Major American Televangelist Declares That All Christians Who Do Not Submit Before The ‘Orange Idol’ Will Be Accountable To God

The famous American televangelist Paula White has, like many televangelists, said many things that are not even theologically questionable or outlandish but done with the purpose of making a larger point, but made statements that are outright unacceptable by any standard of Christian orthodoxy.

In a recent declaration of the like, Paula White has now stated that all Christians who do not support President Trump are “accountable to God”.

Televangelist Paula White said that Christians who don’t support President Donald Trump will have to answer to God.

White, who serves as spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump and chairs the president’s evangelical advisory board, made the comments during a Friday appearance on the “The Jim Bakker Show” where she was promoting her latest book, Something Greater, in which she discusses intimate details of her life including her relationship with Trump.

“It is a dividing line unless you have eyes to see,” White told Bakker while discussing how America was being changed through the lower courts. Trump has been working hard to protect religious freedom in a spiritual war between good and evil that is being waged through the courts and that threatens to outlaw the Bible as hate speech, she claimed.

“It’s (warfare) gonna either make you stand and lets you have to look in the Word and say what does God say and where do I line up. Where do I line up on policy? I might not like the personality, I might not understand him. Get my book and you’ll understand the personality and you’ll understand the person, Ok? Not just the persona,” White said. (source)

I do not want to discuss particular politics here about what one supports or should or should not support.

In November 2018, I wrote an article in which I declared that based on the responses of his supporters in comparison to his actions, the Trump movement had become a cult of personality, and how this was dangerous because among multiple points I made, the supporters of President Trump were not willing to criticize his shortcomings in the same way that they would have for a Democrat. While many Republicans were quick to attack the obvious evils of the Democrats, they would ignore Republicans such as Trump doing the same things as the Democrats but not as blatantly obvious a way. They were supporting the same philosophy but only attacking the means of execution.

What is worse is that the American Evangelical establishment, which is simply an extension of American nationalism that uses Christianity as a cover in the same way that many governments have attempted to use religion and has been a continual source of fighting between governments and the Catholic Church, is supporting President Trump but will not call out his personal sins or outright evil actions that he has done.

It is true that President Obama had many scandals in his past that many pointed out, such has the scandals involving “Obamacare” and his connections to many questionable individuals such as Cass Sunstein and the Chicago political crime machine involving Rahm Emanuel and his associates. Yet the same Republicans, and many of these self-defined Christians, will justify Trump’s repeatedly and publicly professed love of fornication with married women and porn whores, among many other issues, as being because he is a “new” Christian, in spite of the fact that Trump has shown no signs of Christianity at all except for being present with major Evangelical leaders when it is politically at an advantage for him to do so.

Many people rightly criticized the idolatrous-like worship that was given to Obama by Democrats. However, will Republicans also be willing to consider that the treatment afforded to Trump is as and possibly more idolatrous, except instead of referring to Obama as a sort of “Black Messiah” that he was by Democrats in the years leading up to his 2008 victory and after, what exists today is the worship of Trump as an “Orange Idol” and if one is a Christian and refuses to bow, that one is worthy of being thrown into the firey furnace of social discourse just as Shadrach, Mishach, and Abednego were when they refused to bow before the great idol of King Nebuchadnezzar?

Christ was clear that He did not come to establish a temporal kingdom, but a Heavenly one, and that if He had come to establish one on Earth, that his “attendants would be fighting to keep [Him] from being handed over to the Jews”. While nations, tribes, and divisions exist, and governments have their conflicts with each other and with those who they rule in their particular times, the Kingdom of Christ is for all people and under which all empires will submit. Christ is not the “God” of the American, British, German, Russian, Byzantine, Roman, Chinese, Islamic, or other Empires, but He is also the God of all of them because all will be accountable to Him in so far as moral right is concerned.

Christianity is supposed to partake of government as it does of the people, but is not bound to either. This is the role of the Church, for she binds and separates at the same time, and this is also what makes so many angry, because She provides balance and in doing so prevents one from overtaking and enslaving the other using religion as a justification. The entire Protestant Revolution is based on this idea of subjugating the Church to the state, for the break from “Rome” was just to put her under whatever ruler of whatever nation was in power at the time. This is why irreligion defines Europe today, because if patriotism and Christian morality both make a man a “good” person in society, what is the Church for other than to be a social club for those inclined to participate?

One may vote for Trump or oppose Trump, but whatever one does, the good of any ruler is only measured before his righteousness before God, and as people tend to choose rulers who reflect themselves, one may want to spend more time on bettering oneself before God, because not only would that directly benefit oneself, but it would naturally help to choose better leaders for the future.

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