Prediction Proven Right Days After It Happens As Turkey Is Now Letting ISIS Terrorists “Escape” From Prison

On October 7th, I put out an article entitled Thousands Of ISIS Fighters Will Not “Break Out,” They Will Be Called To Active Duty As Trump Prepares To Murder More Christians. It got a lot of comments, with many people very upset that I warned how ISIS, being that it is an extension of American foreign policy and was trained by the US for the purposes of waging proxy wars on behalf of US and her related Western interests, was simply being returned to duty after a temporary break. I noted that Turkey would probably release them, and this would be part of the US plan, because if Turkey believed truly that these people were a threat, she would have no problem putting them to death as she has done all throughout her history, and given that these people were trained by the US and were investments and how she hates to lose investments that she has made, any release would be done with direct permission from US authorities.

Now it has just been announced that at least five ISIS militants out of a prison after the prison was shelled by Turkey:

Five Isis militants have broken out of a prison in northern Syria after Turkish shelling nearby, a spokesman in the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has said.

The detainees escaped from a prison in Qamishli city, Marvan Qamishlo said.

Meanwhile, women affiliated with Isis attacked security offices with sticks and stones during unrest at a camp in the region where Turkey has launched attacks.

The unrest at al-Hol camp started in the foreigners’ section and involved more people than previous incidents at the camp, Mr Qamishlo said.

It came as Isis claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack in Qwamishli that killed three people.

On Thursday, a Kurdish official warned that Isis detainees could break out of detention as Kurdish-led security forces confront the Turkish offensive and their ability to guard detainees is weakened. (source)

The report warns that more terror attacks from ISIS have started to happen in the area.

This is exactly what we were predicting would happen. It is not a surprise to us, and it is something that we take no pleasure in declaring, because it means more death and destruction for Christians.

This is not to say that Islamic terrorists are not a threat, or that Islam is good, or anything of this nature. To the contrary, it is to place said terrorism into is appropriate historical context.

For decades, the US and Western governments have been training Islamic terrorists to serve as proxy soldiers in illegal and covert wars against he enemies. This is not an assumption or a theory, but an easily provable fact. It is arguable that the entire history of the CIA has been intimately intertwined with supporting, arming, and training terrorist groups as a part of her main objective to promote nationalistic causes around the world in order to bring about the conditions for a Third World War. These conditions were almost realized during the 1960s, but failed to take full effect and are being realized now.

Recall that up until 2014, the largest operation the CIA had ever conducted was Operation Cyclone. Created by CIA strategist Michael Vickers, the operation armed, trained, and supported rural militias in Afghanistan into full-out Islamic terrorists in order to wage a war of attrition against the Russians, with the purpose of dragging the Soviet Union into a “Vietnam-style” situation that would drain her finances, time, and morale. The Taliban and the bin Laden family came to power by way of Operation Cyclone.

Does one truly believe that the US government would just allow assets that she trained, coordinated with, and worked with for over a decade to just disappear? Not in the least. This is the real reason why the Taliban was never “defeated” by the most powerful military in the world, who has the absolute capacity to wipe out entire peoples with modern weaponry, because the Taliban soldiers simply returned to their normal lives awaiting their next assignment.

If this is not obvious enough, the CIA Team B, which was chaired by Richard Pipes, father of “counter-jihad” writer Daniel Pipes, openly supported Islamic terrorists, such as the notorious Chechen Mujahideen, in order to fight the Russians. This has carried on with Daniel, for while he portrayed as being against Islam, in 2012 (see link above) he was more than happy to support the Mujahideen-e-Khalq, an Islamic terrorist group who presented itself as opposing the current government of Iran. In short, the same man who claims to oppose Islamic terrorism suddenly shifts to backing terrorism when it pertains to US interests.

In 2014, what is believed to be as of the current time the largest operation in the history of the agency, Operation Timber Sycamore, was the effective transfer of Taliban fighters and those with other US-backed militias as well as the training of new fighters in Syria and Iraq to form ISIS, whose purpose has been to (a) serve as proxy soldiers against the Russian-backed Asad and (b) to cause enough destruction as to precipiate a humanitarian criss resulting in the flow of refugees from the Middle East and Africa, remembering that ISIS was not limited to just the Fertile Crescent region, but also did attacks in Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt.

President Muamar Gaddhafi of Libya, who built his nation and was making her into a regional power, was murdered because he not only was killing terrorists before ISIS, but he was actively preventing a refugee and humanitarian crisis for many years out of sub-Saharan Africa, warning that if he was taken from power, “Europe will turn black” because of the influx of refugees.

The refugee crisis what what the US and European governments wanted, and the Islamic terror groups were the vehicles they sponsored to realize this objective. It was a Muslim- Gaddhafi -who was standing for humanitarian and the good will of the Middle East and Africa, and he was murdered for it.

Likewise, all of those Christians who were murdered by ISIS as well as who perished or whose communities were permanently destroyed in the genocide in Iraq and Syria was directly due to the US government. It was the CIA with the complict actions of both Obama and Trump that this happened under.

People criticized Obama when it happened, and rightly so. Trump said he would stop it, and yet his actions show that he has only served to further it. His actions prove the dishonesty of his words.

Expect to see more Islamic terrorist attacks. Expect more Christians to die. In fact, expect to see “fighting” between the US and Turkey, and even possibly more Turkish “attacks” on US targets. Indeed, if Turkey was to truly launch a real attack against the US, the US would respond with brutal force and crush Turkey, likely with foreign support. Any attacks that Turkey does against the US- even if US soldiers die -is for political gain in order to boost support for Trump, create a public “outrage” or “conflict” with Turkey that will be used as a justification to promote Turkish nationalism and further public German-Turkish collaboration while at the same time the US is making the same backdoor deals with Germany and Turkey as they all laugh over wine and steaks at the same restaurant together.

The purpose of all of this is not about “stopping terrorism” at all, but allowing Turkey to revive the Ottoman Empire and Germany the Reich in preparation for a return to the militarism of the 20th century, this time involving brand new weapons such as AI, robots, and computerized warfare.

ISIS terrorists are the little government pawns in a giant game of geopolitical chess, easily sacrificed and easily replenished, and able to do a lot of damage that cause big changes on the global chessboard. Likewise, the terrorists are paid decent money by their local standards, so its a paycheck for those who would be willing to participate in criminal behavior.

It’s not “terrorists escaping from prison”- it’s just calling the regular employees back to work after a temporary layoff due to “seasonal lack of demand”.

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