Evil Drug Cartels Execute Man In Public With Fifty Bullets

Drug cartels in Mexico and Central America are brazen in their actions. Not only will they murder people in some of the most heinous ways on video, but sometimes they will also do executions right in public where people in the particular area can see what is happening. Almost all of this is related to disputes over the drug trade, and many of the people who are executed are indeed guilty of drug trafficking. However, that does not diminish the horrendous nature of the actions.

According to various news sources, it was in the state of Tabasco, Mexico where the horrible incident happened. The entire ordeal was captured on security camera footage, and one can see how the victim was in his truck while waiting for the traffic light to change in front of a gas station. When he was suddenly surprised by an armed commando that shot him mercilessly in front of other drivers, pedestrians and gas station attendants. One may also notice in this video you can see how the occupant of the Suburban was standing behind a bus when another v…an descended upon him and which contained at least three hitmen.

…they fired at least 50 times against the white unit until they killed the occupant who tried to move, but who could barely move forward because apparently he fell almost instantly dead.

Meanwhile, the people who were walking around the place, as well as the dispatchers of the gas station and the motorists fled the place to safeguard their lives by witnessing the violent action linked apparently with some adjustment of drug trafficking accounts.

In the video that went viral, they accuse Jorge Alberto Aguirre Carbajal, head of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) in Tabasco, of protecting the Pelón Cartel from Playas del Rosario and his subject identified as “Tilo Learimas”, a supposed hitman, to those responsible for the wave of murders in the state of Tabasco. (source)

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