Virginia County ‘Forms A Militia’ To ‘Fight’ Against ‘Unconstitutional’ Intrusions From The Federal Government

In response to the changing legal status of the second amendment in Virginia, a Virginia county has formed a militia to fight against the execution of ‘unconstitutional orders’ from the Federal government according to a report:

Earlier in the week, we reported on how lawmakers over in Virginia were threatening to use the National Guard if members of local law enforcement refused to enforce laws passed in the state that they felt violated the second amendment.

Well, looks like Tazewell County isn’t going down without a fight. On top of calling themselves a second amendment sanctuary county, they’re also crafting a militia as well. The Virginia county has taken the movement that has swept across the state and added an element that is sure to trigger pro gun-grabbing politicians in the state.

The resolutions in Tazewell County would remove funding for any law enforcement department that would infringe residents’ right to keep and bear arms.

Yet, if the state wanted to combat the resolutions, they could deny the county funding in areas other than law enforcement, or perhaps attempt to evict public officials from their held offices. Those are rather valid fears, considering this week’s warnings from Northam and Congressman McEachin.

County Administrator Eric Young reportedly considered that element, and that’s why they opted for the militia aspect…Thus, if anyone from the state tries to remove the Sheriff from their elected office because they refuse to enforce unjust laws, those state officials will be faced with a lawful militia composed of citizens within the state.

The county is taking their militia element very seriously as the new ordinance calls for concealed weapons training for any resident of the county that can lawfully own a gun.

They’ve also called for schools to adopt firearms safety training programs. Considering the blue wave that hit the state, along with Bloomberg pouring in millions toward the election, this is a massive win that shows gun owners aren’t going to lie down. (source)

When people talk about “militias” and the US, it often times revolves around two things. First, is a bunch of fat guys who think that “preparing for the great collapse” means drinking Bud Light and eating Bush’s baked beans from a can after driving out to the woods for a weekend and randomly shooting stuff. Second, it is a government honeypot set up by some intelligence agency to entrap people into committing some Federal crime, usually with the purpose of justifying some political objective as part of a strategy of tension.

The third option- those militias who are actually serious and may hurt somebody for real -are quickly infiltrated and shut down because as the US is an empire, it is in her financial interest and political stability to violently crush any resistance movement, and to find all ways possible to discourage said movements from the future. This is why there have been so few serious rebel movements in the US and why the US military since the days of Reconstruction has maintained such a heavy military presence in the southeastern USA, because of the potential for rebellion (if one wants to read more, one may want to read about the Battle of Blair Mountain in West Virginia in 1921, or the Battle of Athens, Tennessee in 1946).

While “state militias” are constitutionally noted, it is odd that in response to new gun laws being proposed or passed in Virginia- one of the state in which Washington DC sits and has an incredibly high percentage of military and agency intelligence officers as well as contains the training grounds for CIA -would be so open in talking about a militia being formed to “protect sheriffs from unconstitutional laws”.

We know for a fact that the US has formed “stay-behind” groups throughout the world, especially in Europe, as a part of Operation Gladio after World War II in anticipation of a Soviet invasion and now, Russian invasion as Russia seeks to return to her Soviet past just as Germany and other European nations want to revive their imperial pasts.

Is it possible that we are seeing something of a formation of a possible “stay-behind” operation in the US? We cannot say for sure, but the question should not be ruled out. reported in June 2019 that the violence-promoting associate of the Wolves of Vineland pagan group Jack Donovan had overlapping ties with a cult known as Operation Werewolf in upstate New York that was promoting the same ideals. While we cannot definitively prove it, the overlapping themes between them and groups such as Azov in Ukraine and the various neo-nazi paramilitaries in the Balkans re reminiscent of stay-behind operations funded by the US in Europe.

It will be interesting to see if more groups that are reminiscent of “stay-behind” type operations appear in the US as nationalism increases and tension between the left and right reaches potentially violent levels of conflict in public. As always, one should look at the gun right issue as well as many of the other political issues in the country not always as events in themselves, but as part of a strategy of tension meant to control a social dialogue, prevent rebellion, and expand the power of the government as a long term final objective. The US is likely going to have some kind of socialism in the future, since the trends have already been firmly established, with the question remaining as to whether it will be a left or right wing variant.

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