Russian Fighter With Freak Fake Muscles Gets Pounded By Tiny Siberian Man Is A Sign Of What Germany And Japan Will Do With Russia And China

An interesting story transpired recently in Russia where a young Russian man with freakishly large muscles due to injections was utterly destroyed in a fight by a tiny Siberian man.

A Russian bodybuilder known as “Popeye” was destroyed in an MMA fight in three minutes by an opponent 20 years his senior.

Kirill Tereshin, 23, injected his muscles with highly dangerous synthol and developed huge, Popeye-like arms. But his ridiculous 24-inch biceps could not help him defeat blogger and actor Oleg Mongol at a gym in Abakan in Russia.

The former soldier was submitted in an MMA bout in the first round. Tereshin came out swinging and connected with some early punches, but was later clinched to the cage, taken down and tapped out after a choke.

The loss comes after Tereshin was beaten by Russian slapping champion Vasiliy “The Dumpling” Kamotskiy earlier in the year. Kamotskiy flattened Tereshin with his first punch, proving that fighting may not be his calling. (source)

It was obvious that Mongol would win, for while he is much smaller, his strength, training, and muscles are natural and the result of his efforts. They are not artificially inflated, pushed up, or made to look like something he is not. Tereshin, by contrast, is unnatural and while looking like Popeye, even Whimpy could beat him up.

Strength does not always come from size. Certainly size does matter, but so does quality and efforts. Many times, it is a balance of both that gives true power. One needs to fill manpower requirements, but one also needs to develop himself properly.

I mention this because the current fight represents much of what could happen to China or Russia.

Both are very big nations, geographically speaking with lots of influence and resources. China is very populous, and Russia is the most populous nation in Europe. However, their size does not speak at all to their strengths.

Both nations may represent the second and third most powerful militaries in the world, but they are not strong. Russia has been rotting from within for a very long time due to drugs, a declining family structure, disease (AIDS infections are at sub-Saharan Africa tier levels while drug-resistant tuberculosis and other vile illnesses plague the hospitals), religion has significantly declined, the only people having children are the Muslims and pagans, and for as many grandiose projects Russia undertakes the nation’s infrastructure continues to rot away as a greedy China eyes Siberia. By contrast, China has a billion people but cannot feed them at all, relying on the US and her allies to prevent mass starvation that will cause a revolution. China is also known for lying and poor quality- if they cannot even build buildings for themselves that will stand up and not dissolve, how does one trust them to build a powerful army that will not crumble in battle?

By contrast, Germany and Japan are much smaller. However, they are very wealthy, have a tremendously developed industrial sector, are generally unified nations, and have long histories of beating up both nations severely. The US has allied with both of these nations, and as we have noted, is helping them to rebuild their militaries at the same time she is also developing her own military in preparation for greater conflict.

I’m not taking sides with any nation, or saying that what is happening is good, or that any of the nations do not have their strong or weak points. I am pointing out that size at times can be deceptive, especially if the size is the result of deceit or bragging. In an international case, Russia is known for her machismo talk on an international stage, when the reality speaks much to the contrary. Putin can take as many shirts off as he wants to while riding on bears, or make strongly worded statements about the Middle East while sending troops in, or talk about building giant infrastructure projects, all things that President Xi of China does (albeit with his shirt on), but it does not address fundamental.

Nobody sees (or likely would want to see) Angela Merkel or Shinzo Abe take their shirts off and galavanting before the media, or making grand talk about big projects. Rather, there is either silence or (especially with Merkel) statements made suggesting incompetence. Yet Germany and Japan are far from incompetent, but they are the most competent countries in Europe and Asia alike, and they are silently preparing for war.

There is going to come a day that, barring any further political action that may suggest otherwise (such as a potential Molotov-Ribbetrop type agreement between Germany and Russia) where the anime girls disappear and the man in skinny jeans in no longer on the streets, only to be immediately replaced by men bearing flags with either the Iron Cross or the Rising Sun. It will happen quickly and people will say “we never saw this coming”, while at the same time they were also warned consistently about this.

It will be some time- probably about a decade -before this will become a serious danger. However, unless there is some action that stops it, this is going to continue.

Russia and China can continue to flex their large, steroid-injected muscles, but they know the truth. Likewise, it will be Germany and Japan, like Oleg Mongol, who work in silence and when it is time for action, burst out with fury and mercilessly dominate.

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