Forget About Pachamama, The Guy Who Threw The Idol Into The Tiber Has Directly Worked With Germanic Nationalists In Europe

(Shoebat Sunday Special)

Alexander Tschugguel of Vienna, Austria rocketed to international fame in the Catholic world after he took an Amazonian idol, the “Pachamama”, and threw it into the Tiber River and filmed himself doing this. He later exposed who he was on Youtube, and Catholic media has been consumed with interest of him since then.

Most of the interviews given have concerned his actions, which are unquestionably commendable in so far as those idols had no place ever in the Church.

But who is Alexander Tschugguel? That is a question which most people do not know much about and which in spite of the attention being placed upon him, there has been no serious inquiry about him from secular or Catholic media.

According to his own words and the public sources available about him, Alexander Tschugguel was born in Vienna in 1993, became Catholic at the age of 15, and at 16 began working with Tradition-Family-Property (TFP), a Catholic Traditionalist group that has been investigated by the Vatican for functioning as a cult run by the late Plinio Correa de Oliveira. He associates with the Catholic Traditionalist movement, is heavily involved in the pro-life movement, and also closely associates with major nationalist causes in Austria.

Ted, Walid, and I are all Catholic. However, this does not mean that we are above criticism of members in our own Faith, for to be Catholic is not to over-associate oneself with any government, nation, or even people, except with the Empire of Christ under the Israel of God, which is made up of all races of those people who love Christ and want to follow Him. To pursue truth is essential to what it means to be Catholic, as it is the True Faith founded on Christ that shall not fail.

Most of Mr. Tschugguel’s public notoriety up until the “Pachamama” incident comes from his work in the pro-life movement throughout Austria and parts of Germany, as he noted in his talk to the American TFP on November 12th, 2019, who invited him to speak at their Washington, D.C. office in an event that was hosted in part by LifeSiteNews. He also holds known public positions against immigration, the situation with refugees, Islam, and calls himself a “monarchist” as well as a “patriot”.

Tschugguel’s address to the TFP

While has no problem with opposing homosexuality or supporting Christianity, recognizes the complex nature of the situation with refugees from different nations and does not oppose a healthy love of country, it is a known fact (and something we know as well from direct experience) that opposition to Islam, immigration, and the title of “patriot” are frequently used by political parties, especially those who associate with the “right wing”, as covers to hide and justify racist, darwinist, or eugenicist ideologies through public platforms. has strongly emphasized that evil does not substitute for evil. Likewise, has warned against the revival of German nationalism and pan-Germanic ideologies that reflect historical movements going back to the earliest days of German history and have repeated since then but always manifest in the same forms.  Whether it is the alliance between Theodahad and Justinian in the 6th century that led to an invasion of Italy, the Sack of Rome in 1527, the Thirty Years War, the partitioning of Poland, the formation of Prussia, World War I, or World War II, there is an unmistakable connection through which Germany attempts to establish an empire by subjugating her neighbors through extreme violence done in the name of nationalist causes.

In modern times, has warned about the revival of National Socialism and National Socialist philosophy under contemporary names, as well as political acts oriented towards the revival of a new Germanic Reich. We have pointed out alongside major geopolitical analyst groups like STRATFOR that one of the greatest concerns which the US government has are Germanic attempts to revive a modern variant of the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement that existed between National Socialist Germany and the Soviet Union during World War II, as it would have the potential to create a united European military force between Germany, Russia, and Turkey, and would be able to directly counter US influence as well as pose a major threat to any nation around the world.

Ties To Ewald Stadler

If a man is known by his friends, Tschugguel has some interesting characters, such as Ewald Stadler.

In 2013, Tschugguel appeared in an article as one of the founders of a new political Party, The Reform Conservatives (REKOS), whose self-stated purpose is to abolish the European Union as well as to form better relationships with Russia, oppose Islam and homosexuality, support Christianity, and has alluded to calls for a return of the monarchy. He founded REKOS with two other people- Rudolf Gehring, who has been involved in Christian and nationalist causes in Austria for decades, and for our purpose that is even more important, Ewald Stadler.

Stadler is a self-professed member of the SSPX who was involved from 1991 until 2007 with the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO), of which, as Ted wrote, a major member of the FPO, Andreas Molzer, wants to revive the Reich. Walid has also warned about FPO head Norbert Hofer, who has been involved with the party since 1996 and which Breitbart news has reported that Hofer is a populist similar to Donald Trump who is targeting the disaffected of Austria and also has known ties to involvement in occult activity, two things which the National Socialists of old also did.

Stadler has been criticized for openly supporting the neo-Nazi German politician Horst Mahler in a speech in 2002.

Ombudsman Ewald Stadler (FPÖ) did not mince his words on May 8 at the controversial anniversary commemoration of the fraternity members in Vienna. The Documentation Archive of the Austrian Resistance (DÖW) has evaluated the speech of the Burschenschafter (Skalden Innsbruck) and speaks of an “openly presented positive reference to a German neo-Nazi”.

