Vile Sodomite Exposes His Genitals To Underage Children And Nobody Stops Him

Many children are correctly taught that if an adult takes off his clothes or shows his genitalia, or tries to touch him or her, to run and tell an adult immediately. This is because there are a lot of sick perverts in the world, and these people, aside from the fact that they need at the very least to be locked away for the good of society, are dangerous and evil.

However, what if that person is a member of a “protected class”, and by that I speak not of race, but of the protected class that is considered to be superior to all racial designations, but of sodomites? In other words, is is possible for a sodomite to expose one’s genitals to a small child and get away with it, because to prosecute the sodomite for said activity is actually “discrimination” of some form?

Apparently, the answer was recently given after a sodomite directly exposed his penis to a group of small children while at a “drag queen story hour” event.

A “drag queen” has given children more than their parents bargained for when they sat their little ones in front of the man to learn something at their local library. What the children learned, they might not have been prepared for.

The homosexual ‘Christian’ journalist, Jonathan Merritt, defended Drag Queen library storytimes while on Fox News, claiming that “they just want to give back to the community.” It turns out that one drag queen in Minnesota wants to give back to the community by flashing his crotch area to children.

On October 17, the Hennepin County library invited “drag queens” (men with a mental illness, who believe that they are women or prefer to behave and/or dress like women) to indoctrinate children. Hennepin County is the largest county in Minnesota with a population of more than 1.15 million residents and is home to the city of Minneapolis.

The two drag queens went under the fake names “Sasha Sosa” and “Gemini Valentine,” who also perform as exotic dancers at adult nightclubs. (source)

This sodomite may claim it is an “accident,” but he is an adult and he knows what he is wearing. He is not a small child below the age of reason, but an adult male pretending to be a woman in front of a group of kids.

This is not an accident, but pervert behavior intended to groom children into accepting sexual abuse as normal.

As one who has written articles investigating the prevalence of child sexual abuse that you can read in the Shoebat archives, one pattern that is immediately noticed is that child abusers start attempting to expose their genitals to young children. If they do not do this, they use pornography to replicate the same effect.

Anybody who does this is a disgusting predator.

We know for a fact that this person is a sodomite, and that sodomites have abnormally high rates of child sexual abuse so much that the sin of sodom and child sexual abuse are for all practical purposes inseparable.

People will complain about Islam and its “abuse” of homosexuals, yet Walid has pointed out how sodomite behavior is actually permitted in Islam, but it has to be acted upon in a certain context.

Likewise, in most of the US, prostitution is forbidden. However, if the same prostitution is done on film with the intention of being sold for money for others to watch, then it is legal.

This is the stage that we are at in society, where while child sexual abuse is still considered a heinous crime, it is now legalized as a protected class so long as a person who does it is an open sodomite in the name of promoting sodomism and the “rights” of fellow citizens of sodom.

The next step to this is child molestation, which will still be a legal crime in most states and prosecuted, but will likely have legal permissions so long as it is done in a certain context that will likely be advocated by the sodomite lobby and their supporters.

Does one wonder what life in sodom was like? One only needs to look around. Yet also, life went on as normal in sodom until one day the justice of God came and, all in an instant, the once wealthy, influential, powerful, and infamous city was no more by fire from Heaven.

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