Mexican Police Raid Drug Cartel Den, Find A Satanic Altar With Over Three Dozen Human Skulls, Bones, And A Stillborn Baby In A Jar

In 2016, released the film “Hell Across The Border” which featured interviews, photos, and video evidence of the evils of the drug cartels and their practices. The cartels are infamous for practicing forms of witchcraft and murdering people in horrible ways that have made Mexico the second most dangerous nation in the world after the war-ravaged Middle Eastern nation of Syria.

When the Catholic Church came to Mexico, she worked very hard to suppress the infamous paganism in that nation, which was some of the most evil on earth. As the Faith has waned, being under attack from secularism as well as American “missionaries” spreading heresy that inevitably leads to apostasy, then secuarlism, then a complete return to paganism, Mexico is looking back to her heathen past, and this has been greatly expedited with the drug cartels, who are openly pagan and are reviving all that which the Church destroyed.

According to recent news, Mexican police found more than 40 skulls, dozens of bones and a fetus in a glass jaAccr next to an altar in the den of suspected drug traffickers in Mexico City during a raid.

Four of the skulls were built into the altar in the central Tepito neighborhood, where police arrested 31 people on Tuesday on suspicion of drug cartel activity, the city government said in a statement. A judge ordered 27 of the suspects released.

A photo distributed by the Mexico City attorney general’s office showed skulls clustered around the altar, which had a cross behind it adorned with a horned wooden face mask.

To the right of the altar was a painted wall full of symbols that included a pyramid topped with a hand, celestial bodies and the head of a goat with a hexagram between its horns, according to photos of the room published by local media.

In front of the wall stood a variety of objects, including dozens of wooden sticks with colored markings.

A spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office said authorities were still investigating the provenance of the skulls, at least 42 of which had been found.

Investigators also discovered knives, 40 jawbones, the fetus and 30 leg or arm bones at the site, the office said. It was not yet clear whether the fetus was human, the spokeswoman said.

Tepito, north of the capital’s historic center, has long been known as a hotbed of illicit commercial activity.

The release of nearly all the suspects arrested in the raid on the warren of hidden tunnels and suspected drug laboratories in Tepito was seen as a setback to the government, which has been struggling to get a grip on chronic gang violence. (source)

Notice the cross that was found in the photo, and that there is an African-style mask hanging on it.

The reminds one of the infamous drug murderer and witch Adolfo Constanzo, who ritually murdered at least one American college student in his sick, perverted rituals for the Palo Mayombe form of Afro-Caribbean magic and witchcraft.

The war against the cartels is not just a physical war, but it is also a metaphysical war. It is a war between good and evil.

Now consider that it is well known how the US has and appears to continue to support the drug cartels, and that they are tied to US foreign policy positions against Russia in Central America. It is true that one could say the US has had a greater hand in the current dysfunction, especially with the trafficking of drugs into the US, but the Russians were also involved. Likewise, one must also wonder about the likewise opium epidemics in Europe, the Russian influence in Central Asia, the fact that a tremendous amount of opium naturally comes from Russian-influenced areas of Central Asia (Tajikistan, etc.), and how so much opium flows into Europe through Russia.

I am not criticizing any side right now, but rather am asking a question about the nature of power. Clearly there is a relationship between drugs to addiction to the acquisition of funds for a kind of “black bag” operations, and there is also a tremendous amount of open demonic activity with these groups.

Is there a better option between two devils? Does one choose one demon in order to oppose another?

Likewise, where does the power of many of the most powerful nations in the world come from? Does it all come from personal industry, or do those who exceptionally rise to the top in this life do so too often not by what is right, but instead through making themselves slaves to sin and what is wrong, so that while having the external appearance of power and right, they are internally rotten?

The fighting with the cartels is clearly evil, but when one looks at the cartels, perhaps we need to see what they do as not just evil in themselves, but knowning their connections to governments, and how the governments have encouraged them, that perhaps we are seeing something of a insight as to what really goes on at meetings, and not the ones which the public see, but those which are behind closed doors, were all of the deals are made before being presented as a formality, and where the real power moves take place.

Christ said that the world is in the hands of the evil one, and one can see why, for perhaps we are seeing a small look into the counsel of scripture, and what goes on all the time but hidden from most.

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