Watch The Video As Catholics Follow In The Holy Example Of The Saints, Raid Major Church In Rome Profaned By Pagan Idols Put There By Apostate Prelates From The Evil Amazon “SINod”, Take Them And Throw Them Into The Tiber River And Then Give Glory To God

When the prelates of the Church refuse to do their job, the laity rise up and as they are able to, fight back against the tides of sin. This recently happened at St. Peter’s Basilica, where following the blasphemous elevation of a pagan idol in something out of the Book of Maccabees in the Bible, at least two Catholics broke into the Church, ripped down the idol, and threw it into the Tiber River and then proclaimed the glory of God and said they did it to honor Him and His Church:

In this dramatic video, titled “the journey of the Pachamamas,” at least two persons enter Santa Maria in Traspontina Church near St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome (apparently in the early morning hours), remove several replicas of the controversial carved statue of an unclothed female from the side altars where they had been displayed, proceed to the Castel Sant’Angelo and greet St. Michael the Archangel, before chucking the statues into the Tiber River

The men behind the action have issued a statement, saying:

“This was done for only one reason: Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, his Blessed Mother, and everybody who follows Christ, are being attacked by members of our own Church. We do not accept this! We do not longer stay silent! We start to act NOW!

Because we love humanity, we cannot accept that people of a certain region should not get baptized and therefore are being denied entrance into heaven. It is our duty to follow the words of God, like our holy Mother did. There is not second way of salvation. Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!” (source)

Christ only became angry once, and it was when His Father’s House was being desecrated by usury, as the temple had become not a “house of prayer”, but a “den of thieves”.

In the First Book of Maccabees, Judaeus Maccabaeus and his sons tore down the pagan altars that Antiochus Epiphanes IV had erected in the temple.

This came in spite of a large number- possibly even a majority -of Jews who accepted the evils that took place in the temple.

Now arguably is it not a majority of Catholics, especially of those 30% in the US who go to Church regularly, do not approve of this idolatry. Even if they did, it does not change the truth of the Faith or the evil of idolatry.

Throughout Christian history, it has been Christians of good will who would stand up and smash the idols, especially when they were brought into Christian holy space. It is one thing for society to have idols, which while evil an are in need of being dealt with, it is absolutely worse when such things are placed in the Church, and even far more evil when it is apostate prelates who are involved in placing said blasphemies on display and to the derogation of Christ and all that He has done. has supported this by advocacy through “Operation Whip,” where driving out the Sodomites from the Church by confronting and exposing priests who support sodomite behavior. This is an essential thing, for at this point, it is less important to discussion how the sodomite infiltration happened, but rather to deal with the current issues. This is not at all to say that it should not be discussed, causes identified, measures taken to prevent it from recurring, or related actions. To the contrary, it is the difference between fighting and investigating a fire. Surely there will be people investigating causes and determining what happened as a fire is still burning, but the majority of efforts must be dedicated to controlling and stopping the fire because it is no good if it continues to destroy.

The link between paganism and sodomism is natural because the two are natural extensions of each other. While the Church has always acknowledged that Paganism in the true sense is but a human attempt to connect to God and is always perfected, cleansed, and eventually transformed to truth by the Catholic Faith as she has done throughout history, paganism is always itself evil and involves the embrace of abominable practices. Thus one can see the long-existing distinction between “righteous” pagans who while being pagan want to do what is right and attempt to but cannot completely do this, and those pagans who love evil and power and practice in order to get more power. This struggle has happened in every culture that the Church has gone into.

In modern times, and following the examples of Sacred Scripture and Tradition as well as Catholic Prophecy from the last five centuries, we are living in a time when said prophecies, which speak directly the words of Sacred Scripture and have been approved by the Church, indicate we may be coming in our lives to a fulfillment of them. Such includes many things that all allude to the realization of a massive disaster of Biblical proportions, and possibly unprecedented in human history.

People wonder what it would be like to “live in Biblical times.” I have news for you- you are living in Biblical times right now.

It is true that the current age is very scary and strange, but arguably there has been no better time to be alive. For the wicked sinner and the unrighteous, as God gives grace proportionate to the evils of the age, the nightmarish situations of the current day have more hope for the salvation of more than ever before, and in spite of the absolute chaos and apostasy, now is not the time to run away, but in being as smart as a serpent and and as innocent as a dove, to do what one must do because there is no better time to be a saint in than now.

What these men did to those evil idols was not something “radical” or “extreme”. They were following in the examples of the saints and heroes of the Catholic Faith throughout history. Far from being outside of normalcy in the pursuit of sainthood, their actions were examples in consistent action with those who came before for how to pursue it.

They are heroes doing what all Catholics are called to do, and nothing more.

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