The Future Of Dating, Relationships, And Marriage Is Very Bright For Men, Not So Much For Women

Those who have been married for a decade or longer and then either look upon with careful observation or who find themselves back in the “dating market” realize that in the last ten years massive changes have take place. Dating now, according to many, “just isn’t the same” and due to a combination of factors such as the rise of the smart phone, online dating profiles, #MeToo-ism, the continuation of feminist policies, the rise of sodomy, the promotion of women in the workforce, and a general sense of animosity and distrust between the genders combined with a rejection of naturally occurring biological roles has resulted in a lot of people who are unmarried, childless, and may remain that way for years.

The problem involves both men and women, but one explanation is as follows. Women have been promoted aggressively in the workplace, society, and culture to the direct detriment of men. Men have suffered, and because of legally enshrined discrimination against them, the doubling of the workforce through women being pushed into it (let alone the issues with H1B visa imports and corporate outsourcing), and as a result the inability to attain a liveable wage, they have been marginalized socially.

Men naturally seek beauty, and women seek power. The former comes from youth and fertility, the latter from having money. Since men cannot make money like they used to, they have a lot less power, and given that women have been given what would have gone to men, many now feel that they can “act like men” and thus behave like men. No woman wants a man who cannot provide, yet when a man is unable to provide because of not laziness or apathy, but because he is legally and socially obstructed from doing so, what is he do to? Likewise, no man of sound mind wants a woman who acts like a man. As such, men who seek after women find themselves having a much harder time of finding and keeping relationships, and women find themselves not entering into relationships because they continue to seek after something which they want but cannot have access to because not only is the pool of men they seek not large enough for natural reasons, but they made it so to legally steal the means of acquiring resources that the men they would have have access to would have used to provide for them.

Education also functions in a similar way to wealth. Just as many women do not want a man who makes less money than they do, many women also do not want a man who they believe is “less educated” than they are. Now the possession of a piece of paper with the name of a university on it does not make one educated, but it is rather the status contained within the perception of having an “education” that they seek after. Since now most people in college are women, something that came about due to the manipulation of social roles and government policy, many women are now ruling out men from potential relationships for not having a degree or enough degrees as a recent article discussed in the Wall Street Journal.

The gender imbalance in educational attainment is getting larger every year. That may spell good news, ultimately, for income and employment equality—but it presages increasingly problematic social conditions for generations of men and women.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, more than 57% of the class of 2018 who graduated with bachelor’s degrees were female. The gap for master’s degrees was even wider: 59% to 41%.

But while the economic consequences may play out this way, it’s worth pondering some of the social effects. In the much larger game of life, love and relationships, the growing educational disparity between men and women is a problem.

It is estimated that for every three men with bachelor’s degrees in their 20s and 30s, there are now four women. Most studies of human heterosexual attraction suggest both that intellectual capacity and achievement is an important attractor and that people tend to gravitate toward a partner with roughly the same level of attainment.

But every year, the pool of eligible male graduates is getting smaller relative to the number of women. Now of course college isn’t everything, and many women will find a perfect mate who hasn’t been through the four-year playground of parties, sleeping and the occasional lecture. But the reality is that more of them are going to have to if they want a meaningful relationship.

And there’s a larger problem confronting these new cohorts of well-educated women. It’s always been assumed that women are more selective in seeking out a partner of the opposite sex. Men are notoriously undiscriminating; women, obviously more refined and sophisticated, are more choosy. But with data now available from dating apps we are beginning to get a sense of just how big this gap is too. (source)

This is a very painful thing for me. However, on a personal level, this is going to work significant to men’s favor in the long term. Likewise, it is both a punishment and a massive blessing for women, depending on how a woman wants to approach this issue.

There is a saying that has been circulating on memes beginning since 2018, which is that “Men prefer debt-free virgins without tattoos.” This statement is very true. While many unmarried are neither virgins nor debt-free, and certainly many do have tattoos, the concept is clear. Aside from the obvious implied in each category, there is a generally difference between a woman who had relations with several boyfriends versus a woman who slept with the whole football team (at once), just as there is a difference between five-thousand in credit card debt versus fifty-thousand in student loans debts, and just as there small tattoos the size of a coin versus tattoos that cover entire body parts.

A woman’s value in the eyes of men comes from her beauty, fertility, youth, and disposition, and all of them share equal importance. For a man who wants a family, a woman needs to be something he will enjoy looking at as well as can enjoy as her beauty declines naturally with age, as well as has the capacity to have children as well as is able to be somebody that one can live with peaceably.

Unfortunately, the modern American and European woman is being told this is not the way to success. Rather, it is found in acting like a man until about 40-50, at which point fertility is no more, they are still single and certainly not virgins, many have lots of debt, and they become single, sad mothers to rooms of smelly cats.

While this above problem has happened in many countries, it is the scale today that matters, as the Millennial women approaching 40 are the first generation of people to have experienced this as a mass social phenomenon. There is a grave concern that this could lead to potentially a mass suicide among women who, having never been married or had children and chose careers instead, see no meaning to their lives and just decide to self-destruction. Likewise, because there will be many women who will not have a husband or children, they will likely request more handouts from the government to “care” for them as they age and find themselves alone and miserable.

I have noted that the Zoomer generation seems to be following largely in the footsteps of the Millennials. This is not good for them, as it leads to the same end. However, unlike the Millennials, they have the experience of seeing the destructive choices of the Millennials and the ends it leads to. This is even more so for “Generation Alpha,” which are those aged eight and under right now.

This leads to an interesting situation, and the men have time the women do not. Eggs have a limited lifespan, and because it is “use it or lose it,” men can wait for relationships, while women cannot.

What is to say if men simply held higher standards? In other words, what if they focused on seeking out debt-free virgins without tattoos (to use the above phrase), or a close equivalent?

The women would be forced to change their behaviors. But since so many women have already been corrupted by feminist behaviors, the few who have held themselves to moral standards as regards these categories are already considered more “valuable” to a man, and therefore will have a much time, in theory, of getting married provided they do not project arrogant demeanors.

What I am suggesting here is that ultimately, the government and society can force social standards all they want, but they cannot change biology, even with super technology and genetic engineering. Men will be men and women will be women, and while there may be some temporary pain for men, as much as it is the woman who has to accept a man’s invitation, the man also has a choice about whether or not to reciprocate. If he is economically isolated, beat down, or forced out of the main social sphere of influence, he has a choice to either turn into himself and against himself, or he can work on doing what men always have done- to create, to innovate, and to build his own world. I speak not of a rejection of life, but rather the embrace of what it means to be a man and to live a dignified life, seeing himself as a valuable commodity worthy of respect and to which women must naturally conform themselves to as it has always been done throughout history.

Men have time. Women do not.

This is a great hope for men, because historical paradigms commonly show older men with younger women, but almost never the reverse, for natural reasons.

Seeing the disaster of the Millennials and likely many Zoomers, the next generation- Generation Alpha -while it is yet to be determined what they choose to do, the choices given will be clear- either the women choose biology and fertility and with that, humanity over social demands, or the latter and to that which will make them miserable and lonely. The men on the other hand, while they may have to wait longer for relationships, will have an abundance of choices, and it will be rather for the women to conform to their standards instead of the other way.

It is a very bright future for men. For women, depending on how they respond to these choices, it will be either a very dark or a very good future.

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