DARPA Is Now Working On Seizing Control Of A Man’s Body And Soul By Computers

According to the Talmud and various texts of contemporary Judaism, especially those of Cabbalism, a golem is a creature that exists without a soul and can be wholly controlled from the outside. The most famous example was the “Golem of Prague“, in which the 16th century Rabbi Judah ben Belzael channeled the power of God that God used to create Adam using the Cabbalah to make a Golem to protect Jews from Christians.

While the golem is a specifically Jewish idea, the concept is not unique to other cultures or religions. Even in modern America, there is not a single corporation who would deny that the perfect employee is one who is never sick, always on time, does more work than one asks him to, does not pose any legal issues, does not have to be paid, does not complain, and can be summoned or disposed of at will. To suppose such a person would exist is ridiculous, because it is either a golem or a robot, as it has no soul and can be worked endlessly to its self-destruction with minimal costs for upkeep. This is partially a push for the reason why there has been so much investment into AI, as it is the closest thing to this when placed with robotic technology.

Yet even scientists will admit that there is something lacking, which is a human soul, although they will (of course generally speaking) not admit to this, attributing this instead to brain waves and natural causes. Yet what if one could “hack” one’s brain so that one could be directly controlled by a computer chip or an equivalent, a-la the infamous story of The Island of Dr. Moreau?

What was once science fiction is now science reality from the engineers at DARPA, who are working on this project right now.

UCLA computer scientist Jacques J. Vidal first used the term “brain-computer interface” in the early 1970s; it’s one of those phrases, like “artificial intelligence,” whose definition evolves as the capabilities it describes develop. Electroencephalography (EEG), which records electrical activity in the brain using electrodes placed on the skull, might be regarded as the first interface between brains and computers. By the late 1990s, researchers at Case Western Reserve University had used EEG to interpret a quadriplegic person’s brain waves, enabling him to move a computer cursor by way of a wire extending from the electrodes on his scalp.

Both invasive and noninvasive techniques for reading from the brain have advanced since then. So too have devices that stimulate the brain with electrical signals to treat conditions such as epilepsy. Arguably the most powerful mechanism developed to date is called a Utah array. It looks like a little bed of spikes, about half the size of a pinkie nail in total, that can penetrate a given part of the brain.

The next challenge is to do all that through the skull. This might sound impossible: after all, skulls are not transparent to visible light. But near-infrared light can travel through bone. Blodgett’s team fires low-powered infrared lasers through the skull and then measures how the light from those lasers is scattered. He hopes this will let them infer what neural activity is taking place. The approach is less well proven than using electrical signals, but these are exactly the types of risks that DARPA programs are designed to take.

Back at Battelle, Gaurav Sharma is developing a new type of nanoparticle that can cross the blood-brain barrier. It’s what DARPA calls a minimally invasive technique. The nanoparticle has a magnetically sensitive core inside a shell made of a material that generates electricity when pressure is applied. If these nanoparticles are subjected to a magnetic field, the inner core puts stress on the shell, which then generates a small current. A magnetic field is much better than light for “seeing” through the skull, Sharma says. Different magnetic coils allow the scientists to target specific parts of the brain, and the process can be reversed—electric currents can be converted to magnetic fields so the signals can be read. (source)

Much of the article talks about how this project is working towards helping sick people.

If one believes that, then one might also believe that oceanfront property is for sale in Iowa.

What the military is working towards, clearly, is a version of the golem but with the human brain.

I remember as a child one Christmas that a relative gave me a remote control race car. I loved it and played with it until the entire thing broke apart, and I loved making the car do all kinds of tricks. However, this what the military want to do, but with people. It would naturally begin with soldiers by using this technology to attempt to hijack and override the soul through biochemical processes, but it could and most certainly will be extended to the general public.

Can you imagine what the Chinese government will- not if, but will -do when they have this? Just look at the treatment of the Uyghur people in Western China right now. They would not think twice about slicing their heads open with a kitchen knife and attaching these chips with tape if it meant forcing all of the Uyghurs, and also the entire citizenry of China, do to whatever they want them to do.

How about India? This would be a dream of the Hindu Nationlists, who with the same brutality would do like to all people in India, especially Christians and Muslims, to make them worship the false Hindu gods.

The US would likely not use either of these approaches, but in typical western style, would build the systems of society in such a way that it would be impossible to function if one does not have this, and would make getting it something that is “free of charge” and advertised on television and the Internet with people skipping in fields among butterflies and drinking coffee while laughing at a cafe and saying “I got mine today and its free- what about you?” or other such advertising lines.

I have predicted repeatedly that a future trend is going to be AI, and that trend is going to grow for a long time. However, another trend that is upcoming but has not reached the mass recognition that AI has at this point but has been acknowledged by Silicon Valley is bioengineering. This is an extension of the transhumanism and revival of darwinistic ideas discussed before, but the specific approach here is taking the current and advancing fields of nanotechnology and AI and integrating them directly into the human organism so that man becomes a “living computer”.

Yet do not fool yourself, this is not about making man’s life better, but it is an attempt to turn man into a golem- a being without a soul fully manipulated from the outside.

However, this is even worse. A golem does not have a soul. A human does.

This means that any attempt at “hijacking” a man’s mind with biological processes is the use of technology in a material attempt to do what demonic possession does spiritually.

Likewise do not fool yourself, any technology that is used to do this is going to be demonically influenced. For it is known that many drug dealers will “offer” their drug shipments to demons to help them, and knowing the influence of the occult in the world of technology, does one not expect that a technology which is meant to seize control of a man’s mind by way of biological processes would also not be offered to evil spirits in order to also take control of his soul and attempt a complete possession?

This is the next trend in control, not merely bio-hacking, but the seizure of the self by means of ancient and evil occult rites working with modern technology.

Also, if one thinks that DARPA alone is working on this, it is absolutely wrong. The Russians, Chinese, Germans, UK, France, and likely Turkey and India are also working on it. The difference is that the US and her allies are likely the furthest along, their competitors will make innovations, but likely most of the work is going to come from the West and flow towards the East as it has been consistently.

If one wants to see the future, it is not just Brave New World or 1984, but a horrible combination of the two with HAL computer system from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Ellison’s story I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream superimposed into Goya’s painting of Saturn consuming his children, and with a spicing of the Matrix.

Kyrie Eleison.


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