California Mandates All State Universities Carry Drugs For The Express Purpose Of Murdering Unborn Babies

The state of California is known for passing many repressive, strange, or degenerate laws. California is also known as a place that serves as a “trendsetter” for various changes to American social life, so her actions, while disturbing, are indeed important to watch.

In an interesting decision, California is now mandating that all universities carry drugs for the express purpose of murdering unborn babies.

California became the first state in the country to require its public universities to provide medication abortion on campus after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the “College Student Right to Access Act,” or Senate Bill 24, into law on Friday. The University of California and California State University systems don’t currently offer abortion on campus.

The 34 universities have until January 2023 to comply with the new legislation, time that will be used to assess each campus health center’s ability to provide medication abortion, a first-trimester procedure that involves administering two pills to induce what is effectively a miscarriage. After evaluating “medication abortion readiness,” campus health clinics may also go on to purchase equipment—such as ultrasound machines—train staff, and make sure proper protocols in place. (source)

Clearly, the purpose of this program is not about helping students, and certainly not children, as murdering children does not help them have a better life or fix any situations with their parents. It results in a complete tragedy, which is a dead child and then a mother of a dead child who has to often remember her decisions, as those who do often remember do regret it, and those who do not regret it or in some cases, even speak with happiness and most sickeningly, find it amusing are evil.

Many speak of “making America great again” on the right, echoing Trump’s campaign words from 2016. Others speak on the left of “reviving” a vision of a “progressive” America as a continuation of the policies began at the end of the 19th century and through the early 20th century but in accordance with contemporary social ethics. Yet both sides, spoken or not, support abortion and other forms of eugenics.

The pro-life movement has done much good to combat this, but fundamentally it is not enough, but generally speaking a “socially acceptable” approach to stopping this problem, which results in a lot of talk but no results in a serious way. It is good that some states are near to banning abortion, largely thanks to the hard work of many people of good will in the movement, but at the same time other states are liberalizing abortion more than ever before, and so any of the good changes currently made could easily be destroyed by a court ruling, or even a simple and natural population transfer. By population transfer I speak not of “illegal immigration,” but rather the internal migration of persons from “pro-abortion” areas to those which oppose it, often as a way of attempting to escape the damning conditions they created at home due to their embrace of socialist and selfish policies, only to wake up one day in a pool of their own filth and wonder how to escape it without caring for their role in creating it.

Does the California abortion policy mean at some point it will have national reprocussions? It is unsure barring a major court ruling, but it could be possible. What matters is that as a general principle, even if abortion was eliminated, the issue that drives the promotion and existence of abortion is that of eugenics, which is an American problem since her inception and is found immediately in the treatment of the Native Indian peoples. When the Spanish, French, and Portuguese came- all Catholic nations -they attempted to convert and while having to fight the natives at times, they often mixed with them, and their descendants are still alive today. On the contrary, while there were English who mixed with the natives, the general tendency was to commit mass murder followed by the creation of the first concentration camps, which are still in existence today and go by the socially acceptable name of “indian reservations”.

The history of eugenics is inseparable from the history of the US as a colony and later the nation. It is a sad reality, but is also a reason why there has always been consistent animosity between the Church and the state in a highly antagonistic way, and why it was the American eugenic programs that created the German eugenic programs, for the latter is a more efficient version of the former.

It will be interesting to see if programs such as the one in California are extended to other universities. However, the fact remains that as long as the US continues to obstinately persist in the willful murder of the innocent, the cries for vengeance against her will remain. When one adds to this the like crimes of sodomy, the oppression of the poor and widow, and the deprivation of the working man of his justly earned wages, which are just modern names for the various forms of currency manipulation, inflation, and usury, one cannot help but wonder if if “making America great again” involves serious changes to the nation that people would not want to do because it would force one to address patterns of sin that are embraced by many.

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