Current President Of Muslim-Majority Niger Blames “Misreading Of Islam” For People Fufilling Biblical Commanments

Niger is currently the world’s fastest growing nation, with a total fertility rate of approximately seven children per woman. However, the President of Niger has said that her population growth is due to a “misreading of Islam”, and that he promises to promote contraception and other means of population reduction.

Niger’s president says a misreading of Islam is to blame for his country’s explosive birth rate.

Mahamadou Issoufou, who counts Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel among his supporters, has been trying to drive down his country’s birth rate of more than seven children per woman.

He has advocated family planning and contraception in the 98 per cent Muslim country but says a simple misreading is the cause of the population problems.

Issoufou has faced resistance from some religious leaders for his views on contraception but he fears the huge population growth combined with climate change could represent a real geopolitical problem.

He warned that migration may even exceed the levels seen in World War II. (source)

There is nothing wrong with what Niger is doing, which is the Biblical command to be fruitful and multiply.

If anything, the people of Niger are doing something that is not per se Islamic, but objectively Christian in its essence.

The question that people should ask is, why are the Europeans not doing the same thing, as they have no excuse.

One can talk about the “decline” of the “West” all that one wants, but the truth is that the West is not in “decline”, but is committing suicide due to a refusal to reproduce.

Recently, it was reported that one in five people in Sweden now are from a “migrant” background, the majority of which are from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan (Finns traditionally constituted the largest bloc of “foreign born” persons in Sweden). Yet is this entirely the fault of the people from those nations, who were not only given legal asylum, but also who are filling a space due to the fact that the “natives” refuse to reproduce?

Population increases are not in themselves issues because “surplus” people diffuse to other areas. This is how natural expansions take place anywhere in the world as it did for the Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Dutch, and Germans, even for the Italians, Greeks, Poles, Hungarians, and Romanians. “Excess people” means natural growth and expansion, and this comes from obedience to Biblical commands on natural fertility.

It is interesting that the current president of Niger wold make such a statement. Given Niger’s historical relationship with the French, is there perhaps influence from the French government here, especially by way of promises of financial benefits to the President? One does not know, but the fact is that France is not going through an “invasion”, but a wholly self-inflicted replacement of her people not just due to the actions of others, but largely to her own choices. She rejected the Catholic Faith, she embraced the world and all its desires, but cannot keep it, and is currently being consumed by the very same world she wanted.

Former Libyan President Muamar Gaddhafi warned that “Europe will turn black” if he was removed from power because he prevented mass migration from Central Africa to Europe, mostly out of a desire to maintain stability in his own nation that he had worked very hard at making better. The US and her NATO allies had him put to death, and created the current “migration crisis” in order to use it to bring about nationalism, then racism, to militarism, and eventually war.

The “population invasion” was intentionally fomented. However, could this potentially serve to backfire on the West?

Clearly there is a eugenic element in this entire plot, for those advocating for the transfer are often times racists themselves, and have suggested at the current time in human history there is a new “evolution” taking place, where some men (meaning the leaders in said movements) will bind with supertechnology to attempt to reach a self-created divinity, while the rest of humanity will be reduce to slave-like conditions).

But God always has a “sense of humor” in things such as this, for as much as man schemes, he cannot out-think God because God is God.

How that will look is yet to be seen. What can be definitively said, is that it is not the fault of the people of Niger for doing what is asked of man. Rather, the question is with those who do not listen, as to what excuse they had that they believe exempted them, of which there is not an answer to be had.

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