AI Is So Significant That Even Ronald McDonald Is Trying To Use It To Read Your Mind

AI is growing rapidly in the US. However, there are some people who do not believe this still in spite of the major indicators suggesting this.

Something that all Americans know is McDonalds- it is as American as baseball and apple pie. If McDonalds is doing it, then it is probably something very mainstream or would be accepted by the mainstream, since their market, while certainly having its segments, is the entire nation.

According to a recent story, AI technology has become so big that even McDonalds is attempting to use voice recognition AI in order to read people’s minds based on customer ordering patterns.

Last month, McDonald’s acquired a Silicon Valley voice recognition startup called Apprente, with an eye toward using it to take orders at drive-thru windows. The company plans to build a Silicon Valley tech lab around that acquisition. Earlier this year it spent $300 million to buy Dynamic Yield, an Israeli startup that helps it provide customized recommendations at drivethru windows based on things like weather, restaurant traffic and customer order patterns. (source) has spoken about the growing role of Silicon Valley in the lives of all people, and here is a Silicon Valley company being purchased by McDonalds for the specific purpose of integrating it into their restaurant outfits.

Even McDonalds knows that AI is a way of the future, but technology in general as the world is being defined not by travel to outer space, but by the tiny 1s and 0s in microscopic parts. It already is like this, but now that is being pushed into the biological as man is merging with machine in the pursuit of corporate profit.

If even Ronald McDonald is seriously pursuit cyborg-type options, what does that tell you about the future?

If you have children, then now is the time to consider helping them get ahead of the social curve by assisting them with learning the current and upcoming technologies, since this is what the future will be defined by.

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