According to Stadler, the “Germans” were burdened with “historical mortgages” and “self-hatred” and opposed the latter with a “disappointment in dealing with our history”. Such a “practice” practiced “Horst Mahler, who is also pursued accordingly,” quoted the DÖW. (sourcesource)

Stadler was expelled from the FPO in 2006 following a conflict with Strache. He repackaged his same positions under the titles of tradition, anti-Islamism, and pro-Christianity as well as supporting both Austrian nationalism and South-Tyrolean nationalism against the government of Italy in his new political movements, including what seems to be in REKOS.

Stadler’s work was with the Christian Party of Austria (CPO) and he was involved in the founding of the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZO). The former party has been relatively lacking in national influence, focusing mostly on the promotion of Christian values against abortion, sodomy, Islam, and also less openly promoting Euroskepticism or open Germanic nationalism. The BZO, which was founded by Jorg Haider, Ted has pointed out openly supports German militarism by saying that Austria’s refusal to stay militarily neutral would be a threat to her existence and the existence of Europe.

In 2014, Stadler was declared a “persona non-grata” by the Ukrainian government following a visit to the Donetsk People’s Republic, which is the easternmost region of Ukraine that has allied itself with Russia and is fighting a proxy war between the US and Russia in Ukraine. Given the historical Black Sea, Volga, and Caucasian German communities that have existed in these regions from Crimea to Kazakhstan for centuries and which played important roles in German military activity in those regions during the First and Second World Wars, his support of Russia suggests attempts to build relations between Germanic nationalists and Russia which could be used to prepare the way for a Molotov-Ribbentrop type agreement for the future as well as potentially rallying support from the

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior qualified the polls in the occupied areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts in a statement present to the APA as large-scale crime against Ukrainian citizens. In addition, numerous facts about terror, intimidation, extortion, bribery, forced labor and abductions are documented in the region.
“All of this happens with the support of foreign pseudo-observers who have either been declared unwanted or have become unwanted,” the SBU said. The activities of these individuals would be qualified by the Authority as “illegal support to free-rioters and terrorists”.
On a list published by the Ukrainian right-wing extremism expert Anton Shekhovtsov on Saturday in his blog, 33 international election observers are named. Among them is the former member of the National Council and EU Member Stadler (formerly FPÖ and BZÖ, most recently “The Reform Conservatives” REKOS). Now a lawyer, Stadler appeared at press conferences in Donetsk on Saturday and Sunday as a representative of an as yet unknown “Association for Security and Cooperation in Europe” (ASZE). He was not available for APA over the weekend. (source)

Connections to Beatrix von Storch

The Catholic source reports that Tschugguel openly admits to having worked with the AfD leader Beatrix von Storch, a woman who has warned about.

In our conversation with Tschugguel, he admits that he worked with von Storch, but he saw no issue with the fact that she is colleagues with the pro-homosexual lesbian leader of the AfD, Alice Wiedel.

Questions about The “Boniface” Institute

The original video of Tschugguel throwing the Pachamama idol into the Tiber was released on October 21st, 2019. However, just a week after the incident, the Boniface Institute was registered (here and here). Tschugguel says that the purpose of this “institute” is to promote Catholicism, but nothing more is known about this institute from the website save for him.

Since his visit to the US, he has stated that he wants to create a “network” of Catholics throughout Europe who can be “called up” to “take action”. He has also stated that the Boniface Institute will be hiring approximately ten people- of which at least one will be paid full-time -to work on producing media to counter “fake news”.

This idea of creating “networks” of people who can be “called up” to “take action” is reminiscent of the political and military groups created by American and German intelligence after World War II. These programs, referred to as “stay-behinds” by the US, “Gladio” in Italy, “Absalon” in Denmark, “Kontrgrilla” in Turkey and many other names, all operated on the principle of being unofficial intellectual, social, or military outfits of the governments whose purpose was to respond to Communist activism and in the case of a Soviet invasion, to stall them until the Western powers could respond. Many times, these groups were used to also foment terrorism in order to delegitimize or destroy communist targets in Western Europe or the Soviet bloc.

Online Presence

In the days following the Pachamama incident, Tschugguel put a post on Twitter where he said:

“#Würzburg? There are no indigenous people living there! Get the #pachamama out!”

What does he mean by “there are no indigenous people living there”? This is a highly ambiguous statement, and while there might be a way to explain it as a linguistic difference, one must wonder if there is not more which he means here, especially in light of his clear support of German nationalism.

To be fair, he denies any support of nationalism or racism in his talk with the TFP, but then one must naturally ask why in our conversation with him- something that he requested and called on his own initiative -he unequivocally refused to denounce the inherently racist and darwinistic Identitarian movement.

Interview with Taylor Marshall

After he threw the idols into the Tiber, Tschugguel did his first interview with Taylor Marshall.

