Fun Fact: Santa Rosa California Has The Second Highest Rate Of Sodomite Unions In The Country After San Francisco

Right now, parts of Northern California are being ravaged by wildfires. A lot of people are having to flee, so many have lost everything, and it only is getting worse as police and emergency workers are demanding that people leave now, including from many parts of the city of Santa Rosa:

Evacuation orders have expanded to the parts of Santa Rosa as firefighters struggle to beat back a wind-driven wildfire that started in Northern California’s wine country four days ago.

Authorities issued the order early Sunday as historic winds fueled the fire overnight and prompted the state’s largest utility company to shut power to 2.3 million people to prevent additional wildfires.

Santa Rosa was hit hard by a wildfire that destroyed thousands of homes and killed 22 people two years ago. The evacuation order affects the northwestern section of the city.

California fire officials say the current wildfire, dubbed the Kincade Fire, that began Wednesday night has burned at least 40 square miles and is only 11% contained. (source)

It is a tragedy to see what is happening to so many innocent people who did nothing and yet are being forced to bear the consequences of this situation.

Santa Rosa is an interesting place. Named originally after St. Rose of Lima by the Spanish, the city is like the (comparatively) nearby city of San Francisco, there is generally not holiness promoted in the city, but immorality as the city has the second highest rates of persons living in sodomite unions in the nation after San Francisco.

A quick search for “Santa Rosa LGBT” yields a large amount of results, from meetups, to groups, to bars, to businesses, and even to an “LGBT Retirement Home” for old sodomites.

Now I cannot speak for the town, most certainly not her people, and one must always desire the good of the other. Part of desiring the good of the sinner, in helping him to live a righteous and good life in order that he might have the fullness of life in the next life, is to warn him about his sins and their evils. This is something that I have tried to do, for in pointing out the evils it is not simply to say “look at this thing here,” but to bring awareness to the nature of things that happen around us.

Most people are not going to know what really goes on in a given group or subculture unless one is either a part of it or has looked into it for whatever reason, the latter of which often times comes by being around people, reading, curiosity, or happenstance that leads to further knowledge. We research what we research so that you don’t have to, and since we do not tell you to simply believe what we say, we try to provide the information sources we derived them from so you can see for yourself if you do not believe, and you can build your own research, hopefully with help from our research, so that you can have a balanced view of what is happening in a situation.

Is is the fault of anybody for pointing out that sodomites define themselves by masturbating into each other rectums, transmitting diseases in the name of eroticism, urophagia, coprophilia, paraphilia, and pedophilia, and then when people criticize them for these things try to invoke the name of the law as a weapon to shut down those who discuss these things?

We have pointed out that while there are many groups and people who say they oppose the sodomite movement, and while many emphasize “understanding”, there is not nearly enough discussion as to the serious nature of this sin, which is quickly brushed off too often as “intolerance” or other forms of bigotry, which is then usually met by added social pressure from the public. Instead of actually helping sodomites abandon their holdings in sodom and flee the plains of Middle Ghor for the deserts of purification and the oases in the desert that will lead to life, many rather seem to use the approach of many ministries to either mollify, justify, or use as a bludgenoning tool against those who demands that they clearly renounce sin and turn to the ways of the cross.

Sacred Scripture in the Old and New Testaments and the entire body of Sacred Tradition speak to the evil of this sin, which was so evil that it brought down the wrath of God by fire on the cities of the plain in a miniature deluge as a sign for all ages as to the evils of this sin.

America is already a nation that has become a modern sodom, for while most people are not sodomites, it is not unreasonable to say that over 90% of people support the sodomites, and if one criticizes them one will (not possibly, potentially, or likely) face direct and usually immediate social and economic consequences.

One cannot say if the angels who visited Lot and his family, if they came to the US today, would have people attempting to rape them in large numbers (although in certain areas this would likely be possible, i.e. San Francisco). However, it is certain that if the same angels came, they would definately be met with angry crowds calling them “racists”, “homophobes”, and “bigots”, likely with people waving signs and throwing rocks or dildos at them, and also with crude language and people attempting to engage in public sex acts in front of them.

Would you consider that God would respond differently to them than he did in the ancient world? For times change but the nature of man does not, and God never changes.

How interesting it is then that a city that is extremely inclined to all things sodom is now close to burning to the ground in massive fires from nature, and that such terrible fires are also close to the largest arguable concentration of all things sodom in the country, San Francisco.

It is something to think about.


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