Thousands Of ISIS Fighters Will Not “Break Out,” They Will Be Called To Active Duty As Trump Prepares To Murder More Christians

Right now there is much talk about Turkey’s pending “invasion” of Syria, which has to be permitted by the US since if Turkey was really invading, she would just march in.

Now there is a fear that if Turkey goes in, that tends of thousand of ISIS prisoners and “sleeper cells” will activate.

ISIS fighters and other terrorists comprising the more than 10,000 Islamic militants jailed in northeast Syria could launch a mass prison break as U.S. troops withdraw from the region in response to Turkey’s impending incursion, Syrian Kurdish fighters warned Monday.

Those in custody include about 2,500 foreign fighters from Europe and elsewhere whose native countries have been reluctant to take them back — and about 10,000 other captured fighters from Syria and Iraq.

The U.S., which has helped the Syrian Kurds keep watch over the prisoners, said in a statement late Sunday that Turkey will now take custody of the thousands of militants. (source)

Tens of thousands of terrorists are not just going to be magically “released” by Turkey. Remember that this is the same Turkey who has a long history of cruel and unusual punishment for disobedience. She would happily put these people to death if she considered them a serious threat.

What we are seeing here is the continuation of Gladio.

Remember that Turkey was built into the eighth most powerful military in the world by the US and Germany. She is not going to, at least now, attempt to rebel, as she wants to revive her empire. In spite of the public fighting with the US and Germany, all three work together.

The US is giving Turkey “control” over prisoners of ISIS because they are US assets, trained by the US as a part of Operation Timber Sycamore, which is a modern extension of the US history of training Islamic terrorists to serve as soldiers in proxy wars around the world such as in Operation Cyclone and during the Chechen wars of the 1990s and early 2000s.

If these prisoners are released, it will be because the US told Turkey to do it, and in so doing to cause a big spat with Turkey for the public to eat up that Trump will then attempt to use to say something to the effect of ‘Look at what the DEEP STATE did, they are trying to fight me, and now all these false charges against me. O, woe is me, I am being persecuted for doing what is right, all I wanted to do was make American great again and return her roots.’ Turkey will use this in order to justify more militarism in the region and building up a relationship closer with Germany, which was the plan all along, and it will necessarily involve military ‘exchanges.’ Trump will then criticize Germany, and she will respond by saying that she needs to become more ‘independent’, and thus further more nationalism.

It is not guaranteed that all of this will happen as the above, but it is very likely.

This is a giant play on a stage, which is the world.

In the meantime, any released “ISIS” soldiers will resume murder and mayhem, but not against Israel- just Christians and other Muslims. Israel will use this as an excuse to cry for more military equipment and foreign aid, and the carnage created by ISIS could create another refugee crisis, which will them be similar to the 2015 crisis as the people will be direct to go to Europe, all with the assistance of American and German backed companies and NGOs with contracts, and will be given lots of welfare, or rather, have it forced on them. As the German economy is in poor health right now, another refugee crisis and more welfare could have devastating effects on Germany leading to a financial crisis and economic disorder. The average German man, furious at the state of his nation, will demand for nationalism and it may spill over into support for militarism.

Meanwhile, it will come out later that the US, Turkey, and Germany were providing military services to ISIS in their next round of murder, and that the highest ranking members of leadership knew what was happening and refused to stop it. People will get angry, and in the case of the US between the Democratic party’s continued intentional disorder meant to get Trump re-elected and Trump coming out and acting as though he is ready to “fight ISIS” will deceive many people once again who will follow through on their word and support him for the 2020 election. Likewise, there will surely be a series of Democrats who will come out and make statements that intentionally sound insane or as though they are supporting terrorism, and it will be blatant and clear. People will then talk about “the squad,” and the emphasis from “the left” will be on topics such as “racism” that distract from Trump’s actions and his failure as a president to follow through on real promises.

All of these things may or may not happen. However, scenarios such as this would not be impossible to imagine.

The point is that ISIS are trained soldiers of the US government whose purpose is to fulfill foreign policy objectives. Terrorism is a long-standing policy of western geopolitical machinations, and as a result the appearance of terrorism many times means a struggle is taking place between larger powers.

ISIS disappeared after Trump was elected because they were not needed any more. It is not an accident they are appearing again at election time, and in such a way as to create another crisis in Europe that could be used to justify preparations for war in the future.

The people who will suffer the worst are the migrants. Having already been terrorized in their homelands, many will find they have been given free welfare and assistance just to be used as pawns in a political game of power and eugenics and that they will be sacrificed as soon as they are deemed to no longer be useful. Christians will suffer in the Middle East and in Europe, the good will suffer, and eventually many more people who are not “refugees” at all.

But Trump? It’s re-election as much as it is about the currently instituted programs of geopolitics. The same applies to Turkey and Germany as the world continues to move towards war.

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