Massive Child Sexual Abuse Ring Broken Up, Hundreds Of People Arrested On Heinous Crimes

Child sexual abuse is a horrible thing, but it is also highly prevalent in society, but it is seldom seen or discussed given how common it is.

What should disturb most people is how easy it is to find. It takes a little bit of effort, but the links to it are everywhere, far more commonly than what one would think. has documented how this and other crimes such as selling people on the Internet, drug trafficking, and many other crimes are just a click away. This is especially true on the “darknet,” where one can access such thing as easily as one searched for items on any major search engine.

However, many times there are mass arrests of people who are involved in these crimes. As of a recent massive bust, more than 300 people have been arrested following the take-down of one of the world’s “largest dark web child porn marketplaces” according to reports.

The site had more than 200,000 videos which had collectively been downloaded more than a million times.

It was shut down last year after a UK investigation into a child sex offender uncovered its existence.

But on Wednesday, officials revealed that 337 suspected users had been arrested across 38 countries.

US officials unsealed nine indictments against the site’s owner Jong Woo Son, 23, from South Korea – where he is currently in prison.

The UK’s National Crime Agency said arrests had been made in the UK, Ireland, America, South Korea, Germany, Spain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Czech Republic and Canada – among others.

The site, named Welcome to Video, was run from South Korea and had nearly eight terabytes of content involving child abuse – enough to store hundreds or even thousands of hours of video footage.

Prosecutors said the site had offered videos of sex acts involving children, infants and toddlers – and specifically asked users not to upload videos featuring adults-only pornography.

A “this site has been seized” screen with the logos of US, UK, German and other law enforcement agencies
The site was “one of the first to offer sickening videos for sale using the cryptocurrency bitcoin,” the UK’s National Crime Agency said.

It was taken down by an international task force that included agencies from the UK, the US, South Korea and Germany after operating for three years.

It was discovered during an investigation into paedophile Matthew Falder from England, who was jailed for 25 years for sharing abuse tips and images on the dark web. (source)

According to the story, at least seven men in the UK have already been convicted in connection with the investigation and 23 children have been rescued from active abuse situations.

There are a couple of interesting points to make here, other than the obvious fact that it is very good that this happened.

First, and what some might find curious, is that suspects were identified after crime agencies traced the site’s cryptocurrency transactions back to them.

This is of particular interest because cryptocurrency is touted as “unhackable” and “untraceable,” something which is clearly not true (as anything can be hacked or traced). The question is, how did the tracing work?

Currently, most transactions are done through various kiosks, and in the US, one has to provide personal data in order to access them. Surely one could provide fake information with fake IDs, and this could be helpful as a deterrent for one with a criminal desire. But then there is the next question of, is it possible that currency itself may have been created with direct vulnerabilities so that even if one does send currency from a given location, not minding one’s direct Internet connection, one could be traced via the coins sent to one’s location at that time?

If this is the case, it would be a massive scandal in that it would outright defeat the purpose of the so-called cryptocurrency as it is presented.

Second, and an other fact that has pointed out, is that the TOR browser and then entire platform that the “darknet” operates on was created in 1992 by the US Navy for secretly relaying information. The technology has been in existence for almost thirty years, and considering these facts and origins, does one really believe that anything that one says on the Darknet is actually, in the true sense, anonymous? It might be difficult for many to trace, but such is anything without the proper tools, and surely the one who made said tools to develop the darknet would have the same tools to manipulate and control it.

Third, and another fact that has been discussed before, is that it is a statistically proven fact that most of the child sexual abuse material on the Darknet comes from US government computers.

It is a wonderful thing that this website was taken down. But one must also naturally ask, was this website intentionally a trap to begin with in order to catch people?

Fourth, and the most important point to consider, is the Epstein case.

The entire incident involving Jeffrey Epstein was buried as fast as they claimed that Epstein “committed suicide” without so much as any public inquiry in spite of overwhelming evidence connecting Epstein as a procurer of sorts of small children for the wealthiest people in the world. This does not even discuss his connections with American and Israeli intelligence operations, including the highest echelons of Israeli intelligence itself.

The fact that a major bust like the one on the Darknet took place likely only took down some small time and mid-range abusers- all people who need to be taken down -but to the contrary, the same governments seems to be demostrating a curious pattern of covering up for like perverts in the Epstein case. Given there are indications of outright sadistic and Cabalistic rituals that took place, much like the Dutroux Case and with Pizzagate, one must question the intentions of those who took down this network. Was it genuinely to help people, or was it for political gain?

It should be recalled that lawyers often prosecute cases not because of a zeal for justice, but in order to show off how “strong” they are in an adult game of peacocking using the destruction of other peoples’ lives as feathers in their headdresses. Meanwhile, the innocent suffer, the guilty go free, and usually it is the insignificant who suffer in this life.

Perhaps this is why divine justice exists, for while temporal justice is given and can be very hard, it also can be a great mercy, for those who refuse or do not want to be chastised for their sins now will be later on, and sometimes with a punishment that is absolutely unable to be reversed.


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