We Told You National Socialism Was Returning- For The First Time Since 1934, Mein Kampf Is Being Reprinted In France

Shoebat.com has warned for a long time, but especially since 2016 with the “refugee crisis” that National Socialism was returning. We have written many articles about it speaking about this.

This is not to say “look at us”. Rather, it is because we are gravely concerned for what this means.

Socialism regardless of the form- left or right -leads to death because it is but the modern term used to describe a philosophy of nihilism and materialism that values power in this life without any regard to the spiritual, or it places spiritual value in temporal things to elevate the creation to that of creator, resulting in the worship of the self, one’s tribe, one’s nation, or one’s ideology.
God described those people in Wisdom 2 as fools, for they are those who persecute the good in pursuit of the things of this world. They were know to the Greeks as Epicureans, for as St. Paul warns in Sacred Scripture, “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” Sometimes they were known as “darwinists” during the 19th century, for while darwinism was a scientific hypothesis, it is ultimately a philosophy of the same beliefs.

Nothing is fundamentally different or new, just the forms which they assume.

World War II ended in 1945, but nationalism grew in Germany for over a decade following World War I before National Socialism took over Germany. Now almost a century later, populism and nationalism is spreading throughout the world and is most analogous to the years before World War II.

This can be seen in Europe where Germans are chanting against immigrants of all kinds- even fellow Europeans -while carrying torches and praising Hitler and backing other nationalist terrorist groups in the Eastern Bloc.

Now another step towards nationalism has taken place as it has been announced that a French publisher is going to reprint German Fuehrer’s famous book and a favorite of National Socialists, Mein Kampf.

As the rise of nationalism and populism flourishes throughout Europe, several reports, mostly from French sources, say for the first time since 1934, a publisher in France will start selling “Mein Kampf” (“My Fight”), the book written by Adolf Hitler in 1925.

The book will be released to the public in France in 2020, will be accompanied by a critical edition written by fifteen French and German historians, reported Le Journal du Dimanche.

Initially, the reissue of “Mein Kampf,” was announced in 2015, but the news of it caused a tremendous uproar that plans for reissue were quickly shelved by publishing house, Fayard. “The Fayard publisher intends to carry out as planned the publication of “Mein Kampf “- which falls into the public domain in January 2016 – in a new translation by Olivier Mannoni that will be authoritative,” said the publisher in 2015.

The book is “considered as one of the engines of Nazism,” is “struck with a kind of taboo because we are so afraid of the lies it contains that we refuse to talk about it,” Mannoni said in 2015.

News of the reissue circulated Twitter like wildfire last week. Many users agreed that the new book could be a terrible idea.

Some users said the book is already available online. Amazon is selling several translations for under $20.

The book was banned in Germany for seven decades for its anti-Semitic text before it was reissued in 2016.

We have been warning about this, and it does not make us happy to have to write this.

National Socialism is returning.

I have already pointed out that Socialism, regardless of the form, is being supported by a majority of Americans.

The republication of Mein Kampf is not so much about the text, for it has been available for years. Rather, the publication of the book is a political act meant to signal the social legitimization of these ideas again.

Right now, people say that Europeans are “weak” and “losing their history”, and they are, but not because they are “weaklings”, but because they have given up on God and have turned against Him.

They want to be strong again, but because they refuse to return to God, they are being given over to their own inclinations, and part of this outside of the easily observable evils is that they are now returning to Nationalism, Socialism, and eugenics as the “solution” to their problems.

I have spoken about that the Fatima prophecies suggest a period of about ten years before serious events take place that create irreversible conditions as noted by current historical, social, political, and economic trends that will lead to war. However, there will be a difference from the past, for neither Hitler, Mussolini, or Stalin had the super technologies that exist today.

When the next war comes, the world will wish for a Hitler or Stalin, because the destruction that a future conflict will bring shall make the evils of the last century look like a spot on the wall.

It is not going to be a war, but a deluge by fire from heaven of all the world, and nobody will be spared.

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