Japan Is A Nation Defined By Degeneracy And Filled With The Sickest Perversions Imaginable And Is Why They Will Return To War

Japan is a fascinating culture because she has always been very nationalistic, very ethnocentric, very racist, and at the same time very unique in her approaches as much as very closed off to the outside world. Japan presents one image for the world to see, and then zealously guards her private image away from the world.

However, times change but man does not. Japanese degeneracy is not different in essence than American, Russian, German, French, Chinese, Indian, Jewish, Turkish, Nigerian, Brazilian, Mexican, Iranian, or any other nationality in the world as it concerns the capacity to partake of the same types of sins. What differs always is the particular application, manifestation, intensity, propagation, and acceptance in a society at a particular time, but the results when taken far enough are always the same, which is death.

Japan is one of the very few nations in history who violently resisted and continues to violently resist Christianity with an abnormal zeal. It is comparable only to some of the peoples of India and some of the northern European tribes, such as the Old Preusens, in the Nordic and Baltic regions. She does not want the Gospel, she does not like the Faith, and the efforts of missionaries in Japan have always been very difficult.

So what really goes on in Japan? What is the “dirty underside” to Japan that is so well-hidden?

A thread was recently up on 4Chan which lamented Japan’s “descent” in to “degeneracy”, which you can read here. There is also a website called “Land of the Setting Sun” which chronicles how “immigration” and “globalism” are destroying the “beautiful culture” of Japan.

But is Japan really falling apart because of “immigrants” and “globalism”, or perhaps is Japan just reaping the fruits of her own labors, something which she, like her image, prefers to show one face to the world and then maintain a separate reality that only she can see?

As I have stated consistently before, being that pornography and prostitution are manifestations of social policy into the most sordid and often times, insightful parts of a society, to best understand Japan, one should examine what kinds of personal things the Japanese consume that they find “attractive” (and no, I neither am suggesting or recommending that a man should watch porn).

I have been criticized before for noting the connection between porn/prostitution, policy, and society. However, the Japanese understand this extremely well, so much that Japanese pornography which is “exported” abroad must be highly censored, and non-ethnic Japanese people are banned from going to most adult venues in Japan, including porn stores, and from owning or buying pornography. It is not just a crime on the legal books, but something that is well-known and enforced by the police.

Kabukicho, the “red light district” of Tokyo. Prostitution is rampant throughout Japan. Much caters to foreigners, but there is a tremendous amount that is Japanese only.

Pornography is banned in some countries, but there is no country that compares to Japan, where pornography and moral filth is abundant everywhere and yet it is only limited to ethnic Japanese to consume in its full form, and “foreigners” (called “gaijin” in Japan), which means anybody who is not ethnically Japanese, are barred from it.

A sign from a Japanese porn shop.

What goes on inside that “foreigners” can’t see?

So what actually happens being the locked gates for “Japanese” only?


There is an excellent article about pornography in Japan on Wikipedia here that summarizes well the issue.

Japan is arguably the last nation in the world to ban child pornography, having only passed a ban in 2014 after much international pressure. However, child pornography remains abundant and easily accessible. This is due to cultural issues, as just like how suttee (the ritual human sacrifice of a deceased man’s wife by fire after his death in Hinduism) is technically illegal in India but happens all of the time and the authorities ignore it, the same is in Japan. Child prostitution and child brothels are everywhere, and especially for a man of power or a Japanese man who knows where to look, it is easy to purchase a little girl- as in a pre-pubescent girl -for sexual pleasure. This does not include the abundance of adult brothels, businesses, and individuals who cater to almost every perversity imaginable.

A Vice News documentary magazine about the open child and teen prostitution in Japan.

If one is in Japan and one does not want to actually get in contact with a young girl but just to experience her “female essence”, one only needs to visit a Burusera machine, which is a vending machine that sells the used panties of young women, most of them underage teen girls for a man to use for whatever his particular entertainment would be. These are not unique, but common throughout the country.

This is a vending machine selling used “schoolgirl” panties. While some may be fake, Japanese teenage girls can earn money selling their used panties to companies who then package them to be put in sick things such as this.

But say that one just wants to watch porn, a standard perversion found in many places. What would one find?

Japan has a very long history of pornography going back to the days of the Tokagawa Shogunate and before. While one thinks of pornographic filth being a relatively modern or semi-modern thing, porn was abundant in those times, albeit made on woodcuts. With the introduction of American cartoons and the subsequent Japanization of them into what later became anime, Japanese cartoon porn, known as hentai, is arguably not just a major form, but the most commonly consumed form of pornography in Japan and has been growing rapidly around the world.

Hentai is filled with every perversity available and frequently includes themes of rape, bestiality, murder, torture, sexual “experiments” involving blood and knives, satanism, group sex, sodomism, and child sexual abuse in the most horrendous forms. All of this is considered to be not a perversity, but “normal” and accepted in society.

