Northern Ireland Will Now Be Having Legal Sodomite Marriage And Infanticide

By Theodore Shoebat

Northern Ireland will now be having legal sodomite marriage and infanticide. A report from the National Catholic Register reads:

Northern Ireland’s devolved legislature failed Monday to block a change to the region’s law imposed by the British Parliament. As a result, both abortion and same-sex “marriage” will now be legal in the region.

Same-sex marriages are expected to begin taking place in Northern Ireland by February 2020, while the new abortion law is set to take effect by April 2020.

Previously, abortion was legally permitted in Northern Ireland only if the mother’s life was at risk or if there was risk of permanent, serious damage to her mental or physical health.

The British Parliament passed the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc.) Act 2019 in July, with amendments legalizing abortion and same-sex marriage.

That act took effect Oct. 22 because the Northern Ireland Assembly, which has been suspended the past two years due to a dispute between the two major governing parties, was not able to do business by Oct. 21.

Pro-life members of the Northern Ireland Assembly, largely comprised of members of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), recalled the assembly Monday for the first time since January 2017 in order to block the relaxed abortion restrictions. The DUP favors union with the U.K. and is known to be a right-of-center political party on many issues.

The story does not surprise me at all. For one, when you look at support for sodomite marriage and infanticide, you will see that it is the women of society who will overwhelmingly vote in favor for such evil. In the words of Fulton Sheen: “To a great extent the level of any civilization is the level of its womanhood.” Men for the most part are nonchalant about moral evils and women love their ‘gay friends.’ This is the reality we live in. Meanwhile, the entire apparatus of Catholic leadership is utterly decayed with traditional Catholics desperately trying to cling onto any bishop or priest who has any semblance of orthodoxy.

The train has been set and its going straight to the abyss.