Lib Talker Echoes Benghazi ARB; blames Chris Stevens

Liberals are coming face to face with a confluence of realities that even they can no longer spin. Those who try are looking increasingly ridiculous and are headed straight for the abyss the longer they attempt to do so. Juan Williams is one such example. Liberal talk radio host Leslie Marshall is another.

It’s also interesting to see these liberals react. They essentially have two choices. They can either A.) cut their losses or B.) continue to double down and make all of this worse for themselves.

Marshall: Blames Christopher Stevens.

Marshall: Blames Christopher Stevens.

When it comes to Benghazi, Marshall has chosen course B. She’s always been a died-in-the-wool liberal but Marshall has a history of coming across as one of the least offensive libs. Not in this clip on Fox News Channel’s America’s newsroom with host Martha McCallum.

What to look for in this clip…

1:50 mark: Marshall actually attempts to discredit the British military official who was on the scene during the attack by saying neither the Pentagon nor the State Department cleared or corroborated his story. Uh, hasn’t the Obama administration been stonewalling ever since the attacks?

4:40 mark: McCallum doesn’t get the exact Hillary Clinton quote about correct (what difference at this point does it make) but absolutely nails the context of what Clinton said. Marshall fires back that McCallum took Clinton’s words of context. To McCallum’s credit, she stands up for herself quite well and Marshall is forced to move on. Even then, McCallum seems to shake her head at the ridiculous assertion by Marshall.

5:56 mark: Marshall seems to take her cue from the Accountability Review Board (ARB) report and implied that Stevens was to blame for his own death because it was his decision to go to Benghazi. Based on this administration’s propensity for lying, coupled with the reality that dead men tell now tales, why should that premise even be accepted?

The British security official has far more credibility than the Obama administration.

Why would Stevens voluntarily travel to Benghazi on September 10th and schedule to stay until the 14th?

Via TPNN (h/t WZ):


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  • I heard that Hillary told Stevens to meet him there, but l can not remember where l seen that posted…it may have been his Parents saying this but l just can not remember she had no intention of meeting him back there. She planned this along with Obama and Jarrett and they wanted to cover their gun gunning to Turkey into Syria to take down Assad. Which Obama will do to all Nations to get a Muslim Brotherhood dictator into the highest office of each Nation.

    • shirleyanne12

      And Stevens KNEW TOO MUCH of the DECEPTIVE Shenanigans, so he HAD to be KILLED.

  • richinnameonly

    Many libs have no conscience about what they say and how they say it. Stonewalling, lying, name-calling are all in their bag of tricks and they keep getting away with it. Create chaos and move on to another opportunity to create more chaos, leaving your opponents (conservatives) in the dust.

    • sumsrent

      Good point… quite often I’ve encountered commenters that’ll call you out for questioning their intelligence when they’ve just casted insults and name calling.
      It’s not a two way street with these senseless thinkers who lack the ability to comprehend.
      But remember… In satanic Islam… chaos exists up until their Caliphate/Mahdi comes on the scene to unite the Islamic world together against the Christians.
      And since the non-existent god known as allah can’t do anything… the Luciferian Globalists alongside the Islamic world intentionally manufactures up chaos to fulfill this prophecy and reaffirm Islamic beliefs.
      This way… the masses of the world will be sick and tired of the current systems and ready to make a change… while the muslims also look forward to their unification while introducing their solution to the world’s problems.
      Consider Albert Pike… although there’s evidence which proves the letter to be fake and there’s intentional distortions… it does give us a glimpse into what’s been planned.

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  • shirleyanne12

    That’s RIGHT Marshall, Steven’s had a ”SECRETIVE” Death wish…
    He wanted to be killed on the 12th.
    Get a GRIP WOMAN!!!

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  • Ellie

    This is the typical leftist type of propaganda. They will continue to repeat lies until the public hears it enough and starts to believe it. All communist regimes as well as the Nazi’s use the same method. This is just part of their method of confusing the minds of the masses to the point where no one knows the truth.