To understand how prolific this is, consider that 4Chan started as an anime board. Note above the arrows, which list as sub-topics of anime Hentai (cartoon porn), Hentai/Alternative (cartoon porn fetishes), Ecchi (literally “smut”), Yaoi (male sodomite cartoon porn usually involving teen boys with older men), Yuri (female sodomite cartoon porn usually involving teen girls with older women), and then the “Random” board where many times people put put threads of “lolicon” (cartoons involving pre-teen girls, toddlers, and babies being sexually molested), “shotacon” (lolicon cartoons but involving pre-teen boys, toddlers, and babies being sodomitically raped by men).

I do not recommend you search for any of these things, for while they are legal under US law owing to the victory by the overwhelmingly Jewish-populated and backed “Free Speech Coalition” in the legal case from Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition in 2002, there is no moral good that comes from them.

This is just on 4Chan above. There are far more websites dedicated to these perversions.

Then there is as noted above, the “normal” forms of Japanese porn that have directly and massively influenced American and European trends in the adult industry, and have likewise been directly responsible for the increased degeneracy over the years. A short list of major influential trends that are commonplace in Japan include but are not limited to include bukkake (lit. “semen shower” from dozens of men at the same time), gokkun (the drinking and pouring into the eyes and nose of semen from a glass or bowl that dozens of men masturbate into while on camera), kinbaku (bondage using extreme gags and ropes, often with a religious or ritualistic purpose), omorashi (where actors and actresses urinate and deficate on each other and then play, consume, or masturbate with the urine or feces), onara (lit. “fart porn”), oto (where actors and actresses vomit on each other and then play, drink, or masturbate with each other’s vomit), roshon (dumping lotion, food, or unknown liquids over the actor and then masturbating/having sex it them), shokushu (having sex with animals or objects that have tentacles as a combination bestiality and bondage act), and tamakeri (the mutilation of a man or woman’s genitalia using medical instruments and electricity to the point of causing bodily damage or bleeding).

In the past, I have written explicit details about particular actions which the sodomites do, and I have done this in order to describe, in full detail, the extent of their perversions which they partake of as commonplace.

The above listing of the same items was done for the exact same purpose, and to point out that there is no fundamental difference in terms of what Japanese filth, which is not explicitly given to strictly a homosexual context but is largely aimed at heterosexuals, considers as normal just as what the sodomites do in their context. One cannot help but notice that as sodomism does not explicitly refer to male-on-male penetration but also includes other forms of serious degeneracy in the same regard, it is arguable that much of what constitutes “normal” Japanese pornography is as inherently sodomitic as is that of the sodomties in the West, albeit just more hidden until the rise of the Internet gave a clearer look into what had always existed.

Many people love Japan and Japanese culture. But something that few will discuss is that if one looks at the kinds of bizarre activities, Japan is unique in the world in terms of her concentration, propagation, acceptance, and yet at the same time a secrecy of them. The next closest nations to Japan in terms of indulging in strange perversities are arguably Denmark, Sweden, Holland, and Germany (in that order), and yet even they for all of their dysfunction do not have the same level which Japan reaches. The US may be the largest pornography peddler and producer in the world, but still does not reach the levels of perversity that Japan does.

Japan is truly a “whitewashed tomb”, for while having a beautiful, fascinating, and amazing exterior, it is a nation who at large has rejected Christ, continues to reject him, loves the worship of the self over Christ, and manifests this tremendous evil through her private inclinations.

As I noted before, this is not something new either. Consider the paintings below, all of which date from the beginning of the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1600 to about 1814.

Here we have, in classical Japanese art, common depictions of “tentacle porn”, group sex, wife swapping, and sodomy.

These are the exact same things seen in Japan today but on video and in cartoons.

This is not a “new thing”, but something very old.

Japan is not a moral place. As Ted has pointed out, Japan is a very evil place that covers her evils with smiles and loud noises, but underneath her is a monster that did human experimentation on innocent people and murdered millions not even a century ago in a process of imperialism and expansionism that is consistent throughout her history.

Does one believe that Japan has actually changed?

One has to seriously think about what kind of person would find arousing to fantasies of a woman being raped by an octopus with tentacles being shoved down her throat, or how dozens of men masturbating on some woman is neither disgusting nor extremely sodomitic, or how defecating and vomiting into another person’s mouth and then having that person masturbate with the excreta is considered arousing, for if one reads enough literature or watches documentaries on criminal behavior, these kinds of perversities are common to serial killers. These things are the choice of interests of men such as Albert Fish, Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and were captured with disturbing accuracy in the movie “Silence of the Lambs”.

If a person seriously enjoys such grave perversions in a private setting, what does that say about he might treat others? What would that mean for his actions in public?

What does it mean if an entire society accepts this type of serial murderer behavior and sees it as normal?

It is not difficult to see how Japan was able to conduct the experiments she did in the Second World War. The answer was always there, it was just that one had to look hard enough.

What you have seen here above is something that few wish to admit, which is a unique arrangement of evil in the Japanese mind that manifests itself in public policy, but which many believe is no more because they say that such things happened in the past.

Christ warned that it is not what a man puts into his mouth that defiles him, but that it is what comes out of his mouth, for it is from the mouth out of which the heart speaks.

This is the side of Japan that is seldom or privately discussed, but it is the side that one should pay attention to because this is the side that is not just personally degenerate, but which will build the new weapons of war to manifest their perversity to life by war, torture, murder, and invasions in the name of national pride.

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