The Syrian Government Sends This Request To US Allies: Join The Syrian Army So That Together We Can Defeat The Turks

By Theodore Shoebat

As it becomes more and more obvious that the ceasefire that the Americans brokered in Syria is dwindling, the Syrian government has now called for US allies to join the Syrian military with the message that together they can drive the Turks out of Syria. As we read from a report from Newsweek:

Syria has calledd on U.S.-backed, mostly Kurdish militias to officially join the country’s armed forces as both factions faced new insurgent violence that threatened a ceasefire agreement reached last week by Russia and Turkey.

In a press statement addressed to the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Syrian Defense Ministry said Wednesday it was ready to accept any units of the Kurdish-led group willing join the ranks of the Syrian military in a joint effort to battle invading Turkish troops and the Syrian rebels they support. The ministry offered reconciliation to those not needed for security purposes.

“We in Syria face one enemy and we must exert with the sons of a united Syria, from Arabs and from Kurds, our blood to recover every inch of the beloved Syrian territory,” the official Syrian Arab News Agency described the message as saying.

The outlet also cited the Syrian Interior Ministry as offering to extend civil services across the self-ruling northeast, noting the difficult living conditions due to the Turkish-led incursion and offering to integrate the Syrian Democratic Forces’ Asayesh security forces into the government’s internal security agency. The Syrian Ministry of Education offered to support children there as well, noting how they have been deprived of schooling due to the unrest.

May Syria defeat and repulse the evil and predatory Turkish military. But the Americans are on the side of the Turks, which  means that the latter has the upper hand. But still, we cannot desire for evil to triumph.