UK Judge Rules That Doctors Can Decide To Murder The Unborn Children Of Women Who Have Learning Disabilities Without Her Consent

Modern eugenics is often associated with Germany, Russia, or Japan, but the history begins to the contrary with the US and UK. Population displacements have always happened, but it was darwinian philosophy and later, the implementation of eugenic policies in the US that inspired the movements of the old world.

In modern times, eugenics has morphed into the form of “rights” for eugenics such as that to abortion, euthanasia, or killing the “sick”. This is not “rights”, but the changing of names for different forms of evil to make them acceptable at the current time.

The UK recently had a court case in which a judge has ruled that doctors will be allowed to perform a surgical abortion on a woman with learning difficulties without her consent and even have the right to “restrain the woman,” if necessary.

On Oct. 11, the Court of Protection in London, which hears cases on issues relating to people who are considered to lack the mental capability to make decisions for themselves, heard the case of an unidentified woman in her 20s who reportedly has the “mental capacity of a toddler” and is 12 weeks pregnant, The Guardian reports.

At 12 weeks gestation, a baby is fully formed, according to the CDC’s Fetal Development Chart.

Mr. Justice Williams ordered a surgical abortion to be performed on the woman later this week after bosses at an NHS hospital trust urged the court to authorize the termination. Williams ruled that medics can physically restrain the woman, if necessary, to administer a general anesthetic and perform the abortion.

Williams said authorizing the termination of a pregnancy was a “significant interference” in a woman’s autonomy, but said the woman’s best interests were the “lodestar” of his decision. Evidence showed that the pregnancy was causing her to behave in a “somewhat more aggressive fashion,” he said.

The judge said the woman might have been raped or been made pregnant by a man who also had learning disabilities and a lack of understanding. Police are investigating whether the woman’s pregnancy was caused by an act of sexual assault.

A lawyer representing the trust said the woman, who lives in the north of England and cannot be identified, had lived with foster carers for most of her life. While the woman’s foster parents were “Christians and churchgoers,” they believe an abortion is in the woman’s best interests, the lawyer said.

An additional 30 medical professionals, including doctors and social workers, who were consulted for this case, also agreed that an abortion is in the woman’s best interests, according to The Guardian. (source)

Given the current state of the UK, this woman may need to take a ferry to Ireland or another part of the UK with her family, and then leave as soon as possible for the welfare of their daughter.

There is much power in the anglosphere, but as the Bible clearly notes, what does it profit a man should he gain the whole world but lose his soul?

This is also not to laud other parts of the world either. As the trends have shown, the decadence of the West is but one part of the general decline of morals and evil around the world. Germany, Russia, and Turkey are seeking to revive their old empires, India wants her own ethnostate, and all have spoken about paganism. This is the time for the Church to speak, yet she has also been consumed with fighting from within against those who do not believe in what she says in a contemporary mess of Medieval proportions, and as the saying emphasizes, as goes the Church, so also goes the world.

Eugenics never disappeared, but only became dormant. It is coming back into public support, and this time with modern tools. Abortion is only one tool in her arsenal, as those who have charge over society have made clear of a vision that involves themselves in positions of power an manipulating those who they consider to be “inferior”.

At this time, it is not for people to try to “change” society, for while this has a place, the decisions have already been made, and except for the certain many individual cases, one must take care not to damage himself in the coming mess.

The innocent will suffer, but their cries will not be unheard. If war is believed to be a punishment from God for the sins of men that they want to hold and not be forgiven of, then one should prepare oneself carefully for the years to come, as a Third World War will be horrendous but a deserving punishment for a world that has chosen rebellion and evil over mercy and love, and no one will be spared.

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