In this interview, if one listens, Tschugguel makes repeated references to the “Holy Roman Empire” and Austria’s history. While one certainly does not want to oppose the good things of Christian history, one must look at this in terms of the modern history of the Third Reich.

National Socialist Germany was referred to as the “Third Reich” by Arthur Moeller van den Bruck in his book “Das dritte Reich“, which said that the first two “Reichs” were the Holy Roman Empire (800 to 1806) and then the Monarchy from 1871 until 1918. In this sense, National Socialist Germany envisioned herself as a continuation of the original Holy Roman Empire, and was the reason why Hitler said that his Reich would reign for a thousand years, as he saw her in the same historical light, except this time pagan instead of Christian.

When German and Germanic nationalists keep speaking of the “Holy Roman Empire”, one must necessarily be concerned, and in the case of Tschugguel, especially as he openly has connections with major political figures who are tied to nationalism, for it was National Socialism that used the concept of a revival of the “Holy Roman Empire” as a historical template onto which they imposed their vision of a contemporary Teutonic war machine that created a hell on earth for so many. Tschugguel claimed during the conversation that “I am a historian”, and we were hoping to ask him more about his views on the Holy Roman Empire, but he retreated.

As the interview with Marshall was finishing up, Tschugguel speaks of European medieval culture as the highest culture that was ever reached upon earth, and then says “give me an army, and I will give you the possibility to use all of that again- I don’t mean an army of guns right now- I mean mostly an army of Catholics standing next to each other” (1:39:20-1:40:20).

What concerns me is how he quickly seems to mitigate his language to place it into a religious context of an “army of Catholics” who are “praying their rosaries”, yet how at the exact same time he said that he did not mean using guns and violence “right now”- as though he was meaning that they would be used later. The fact remains that one cannot divorce his words from his history since college of working with in an official political context and supporting German Nationalists, or the fact that Germany has a long history of violence against her neighbors in the name of nationalism or nationalist causes


It is clear that there is much more to Tschugguel than just throwing an idol into the Tiber River. The more one looks into him, the more questions come up, and not just questions of minor interest, but serious political connections to major individuals and groups who have spent decades supporting German nationalism.

This is not just a matter of “Catholics” responding to an evil in their Church that is visibly coming from the “left” wing, but also the same evils in the “right” wing but in a different context.

The Pachamama may be evil, but there is always a temptation to follow political idols, or to support individuals because of a single good thing that one has done. However, one must be very careful about giving immediate and massive support to anybody because of a single action, and then making entire judgments about that person based on a particular incident without considering the larger context of what may be happening.

I will leave you with a simple story to consider.

Years ago, Ted of came out very hard against the sodomites who have infiltrated the Catholic Church by confronting a sexual predator priest named Michael Yarbrough. Instead of support, Ted was met with scorn from many people in Catholic media because he confronted the sexual predator in the church during the mass. He was even attacked by Gary Michael Voris, the founder of Church Militant. Other people simply did not want to talk to him, and they just ignored him or did not attempt to promote his work. Likewise, the Protestant world treated him the same, and certainly not a single “Orthodox Christian” stood up in a similar context to support him even though he was receiving a substantial amount of media attention.

Ted is also not a newcomer. He has been involved in writing and public work for many years, and has an additional platform due to the influence of his father and the founder of, our very own Walid Shoebat. Yet even this could not get him promoted to serious levels of influence as it concerns the sodomite issue.

Now it is 2019, and a man who says he is a convert to the Catholic Faith who has openly worked with Nationalist politicians does a single public deed that is notably good, at least in a superficial way. Yet he is promoted all over Catholic media, including the pederast-supporting Gary Michael Voris, and other major figures in Catholic media.

What does this tell you about not merely the “state” of media, but perhaps the agenda of those promoting him? Likewise, what does it mean that (I have yet to see anybody else at the current time) nobody has given a serious analysis of Tschugguel’s connections but instead continues to promote him?

Would Ted have received the same treatment? Or would people have sat back and called him a “terrorist” and made racialist comments against him about “returning to his Palestinian roots”?

Likewise, what does it mean that Tschugguel, who insists that he is “pro-life”, against nationalism, and against eugenics and racism, when asked directly if he supports or denounces the Austrian Identitarian Movement and its philosophies, which are racist, pagan-influenced, and tied to National Socialist individuals and ideology, and which given his political work in Austria and connections it is veritably impossible that he is not familiar with them, he outright refuses to answer the question?

Likewise, could it be that in spite of how evil the Pachamama idol truly is, that there is perhaps an even greater evil bubbling beneath the surface right now in the form of a revival of German pagan militarism which has been warning of?

Think about it. Also, remember that just as in the media, whatever somebody is presenting to the public, no matter how important or serious it is, one must also watch what the “other hand” is doing, for many times that is more insidious or damaging than what one is seeing happen publicly.



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