolfsburg’s most powerful trade union leader, told the Telegraph.

“There are no winners from a No Deal Brexit. The European economy will be weakened, but “There are no winners from a No Deal Brexit. The European economy will be weakened, but the effects on the British economy will be even worse. Donald Trump is not going to save you.” Donald Trump is not going to save you.” (source)

This was not done by mistake. Surely there are some people who believe this, but it largely was intentional, having been engineered by the highest levels of the German political, business, and financial class. They want Germany to crash and burn.

Likewise, make no mistake that they will insist on paying for “the refugees” in full, and the government may even see to it that “native Germans” are removed from the welfare rosters. Expect to see this, as it will be intentional to drive public anger.

Now the Trump is pulling out of Syria, the pending Turkish invasion will open a route for another massive displacement of people, which if Germany chooses to follow in what some people are alluding to, just as in 2015, insist on taking in even as her country is crashing. She will ignore the legitimate grievances of her people and publicly insist on supporting “the refugees” over “the Germans.” This would cause outrage against any “non-German” even worse than what happened in 2015, nationalism would explode, and it would likely start a formal push into militarism and militaristic activity.

The 2010s were defined by destabilization, ISIS, and refugees leading in the direction of nationalism. The 2020s is appearing that it will be defined by militarism that will likely, by the dawning of the 2030’s and perhaps even earlier, result in the spillover into full-fledged conflicts that bring about a war.

This is not to hope for a war, but a warning for the wise.

War is on our doorsteps. A decade is a very short unit of time in the annals of history.

The signs are present, and the patterns are getting worse.

Prepare yourselves accordingly for the future.

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