Angry THOTs Declare On CNN That STDs Are “Sexist”, Ignore How This Was Caused By THOT Behavior

If one has children, a fun science experiment to do is to make mold on different kinds of bread. By changing the kinds of bread grain used- wheat, barley, rye, oats, and others -one can grow different kinds of molds because certain molds are attracted to different types of grains, and some will not grow on certain types of grain.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases are caused by sex, but they do not have the particular “mind” a human being does. They are germs, either bacteria or viruses, and they infect a host which their particular biological processes determine is able to be infected. It is similar to the mold experiment above, for the disease “infects” only if it believes the proper conditions are met, just as certain molds only grow on certain grains because that is what a given variety of mold “senses” it is able to attach to.

According to a recent article from CNN, STDs are not just bad for one’s health, but are also “sexist”.

America is in the middle of an epidemic of sexually transmitted infections, and when it comes to heterosexual transmission, it’s hitting women the hardest.

Why is that?

Simply put, because “STDs are biologically and psycho-socially sexist at all levels,” said Dr. Hunter Handsfield, a professor emeritus of medicine at the University of Washington Center for AIDS and STD who has studied sexually transmitted diseases for 40 years.

“Women bear the largest burden of these diseases,” agreed Dr. Edward Hook, co-director of the Center for Social Medicine and Sexually Transmitted Diseases at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“Chlamydia and gonorrhea, for example, are two of the leading preventable causes of infertility and ectopic pregnancies in the United States, and on Earth.” (source)

STDs are a serious thing, and as the article points out, women are more suceptable to them in comparison with men because a man has to insert a physical part of his body inside of a woman and then it is he who releases his bodily fluids into her. While a man can contract a disease from a woman through a wound on his genitals or his urethra, it only needs for there to be a small cut, rash, or infected area anywhere on a woman’s genitals for a woman to potentially contract a disease. This is absolutely true.

However, what is being deliberately ignored here is the role of thottery- a modern term for “whoredom” or “lasciviousness” -in how so many women are being infected with STDs.

Similar to the bread experiment above, one can try this same experiment at a local bar or even better yet, on dating apps (although this is NOT one I recommend doing). What one needs is a very attractive man, and then a very grotesque- preferably fat, ugly, and smelly -woman. Both of them go into the bar, or make online dating profiles. In each profile, both of them make explicitly clear that they are seeking for a one-night stand.

In the case of the woman, it will be minutes before she gets at least several approaches by men asking for sex and without her asking. She is almost 100% guaranteed to have relations before the night, and likely with more than one man if she chooses to.

In the case of the man, he will have to aggressively ask women, and there is absolutely no chance in spite of all of his work that he will be able to have relations with even a single woman.

This difference needs to be highlighted because it is always men who ask for relations, but the woman who chooses whether or not to have relations. The man can request, but the woman always can say so, for it is she who invites a man to place parts of his body into hers.

If a man attempts to do this and the woman does NOT consent, then it is the crime of rape.

Rape happens and cannot be denied. However, given the power that women have been awarded to such a point that many openly admit and believe they can act like how men do and also demonstrate this by their actions, as well as the open discussions from women about sleeping with multiples of men and engaging in decades of moral license until for many women their early forties as their fertility is almost expired, one cannot say that there is a epidemic of “rape” happening. To the contrary, there is an epidemic of a few men having as much or greater license than what women are having, and a majority of men who are involuntarily celibate (“incels”) not because they are bad people, or are “failures” at life, or are unable to provide for a family, or are socially dysfunctional and just want to “play video games and eat chicken tendies in mommy’s basement,” but because the women of society at large do not want responsible men who want a home, wife, children, dinner on the table and game night with the kids before the cracking of wood in the fireplace. As many women have admitted, they want a man who gives them temporary sensations of enjoyment similar to those of fornication, but once the momentary interest disappears and people begin to see each other as they are with strengths and flaws, to run to the next man looking for another experience.

The modern woman is neither “sexually abused” nor is she “liberated,” but she has chosen to act like a crack whore, selling her body and her soul for temporary pleasures before seeking the next high, and with no regard to the consequences for herself, her family, or society, except her highs do not come from needles or pills, but from epicurean “experiences” surrounding food, sex, and attention from people in the real or virtual world.

Anybody can deny the consequences of one’s actions, but it does not change the realities, just as denial of the laws of physics do not release a man from being bound by them.

A life that is based around instant gratification and indulging in sin brings the consequences of sin. Gluttony leads to obesity and its related diseases. License leads to STDs, and the women have STDs not because the diseases are “sexist”, but because the women are acting like common prostitutes and are reaping a prostitute’s yield.

If there is a lesson that a woman can take away from this, it is that morality and chastity are one’s friend. A man does not want a woman who is “sassy”, “smart”, or “wild,” but one who does not treat herself like a common whore and then expect others to consume the rotten fruits of her labor. Likewise, if women are concerned about the behavior of men, then instead of telling men to “man up”, they need to “woman up” and stop giving their bodies away as pleasure toys for men to indulge in, for if men have to conduct themselves with better morality in order to eventually enjoy being with a woman, they will change their behavior. This is not to say that men do not have responsibilities, but to acknowledge that many men are already doing or attempting to do their part, and it is now for the women to act in their role.

The problem is neither with “rape” nor with “sexism.” It is a problem of THOTdom, it has been entirely self-inflicted, and it is up to the women to choose if they want this to stop, or if they want to continue acting as they do. However, they do not have a license to complain about a problem they directly contributed to, for while it was Adam who chose to eat of the fruit in the Garden of Eden, Eve also knew what she was doing and God would not let her get away from the consequences even though she tried.


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