Fifteen Dead After Mosque Attacked By Unknown Terrorists In Burkina Faso

The tiny landlocked West African nation of Burkina Faso has been going through a tremendous number of terrorist attacks. It is also in an area that has pointed out just so also happens to potentially have large amounts of untapped natural wealth as well is a passageway to the geopolitically significant Sahel region of Africa that the US and France have been jointly working in to secure passage and access to oil, rare earth minerals, and other commodities necessary for industrialization and technological developments in computers and AI. It is also at this same time that a tremendous amount of terrorism has been taking place in Burkina Faso, and given that it is known how Islamic terrorism has been a consistent weapon of US foreign policy, one cannot ignore the connection to this area.

In another part of the ongoing terrorist saga, now at least fifteen people have been killed and two seriously injured in an attack on a mosque in northern Burkina Faso.

Gunmen entered the Grand Mosque in the village of Salmossi on Friday evening as those inside were praying.

The attack prompted many locals to flee the village which is close to the Malian border.

Hundreds of people have been killed in the country over the past few years, mostly by jihadist groups.

One resident from the nearby town of Gorom-Gorom told AFP news agency: “Since this morning, people have started to flee the area.”

He added that there was a “climate of panic despite military reinforcements” put in place following the attack.

No group has admitted carrying out the attack. (source)

It is interesting how while Islamic terrorism is real and justified by Islamic theology, there is also the fact that this was an attack on a mosque.

The term “Christian terrorism” is an oxymoron, for while there have been Christians involved in terrorism (such as the example of George Habash), Christianity is inherently opposed to terrorism, and those who are involved in these things are acting in spite of as opposed to in accordance with what the religion teaches.

While Islamic terrorism is real, why was this mosque attacked, and who was the group behind it?

These are questions that have not been answered, and are critical to answer.

Note also that the attack happened near the border with Mali. Mali has been one of the main nations where the US and France have been working in as a part of their Sahel region operations.

Could these terrorist have been part of one of these operations, and thus not be Muslim at all, but part of similar economic and population manipulations that have been taking place in the Middle East?

Likewise, Burkina Faso has also started to see as a result of these attacks the formation of their own refugee crisis, nothing that the UN Refugee agency says more than a quarter of a million people in Burkina Faso have been forced to flee their homes over the past three months.

During the refugee crisis of 2016, many people were directly transferred to Europe by means of European and American subsidized corporations, fleeing from violence and wars created by the US and Europe as a result of backing terrorists. This was noted to be intentional, for by causing the “refugee crisis,” it brought about a revival of nationalism with an openness to militarism.

In October 2019, I noted how there are events taking place right now that the German government has directly suggested are causing a second refugee crisis. Given that it is at a time now when the German economy is doing poorly and there is already a lot of social instability and overspending, another wave of migrants and the demands that the government would place on themselves for them (remember that the “welfare” which these “refugees” are getting is not something they are just asking for, but is being forced upon them from the outside, and with the apparent intention of draining the national treasury) would anger people more than they already are. In this way, nationalism would continue to rise but also give the society towards open militarism, where people start to use and justify violence against anybody who does not look “German”, let alone foreigners.

This is why we have been very emphatic that while going to Europe is something that many want, Europe wants refugees because there is plan right now being made to enable already existing dysfunctional tendencies among refugees and then to create even more social instability so as to blame them on the refugees, and in doing to persuade the general public to support policies that result in an effective revival of the Reich from the 20th century. While life is hard in many nations around the world, one does not want to find oneself caught in a war where “refugees” are blamed for the problems of the nation and are seen as a fair target for torture and death.

It will be interesting to see that given the continual increase in violence in Burkina Faso, if there will be more of this and if this violence will begin another “refugee crisis” from West Africa heading to Europe. There already is another wave of people waiting to flee Syria and parts of Iraq or Turkey, and one should expect that given the events of 2016 and how right now one is seeing a revival of the events of 2014 such as with the recalling of ISIS soldiers to combat, if if the next two years there will be another refugee crisis.

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