Major Legal Case Against The Catholic Church Could Spell Disaster For All Christians In The US

For years, people have talked about the “death of the Catholic Church.” This is not going to happen because Christ Himself promised that the Church which He would build upon St. Peter would be the one that “the gates of hell will not prevail over.”

This does not mean that the Church will not be persecuted, or suffer, or that she will not be destroyed from various parts of the world.

The US has always has a difficult relationship with the Church, and due to the decline of Christianity at large and now the sodomite abuse scandals that have been ongoing since 2002, the Church is in a very difficult place in the US.

Many people have warned for years that it was inevitable that at some point, the Church was going to lose her tax-exempt status, and that when this happens, it is going to have massive effects on all Christians, for if the government can use the legal system to start the process of stripping the Church of her assets, then it will naturally happen to smaller denominations much faster and more completely. The Church will survive, albeit much smaller, but many denominations and churches will completely disappear.

The major warnings about this have come from the sodomites, who have openly admitted that they want to see the tax-exempt status of the Church stripped. The governments attempts to pursue RICO charges against bishops that would label the Church a “criminal organization”, major court cases involving sodomites, and the fact that Canadian sodomites are also openly demanding that the Church in Canada lose her tax-exempt status are warnings of what is being planned.

However, there has been recent pushback against the sodomites in the US due to the fact that some people are getting tired of their objectively gross behavior. This has been happening throughout the Anglosphere at the same time as hundreds of children who had surgery or drugs administered to alter their genders are now asking for reversals of the mutilations done to them.

The presence of sodom in the West is not “decreasing” or disappearing, but it seems to be at a tactical ceasefire for the moment.

Now I do not wish to allude to any “conspiracy” without having proof to substantiate such claims with even basic proofs. However, given the current social climate, if a case against the Church was to be opened that was done by sodomites, their current public perception in this moment, in spite of their popularity, might damage any attempts to strip the Church of her status. Likewise, it also might open public interest into the fact that it was the sodomites who caused the supermajority of the abuse, which is another reason why the emphasis has been on “sexual abuse” instead of the more accurate term of “sodomite abuse,” since a full 81% of all “abuse” cases involve male-on-male sodomite abuse.

However, there is a recent case opened up against the Diocese of Buffalo that may proved to realize what the sodomites have desired to do. This case comes from the Diocese’s insurer, who is arguing in court that because the Diocese concealed the abuse and did not attempt to stop it, she does not have to pay settlements to victims.

The Diocese of Buffalo’s insurance company is arguing in court that it is not liable for sex abuse judgments because the diocese concealed the abuse for decades.

In documents recently filed in state court, Continental Insurance Company — whose predecessor insured the diocese for much of the 1970s — says that its policy only covers “accidents” which are reported in a timely manner to the insurer.

“Continental has no obligation to provide insurance coverage to the Diocese with respect to any sexual abuse claim, to the extent that the Diocese knew prior to the abuse that the relevant priest had: (i) engaged in earlier sexual abuse; (ii) posed a danger to children; or (iii) a propensity to commit sexual abuse,” the company states.

Continental argues that if the diocese knew about the abuse and purposely concealed it, that is not an “accident” at all, but rather, as cited in news reports, “a decades-long pattern of covering up allegations of abuse.”

The insurer points out that several lawsuits filed under the Child Victims Act “allege that the Diocese engaged in intentional bad acts with respect to alleged sexual abuse,” such as transferring abusive priests from parish to parish where they went on to abuse more children. It says the company has no obligation to provide payments for court judgments if the diocese “had created a system of protecting, transferring, and obscuring the identities of pedophilic priests.”

Kathy Spangler, spokeswoman for Bishop Richard J. Malone, said in a written statement, “The diocese has retained counsel who specializes in insurance coverage to address disputes with insurance carriers and intends to take all necessary steps to enforce the insurance contracts. This is the first insurance coverage lawsuit brought against the Diocese of Buffalo.”

The insurer also states that the diocese is only now — after the passage of the Child Victims Act, which suspended the statute of limitations on civil child sex abuse cases for one year — informing the diocese of the abuse cases.

The policy states that the diocese had an obligation to provide details to the insurer “as soon as practicable,” not decades later. It also states that the entire insurance policy is considered “void” if the diocese “willfully concealed or misrepresented” facts or was found to have committed fraud.

The court filing asks a judge to rule in favor either of the insurance company or the diocese to resolve the matter. (source, source)

This is a very interesting case because if the insurance company wins, it will set a precident not just for the Catholic Church, but for all churches, where an accusation of “sexual abuse” can not only be contested in court for payments from an insurer, but also if an insurer can decline to insure an organization such as a church.

In the case of the Catholic Church, many dioceses are already strapped for money and in debt. I can speak on the testimony of one person I know who works in a major diocese directly with some of the persons involved in the financial transactions of the diocese, and this person has related to me that the particular Archbishop of this diocese not only admits there is a financial crisis, but is trying to get as much money as he can from the older donors because they are the only ones who donate sizable amounts enough to sustain operations.

If the Church was forced to pay from her own pockets, she would be forced to sell many of her church buildings, close many ministries that he operates, close school, and lay off many people. It would be inevitable, and it would result in a contemporary version of the “dissolution of the monasteries” that Henry VIII did in England during the 16th century and his wars against the Church.

The Catholic Church will be forced to consolidate larger numbers of people into select parishes, reduce salaries of those already employed, and likewise engage in a massive reorganization of her finances and logistics.

But this is not only limited to the Catholic Church. All other Christian denominations and congregations would be subject to the same legal vulnerability as the Catholic Church, and it would only be a matter of time before an accusation of abuse arises and results in multi-million dollar settlement that forcibly strip the Southern Baptists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Pentecostals, and those many small corner-store congregations of their assets.

A ruling such as this could also establish a justification for getting rid of the tax-exempt status, for if an insurance company can deny the Church insurance based on her failure to comply in the past, can not the government also choose to not renew the tax exempt status of an organization involved in such actions?

It is true that there are many in the Church who have done very evil things and need to be punished. However, legal cases such as these are about far more than just the Church. They are about targeting all Christians, simply by another means.

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