Republicans Propose New Bill That Will Extend Unprecedented Protections To The Sodomite Movement

The Republican party is still believed by many people to be a “better” option to the Democrats at large. While in specific cases, especially in local elections, this can be true, the fact is that the Republicans are no different than the Democrats in their essence and work toward the same goals. They do not care about Christians, except the Democrats in this regard are better- yes better -because their disdain for Christians is open and known to all, while the Republicans still act as thought they care about Christianity when in silence they hold to the exact same views.

As the says goes, “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.” The Democrats may support a lot of very evil causes, but their evil is not hidden. To the contrary, they revel in it. The Republicans will claim to be the opposite and hide their actions, only to reveal them in the future.

Such is taking place right now as the Republican party is advancing a bill that will realize the long-desired dream from the Democrats of raising protections for sodomites to the level of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Moderate Republicans in the House put forward pro-LGBTQ legislation on Friday that would federalize a number of anti-discrimination protections such as banning employers from firing gay employees but also leave wide exceptions for religious groups and persons or small businesses with firmly-held religious beliefs.

The bill — titled “The Fairness For All Act” — was introduced by Utah Rep. Chris Stewart and is based around a similar piece of legislation passed in his home state that banned discrimination against LGTBQ persons, save for when prohibitions are religiously motivated.

“All of God’s children, regardless of sexual orientation or religion, deserve dignity, respect, and the right to pursue happiness,” said Mr. Stewart, in a statement to the press on Friday. “This legislation allows us to settle the legal questions and get back to the business of loving our neighbors.”

Like the Equality Act, Fairness for All would build on the 1964 Civil Rights Act by including “LGBT” as a protected status in areas of employment, housing, and public accommodations. Contrary to the Equality Act, however, Mr. Stewart’s bill satisfies demands of right-leaning politicians who say any bill to brandish these legal protections must also allow for exemptions for persons or groups with firmly-held religious beliefs and protect the federal tax status of religious colleges, such as Brigham Young and Bethel universities.

Republicans who signed onto the legislation include Reps. Mark Amodei and Rob Bishop (Utah), David Joyce (Ohio), Brian Fitzpatrick (Pennsylvania), Mike Simpson (Idaho), and Elise Stefanik (New York). No Democrats signed onto the legislation. Mr. Fitzpatrick also co-sponsored the Equality Act, joining Ms. Stefanik as two of eight Republicans to vote with Democrats to pass that legislation in May. (source)

It does not matter that this law claims a “religious exemption” because it is fundamentally meaningless.

To pass a bill like this does not actually protect religion, but it actually advances the sodomite agenda because it is but an application of the Hegelian Dialectic to advance the Overton Window in favor of their own interest. In layman’s terms, this “compromise” favors further LGBT “rights” by a false compromise because we know that the sodomite agenda eventually wants to drive Christianity out of all public influence. Such a law would only shift public opinion further in this direction and make it easier for religious liberties to be eroded in the future by another law, which will surely be proposed at some point that is even more corrosive to Christians.

This bill should be watched because many Republicans- and certainly Democrats -will support it because as I have noted before, based on statistics, 5/8 of the country supports marriage in the sodomite movement as a national phenomena, Millennials and Zoomers over 75%, and when just the act itself, the numbers surpass 93%.

The trend is well-established, and no matter what a politician says, his words must be supported by his deeds, because most will support what their constituents want so they can get re-elected, and with average numbers such as those above, it is not hard to guess what most of them will vote if not now, then in the future.

Remember, it is NOT Democrats, but Republicans who are proposing this bill. It would not be a surprise if the Democrats did it, but many will be surprised that the Republicans are. Contrary to the often-repeated mantra, they are NOT anti-sodomite, but are just better at deceiving people into thinking that such is a view that is supported by them to some extent in so far as it is politically useful to exploit.

Likewise, where is Trump in all of this? In spite of all of the talk about “Making America Great Again,” there is a curious silence, even though this is a major issue for many people. One man want to recall how Trump famously held a “LGBT for Trump” banner at a campaign rally during the 2016 election cycle. While such actions do not definitively say how Trump would vote if the bill reached his desk, one can reasonably surmise based on his past history prior to entering into politics as well as his actions on the campaign trail and while in office that it is likely he would support such a law.

Even if this bill does not pass, or is only an attempt to raise political angst as part of a campaign strategy going into the next election, the fact is that enough support exists to propel a law favoring the sodomites into the same special category of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and it is almost inevitable this will happen in the future. When this does, it will be a serious loss for Christians, and a major warning of impending persecution, not per se in the moment, but within a decade or two at most, and will likely go down in history as one of several major “milestones” in the buildup to such actions.

Tyranny from the sodomite agenda is real. It is already an unspoken crime that results in job loss, social ostracism, the inability to acquire new work (save for one’s own business), and other major problems to simply oppose the sodomites in public. It is fully possible that in the future, on a national level, that those who express any disagreement with sodom will not only be attacked in public, but then will be arrested if the police are called and charged with a crime even though he is the one who was attacked. I emphasize this being on a national level because based on experience, there are many places in the US where the above-mentioned possible scenario either is or nearly is a reality.

This will not go on forever. There will come a time of reckoning, as this is a sin that “cries out to Heaven for vengeance”. The question is what it will look like. One knows how sodom was destroyed, and this was just a few cities in one small area of the world. What will happen to a nation that is a world power who has been able to spread the values and beliefs of sodom globally, as well as to her own people, and far more efficiently than has ever been done before in history?

May God truly have mercy on us all. We will need it.

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