Israeli Fury At Trump’s Support Of Erdogan Has Nothing To Do With The Kurds, It Is All About Oil Money

Right now, there are many American and Israeli Jews who are furious at Trump for giving license to Turkey to assert further control over Kurdish areas and to move into Northern Syria. Once hailed as a veritably living “messiah” for Israel, some Israelis have turned on him to the point of calling him all kinds of poisonous names.

Netanyahu also succeeded in convincing public opinion that Israel resides on its own separate planet, its fate unmoored to that of the free world as a whole. He behaved as if the poison that Trump was injecting into Washington’s ties with democratic capitals and his support for authoritarian tyrants had nothing to do with the future of a free and democratic Israel.

Netanyahu’s ability to extract symbolic gestures from Trump, such as recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and the transfer of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, blinded him to the wider negative impact of Trump’s Middle East approach. His sick identification with Trump’s wars against the free press and the rule of law obscured his view of the harm that Trump was inflicting on America’s international stature as well as its own internal strength and cohesion.

Trump, after all, is dismantling the very foundations of the world order that has been in place since the end of the World War II, the same order that has seen Israel survive and flourish. U.S. presidents, for better and worse, acted on the basis of the belief that American leadership was essential for safeguarding democracy and for warding off its enemies. The U.S. has been the anchor of the Western democratic world, but Trump has raised it and sailed America off into his wild blue yonder – with Netanyahu and Israel in tow. (source)

The change in tone is as sharp as it was recorded in the New Testament, where on one Sunday the Jews were waving palms and hailing the Messiah as he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, and just five days later were laughing at him, spitting on him, and shouting with just as much force that “we have no king but Caesar, anybody who makes himself and enemy to Caesar is an enemy of us.”

It is interesting to watch Israel’s truly Biblical reaction in this case.

It is not uncommon for Israel and those people who support Israel or other “Zionist” causes to take both opposing sides in an issue and by doing this, to attempt to shape a social narrative to a particular point, usually that is favorable in the future to Israeli or “Zionist” ends. This has been noted many times, and unfortunately, due to this pattern of documented behavior, it is not always easy to tell if a side is objectively being supported, and when one is, which is the side that is being supported as opposed to another.

However, there may be an answer to the above furor, which seems odd because while it is a sad observation, the pattern of Israel and a great deal of her citizens is the embodiment of the Machiavellian spirit to do anything and say anything to get what one wants, and if one does support or oppose something, while real reasons may be give that are objectively true, it is not because of said principles given, but because they believe that some material gain can be extracted from it to give them an advantage over somebody else.

Consider the US invasion of Syria and Iraq that, with Israeli and Saudi support, resulted in the genocide of Christians. While there were Jewish voices complaining verbally at times, there was no seeming unification in opposition to the genocide, and nothing was actually done about it.

Knowing these patterns of behavior and demonstrated by such example above, one must ask why Israel would care so much about the Kurdish people. It likely is not because they “love the Kurds,” even though many will say that, but because somehow there is a connection between the Kurds and Israeli power or economic aspirations.

An answer to this can be found in a story from the Jerusalem Post from August 2013 which you can read here. According to the story, Israel purchases approximately 77% of her oil from the territories in Turkey that are governed largely by the Kurds.

Between May and August 11, 19 million barrels of oil from Kurdistan were imported by Israel, the equivalent of $1 billion.

With a demand of 240,000 barrels a day in Israel, the Kurdish oil comprised 77 percent of the Israel’s oil at this time.
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The KRG would not say it sold oil to Israel “directly or indirectly,” though a senior Kurdish adviser said that “We do not care where the oil goes once we have delivered it to the traders.”

“Our priority is getting the cash to fund our Peshmerga forces against Daesh [Isis] and to pay civil servant salaries.”

The rest of Israel’s oil supply reportedly came from Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, though Israel does not report on this information officially. (source)

As the story notes, Israel claims to buy the other 23% of her oil from three former Soviet nations, but there is no proof to substantiate this.

Likewise, we know that Israel has been working with the CIA to form a company called “Genie Energy” that would run oil pipelines instead of from the geographically more logical points in northwestern Syria or along the Anatolian coast in Turkey, or even along the entire western coast of Lebanon, but force them into northern Israel before moving to Cyprus and Crete on the way to Europe. reported on this in December 2018, where I noted that the reason for this is because in spite of claims made by some with highly questionable ideas, there is no geographical evidence for oil in Israel.

