Are We On The Edge Of Another Great “Burning Of The Library Of Alexandria”?

In the year 48 BC during Caesar Augustus’ wars with Egypt, he accidentally set fire to the library of Alexandria. While many manuscripts were saved, it was considered a catastrophic event because so much knowledge was destroyed in the fire from the ancient world.

A similar event happened in 1258 AD, when Mongol hordes during the Sack of Baghdad destroyed the Dar-Al-Hikma, or “House of Wisdom” library, causing another massive loss of knowledge to the world. It was said that so many books were destroyed that the Tigris river ran black from the ink coming off of the pages.

The destruction of knowledge- and I speak of the destruction of good or neutral knowledge that provides for the direct benefit of the human race as opposed to that of evil such as the occult -is something that comes under threat in every age, for knowledge requires people that it can be passed to, and if there is nobody to pass the knowledge to, like a candle whose wick has come to its end, the little light flickers and then fades to darkness unless somebody goes to light it again.

Right now there is much knowledge in books, but also the Internet has become a great repository and source of knowledge. Now Tim Berners-Lee, the man who is credited with the “creation” of the Internet, has declared that the Internet has been “subverted”, and he is now attempting to work with governments and corporations to help the Internet stop propagating “hatred” and “threatening democracy”.

World Wide Web founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee has warned that the internet’s power for good is being “subverted” by those spreading hatred and threatening democracy, as the technology marked its 50th birthday.

Sir Tim urged governments, campaign groups and individuals to back a new plan from his foundation to make the internet safe, fair and accessible to all.

The computer scientist spoke out on the 50th anniversary of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) professor Len Kleinrock sending the first message on the Arpanet network of computers, which would eventually become the internet.

Twenty years later, Sir Tim created the World Wide Web – first proposed as an information management system while he was working for the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) – which led to the mainstream establishment of the technology.

“It’s astonishing to think the internet is already half a century old. But its birthday is not altogether a happy one,” he said.

“The internet – and the World Wide Web it enabled – have changed our lives for the better and have the power to transform millions more in the future. But increasingly we’re seeing that power for good being subverted, whether by scammers, people spreading hatred or vested interests threatening democracy.”

He confirmed that the Web Foundation, the group he founded to campaign for the open web as a public good and basic right, would publish its Contract for the Web next month – a collection of pledges aimed at all areas of society and their commitment to protecting the web in the future.

“A year ago, I called for a new Contract for the Web, bringing together governments, companies and citizen groups to come up with a clear plan of action to protect the web as a force for good,” he said. (source)

To the contrary of the statements hat Berners-Lee is proposing, the threat is generally from the governments and companies, not from the individuals.

There are many people who do evil things individually on the Internet. This is a known fact, and it needs to be addressed. However, it is intentional manipulation by governments and corporations that have brought about much of the social division, rise in hatred, and fighting.

Consider the National Socialist movement, something that had its philosophical roots in Jewish Caballah, was overwhelmingly filled with homosexuals, and was funded by major Jewish financiers working with the Americans, such as the Stein Bank and the Warburg Family. Following World War II, the same National Socialism opposed by the US became supported by her as a cornerstone of US foreign policy by way of the “Stay Behind” operations called “Absalon” in Denmark, “Kontrgrilla” in Turkey, and “Gladio” in Italy, and based on current observations, have still continued to this day under different forms. has pointed out may times the very strong connections between US intelligence operations, Israel intelligence, the Israeli lobby, corporate interests in the military-industrial complex, the European Union, pharmaceutical interests, Silicon Valley, major robotics and computer corporations, DARPA, and the new eugenics movement as an extension of the nationalist movement and the “anti-Islam” movement as a front for advocating nationalism. All of these things are just points on the same circle of evil that interlock with each other and form a massive boulder tumbling down a hill at flying speeds towards modern society.

Likewise, consider how has pointed out, based on the research from Reason Magazine, that it was confirmed that almost half of all of the child sexual abuse websites on the darknet were being operated from US Department of Defense servers. One naturally has to ask, given the proliferation of this, who is the greater promulgator of abuse?

The Internet has provided for many freedoms, discussion, and the capacity for reading and research that is unprecedented in human history. It has also enabled mass spying as never seen before, as well as the ability to concentrate knowledge into a single location that can disappear with the press of a button.

Because of this, one has to ask, are we living in a time where another “burning of the Library of Alexandria” would happen, except this would not be by an actual fire, but the press of a button through turning off access to the electronically deposited sources of knowledge?

What Tim Berners-Lee is talking about, while he uses language that would seem to be good, is not what would be the result. People have always hated each other, had fights, and said ridiculous things, and while there is an argument to control or limit some of this, such is not the reason why this is being discussed, for there is a consistent history in the western world of using claims of morality or righteousness to enable legal processed by which to “legally” commit heinous evils.

Enjoy the “free” Internet as it exist now, and learn what one can, for there may come a time when instead of a great fire, the electricity is turned off to the Internet, and the great web of knowledge returns to a void of nothing, and as many people now rely of it instead of being able to use books, there will be a great hole in the field of collective knowledge, and it may take a long time to fill it in again.

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