Sodomite American Soldiers Beaten In Dance Club In Croatia For Exhibiting Sodomite Perversity

America has been forcing the entire world to bend over and accept the sodomite agenda. The support is so profound in the US that at the current time, one could argue that one’s patriotism is veritably made dependent upon one giving support to sodom.

However much has been forced on other nations, there are still many people around the world who oppose sodom, especially in the Middle East, Africa, and while to a lesser extent, parts of Eastern Europe.

Recently, two American soldiers who are also open sodomites were attacked in a nightclub in Zadar in Croatia after shaking their butts and rubbing their clothes genitals on each other.

One described in a video he posted on his Instagram profile what happened. He first told everyone not to reply, but let them know he was fine.

“I see many want to find out exactly what happened. I receive so many messages, I will try to answer them all. In short, ten Croats jumped on me and my friend yesterday evening and almost lost our lives. At one point, a man held me. and the three were hitting. Then everything turned black. I lost consciousness.

One girl we met there who is amazing, I will love her for the rest of my life, she is now my angel; she and her friend took us to the hospital. They sent us to the hospital for an X-ray immediately; they didn’t feel our pulse or anything like that before, they didn’t care, “the American claimed.

These are dark-skinned gay boys having fun at the Opera Nightclub in Zadar, who, according to, have openly shown that they are gay.

According to Antenna Zadar, they came from Virginia and Georgia to vacation in Zadar and are members of the US Air Force. Apparently, the group attacked and beat them after they twerked on the dance floor.

One of the attackers posted on his profile a video that he says preceded the attack.

The attack is only a misdemeanor for the police. for the time being

Zadar police say the event was classified as a misdemeanor.

“On Saturday night, around 3.20, a report was received that there had been an altercation between several people at a restaurant on King Tomislav’s shore. Upon arrival, police officers found two US citizens, aged 24 and 25, suffering injuries. They were transported to a hospital. A 24-year-old man was diagnosed with minor injuries and a 25-year-old was given medical attention.

We asked the police why they did not report it this morning. “Given that the event is in the works, investigations are ongoing, we have not specifically reported the case,” a spokeswoman told us. We were also interested in why it was only a misdemeanor. “For now, the findings are ongoing. Once we have something more specific, we will report to the public,” the spokeswoman added.

Soldiers flew to Frankfurt last night

On Sunday night, two soldiers announced via social media that they had flown from Zadar to Frankfurt.

“Thank you to everyone who gave us support. We are finally back home! ”Said the soldiers after the attack in Zadar. (source)

People say that such attacks are “awful”, but has one considered that the sodomites are no different in how they approach, only that their methodology is considered to be “socially accepted” while their opponent’s approach is not?

The statistics do not lie- sodomites are known to abuse children, engage in perverse acts, and transmit or contract diseases all at rates that are much higher than the general population. These facts have been extensively discussed in the Shoebat Archives, and many times in explicit detail.

Look at the photo below, which has long-circulated on the Internet from a sodomite event:

How can one say that this is not an attack on children?

Just because one does not use one’s fists, clubs, or weapons does not mean the nature of the attack is any less severe. This is also the preferred method of the sodomites, for he gives himself legitimacy before resorting to more violent, degenerate, evil, or cruel forms of imposing his will on others.

So consider the attack at the club in Croatia. Some may say that a racial component was involved, and while evidence has yet to indicate if this is true or not, clearly even the sodomites themselves say that the anger waws caused by their behavior before anything to do with race.

Is rubbing one’s clothed genitals on another man’s clothed gluteals that he is protruding while making moaning sounds in a public nightclub a display of “American values” or the “values” of the US Military? Is this what people are fighting and dying for, so that corporations can make large amount of money based on what are at best dubious legal claims while men rub their privates on each other for the whole world to see?

Is it any wonder then why these men were attacked?

One cannot separate consequences from actions. If one for example drinks a lot of alcohol and then drives and gets into a crash, one cannot say in court that one is not at fault not only because it is socially unacceptable, but because the cause is clear. Likewise, the same is with the sodomites, except that a correct judgment cannot be pronounced today in many places because it is considered to be “wrong” to speak obvious and what is also Biblical truth about the matter, and instead one is forced to promote or passively accept without fighting back against the lie lest one be permanently stripped of one’s means of livelihood by social ordinance.

If this happens long enough, it is inevitable that some people of good will naturally must respond, and that is what appears at some level to have happened in this case, for barring additional evidence speaking to the contrary, the openly perverse behavior was too much for some, and they decided to take matters into their own hands and resolve the problem.

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