    When prayer and the bible were taken out of American schools, after 200 years of American history, a radical leftist agenda went into the schools. They have rewritten our history. They have infested text books with godless leftist propaganda while failing to teach about the constitution and how our government was designed by our founders to work. We now have generations of people ripe for the slaughter.
    Our leftist politicians are globalists.They have infested both parties. The reason they defend Islam is that Islamic nations now dominate the UN. The left sees the UN as the vehicle through which they will enforce international law, destroy nationalistic boarders, and establish a new monetary system. They have no religious preference for Islam, they have just bowed to Islam because they know that in order to continue their plan to move toward their leftist utopia.they must join forces with Islam due to their UN majority.

    • sumsrent

      You say… ” They will continue to repeat lies until the public hears it enough and starts to believe it.”
      Yep… it’s the satanic Islamic way!
      Just ask anyone to tell you what the Capital of Jerusalem is… and offer the multiple choice of either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem… and most will say Tel Aviv.
      And when we factor in the fake Palestinians and their acts of being traitors of Israel… we can easily confirm how lies repeated enough influences the educated by the system brain dead masses.

  • Teresa Geib Bacon

    on occasion I have like her, but what???? This will never be solved, I don’t understand why his parents and more of the others aren’t camped in the WH area!

  • sumsrent

    Folks… let’s not forget that Benghazi took place exactly eleven years to the day on the eleventh day of September 2012… on the anniversary of 9/11/2001. And those who are aware… know how the occult uses numbers.
    IMO… the US didn’t react/respond to the Benghazi situation because they couldn’t believe that muslims would dare attack their main supply route of weapons. Hillary’s own words of “What does it matter” tells us there were other underlining factors that were more important they needed to address. Maybe on the line of… “How are we gonna move these weapons now?”
    Personally… I think the muhammad video WAS supposed to rile up the Islamic world on 9/11… 2012… and it all backfired. I base that on… my belief… that 9/11/2001 was allowed to happen. Just like the Fukishima nuclear reactor meltdown. The evidence is too conclusive. And satanic possessed muslims have a tendency to react on emotions, in the name of allah… the fake non-existent god, that’s no more a god than the air which fills an empty glass.
    Remember… the Luciferian Globalists are aiding, helping and funding the satanic Islamic world. And they opened the doors so Islam could attack America on both 9/11/2001 and 9/11/2012. These attacks serve satanic Islam in multiple ways.
    Also… right after 9/11/2001… the conspiracy nuts under the influence of muslims began the propaganda that muslims weren’t involved with 9/11.
    So it wouldn’t surprise me that with Benghazi and 9/11/2012… everyone else is responsible for what happened rather than the Islamic world.
    Islam is full of trickery… it’s the satanic way.

    • karacek

      BTW, the Illuminati (globalists) and the Muslims both worship Lucifer, who rebelled against God and wants to be God! So, the Muslims’ “god” is Lucifer, and he is real!. There is no difference between their ideologies.
      And yes, the Feds knew about 911 and allowed it to happen! It’s about WAR that the illuminati promote to put more gold in their vaults. They use our American military to fill their coffers and We The People get the tab and the fallen American military. Great arrangement, no? (sarcastic)

      • sumsrent

        I hear ya…
        But let me add to your comment…
        The muslims don’t realize they’re worshipping Lucifer…
        In fact… allah… isn’t even a god. No more a god, than the air in an empty glass.
        Also… satan does not indwell in allah.
        Additionally; this idea that the elites are stealing all the wealth for themselves is hogwash… propaganda.
        The spreading of wealth is designed to level out the economies across the planet for a One World Islamic Economic System. This is where the UN, World Banks and the IMF come into play.
        In fact… the American dollar is being intentionally devalued so it’s collapse will be taken off the Standard World Currency. To make room for the Oil Standard of World Currency. Which is why crude is kept in Islamic control… and we can research this all through the “Sharia Finance” website.
        And finally… our military isn’t helping to fill any coffers. The fact remains… we can come up with over 1000 different better ways to make money than replacing a few bullets a day or a Hummer once a week.
        See… our military is assisting these Islamic nations in cleansing themselves of Infidels… and setting up Democracies so these muslims can eventually vote in their coming Islamic Caliphate. It’s the Sunni way.
        The truth is… we are funding the tab for our own destruction. We are funding satanic Islam’s expansion today… so it can destroy us down the road.