Israel has no real source of income outside of tourism to the Holy Land, which relies on Christian pilgrimages, and while it brings in money, it is not enough to support major projects, such as the infamous Oded Yinon Plan (a.k.a. the “Greater Israel” Project), and likewise it requires that Israel not abuse, mistreat, steal from, and attempt to get rid of the Christian Arabs, of which there are many Jews who hate them with the same passion for which their ancestors put to death the Messiah, to which they gave the famous response, “Let His blood be upon us and upon our children, crucify Him!”

What Israel is attempting to do with Genie Energy is not to per se drill for oil, but to make her a chokepoint in the oil pipeline so that she can collect a perpetual source of revenue from all the oil that passes through.

Likewise, in December 2016 reported that Wikileaks released 57,000 emails from the Turkish Minister of Oil and son-in-law of President Erdogan, Berat Albayrak. The emails in “Berat’s Box” exposed massive corruption where Turkey was assisting with oil smuggling using ISIS terrorists.

The question raised by Berat’s Box is, who were the buyers? Where was the oil going to?

The US already buys lots of oil from all around the world. It does not make sense for her to buy from terrorists, unless it is involved in money laundering, which is possible in this case, but seems unlikely.

Iran, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt are all oil exporters, and the US is a major buyer. It does not make sense for them to purchase oil from terrorists and undercut their own income sources, as they all rely on oil income. Similarly, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Kazakhstan are major oil exporters- oil itself was first industrially processed in Azerbaijan, and as has pointed out by process of geographical reports and logical deduction, not only is the entire Caspian depression filled with oil, but the entire Volga basis is a giant, untapped oil field waiting to be exploited properly and is a major reason why Germany was obsessed with marching to the Volga in both world wars, because she needed perpetual access to oil in order to maintain her burgeoning Empire, and was why the Germans were willing to sacrifice a half-a-million and the Russians over a million soldiers just at the Battle of Stalingrad, because it was a fight for oil that was the battle by which the Second World War was decided.

This process of deduction leaves only one nation in the region who would have a significant interest in purchasing oil illegally from terrorists, and which also has a history of doing business with criminals as well as producing criminals and being a refuge for criminals when caught.

Israel is the only nation that would have the financial resources, political interest, economic need, and criminal proclivities for this type of activity in the region where doing such would make sense in this particular context.

The reason is clear now as to why Israel is so angry with Trump.

Trump pulled out Syria. He objectively betrayed the Kurds. This is not good for the sake of the Kurds. However, one should also remember that the Kurds are no friends to Christians, and have been involved in slaughtering many of them.

However, at the same time, by giving Erdogan the space and permission to expand Turkish hegemony in the region, he has now jeopardized Israel’s oil purchasing agreements with the Kurds as well as her attempts to force pipelines into Israel.

She is now, regionally speaking, forced to reckon not merely with Asad-controlled Syria, but Turkish-occupied Syria.

Now Turkey and Israel are allies, but Turkey is a lot stronger that Israel, and a lot of Turks don’t like Israel. Unlike American politicians, who are easily convinced to feel Israel’s welfare habit in the form of “foreign aid,” Turkey is not inclined to so do, as she wants to use what money she has for her own interests, such as reviving the Ottoman Empire.

The US seems to have done what was in her best geopolitical interests, which is to continue the plan of the last century and before, to work with Turkey and help her manage her affairs in the region, eventually returning more power to her as a check on Russia. Giving Turkey control over this part of Syria was, if one sees the decision from this perspective, a logical move.

The US gives disproportionate assistance to Israel and has for a long time. This decision, however, was not in Israel’s favor, but in Turkey’s favor.

Remember too that as Turkey and Germany are close friends and allies, a rising Turkey is also a benefit to German interests, which the US is also promoting in Europe.

As I have noted before, the US can leave the Middle East with no harm to her. If she does, the power vacuum would immediately be filled by Turkey. Israel would be forced to become a vassal to Turkey, as she would not be able to fight against her, and make no mistake, Israel may try to shoot nuclear weapons at Turkey, but Turkey would quickly- and gladly -make the necessary adjustments to see that Israel would be annihilated in a nuclear fireball, likely with the help of German engineers at her side.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

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