Sodomite Goes On Terrorist Rampage Against Farmers After They Refuse To Let Him Rape Their Livestock

Sometimes people do strange things. However, as the general moral decline in the US has accelerated, degeneracy at large has increased and has become more commonplace.

Some think of terrorism as Islamic terrorism. Some think of it as “ecoterrorists,” or other kinds of political groups on the left or the right.

However, a New Jersey man was arrested after engaging in his own personal reign of domestic terrorism against farmers in his area. It was not because of any political reason, or ecological beliefs, or anything else of such. Instead, his rage was due to the fact that he would go around asking local farmers permission to have sex with their animals, and when the farmers would naturally refuse, he would then threaten them, their families, and their properties, including sending threats by mail, slashing tires, and going to at least one farmer’s home with a large stick and threatening to beat the farmer’s wife.

Richard Decker, 31, began sending the messages to Sussex County farms and horse stables in 2018, asking the animal caregivers if he could have sex with their cows and horses, the New Jersey Herald reported.

When he was rejected by the farmers, Decker allegedly sent threats and placed homemade metal spikes on their driveways to damage their tires, according to the report.

In one case, he threatened to beat a farmer’s wife with a wooden stick when denied permission.

Several of the property owners reported that their tires had been damaged by the spikes.

Decker was arrested in Vernon Township on Oct. 3 after police searched his home.

Inside they found a homemade .22-caliber gun, arrows with explosives attached, and metal spikes similar to those used at the farms. (source)

Only a very sick person would want to want to rape animals. However, this is the sodomite mindset.

It is true that sodomite behavior refers very much to homosexual acts. However, as St. Paul notes, a sodomite is inclined to all sins because if one would engage in sodomite behavior, there is no sin that one would not engage in.

If it is OK for two men to masturbate into each other’s rectums, what is wrong with doing the same to an animal? What is wrong with doing this in public, or with babies and small children? This is not to say at all that these things are right, but it is to illustrate the mindset whereby if one accepts a certain conclusion, others fall into place. It is sort of saying that one is a “beer drinker,” and while one may prefer certain kinds of beer to others, the fact is that one is still likes beer by virtue of the fact that he calls himself a “beer drinker.”

Now I am not saying that the person in this story was a sodomite in the sense of practicing male-on-male sexual acts, as this information has yet to be verified. However, I am saying that it would not be a surprise at all if he was one, because while anybody can commit crimes and there are many examples of people who have engaged in bestiality but not homosexual acts and would not consider themselves homosexual, it does not decrease the sodomitic nature of the act, and hence is why in the Old Testament, those who “lay with animals” are put to death just as sodomites are, because the two are on the same philosophical continuum and are treated as such. Because of this, whether or not this man is a “homosexual”, he is still a sodomite as he demonstrates the actions and tendencies of sodom.

Sodomite is not just male-on-male sexual acts exclusively, although this is the majority of said actions and one who uses this term is right to presume such. It is an entire philosophy that encompasses multiple actions that result in the abuse of the genitive faculties to an extreme measure. As the Wikipedia entry on Sodomy notes, it can be used to include various actions done between even men and women, with the critical distinction in the Catholic Church made in the orientation of the acts- in other words, is there at least an openness to life, or is it strictly closed?

Some say that too much is said about sex and sexuality, but it is the most open expression many times, and one that cannot be hidden, of the internal disposition of a society. It is not about “suppressing” people, but rather the behaviors that are behind the public actions, being a manifestation of said beliefs and not something separate from them.

Clearly it was a lack of control over one’s lusts that would drive such a man to attempt to sodomize farm animals, and then to become angry, make threats, and attack the farmers when they refused. However, this did not come out of something nonexistent, but had roots and grew from sources around us. It may be easy to attack him, but in a sense, he is not abnormal, for given the prevalence and growth of sodomite behavior in the country and how the US is a leading exporter of sodomite behavior, it is inevitable that the unsavory results of supporting this behavior would eventually manifest, and continue to grow stronger in the country, for one reaps only that which one sows as the fruit of his labor.

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