Egypt Official: ‘I can confirm’ Obama Brotherhood role

Earlier this month, a meeting in Cairo known simply as “the Cairo meeting” was led by Tahani Al-Jebali, former Vice-President of Egypt’s Constitutional Court who earlier this summer, publicly charged that Malik Obama (Barack Obama’s half-brother) is a major player with the International Muslim Brotherhood and that this reality explains Barack Obama’s coziness with the group. During the Cairo meeting, Jebali granted a short interview to Italian journalist Rodolfo Casadei and was asked about these claims.

Al-Jebali: Egyptian official 'can confirm' Obama family role within Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Jebali: Egyptian official ‘can confirm’ Obama family role within Muslim Brotherhood.

Via Tempi (translation):

Casadei: Some time ago she strongly attacked U.S. President Barack Obama, accusing him of supporting the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood, also due to the fact that his brother would be in business with them. Could she Confirm these allegations?

Jebali: I confirm. So, like many, Malik Obama, Barack’s brother from his father’s side in Kenya, is responsible for the financial investments of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. The relationship that the U.S. president has with them (Brotherhood groups) is not innocent and it is not only political. There are many dark aspects to be clarified.

Casadei: Italian reporter asked Jebali about her charges against Malik Obama.

Casadei: Italian reporter asked Jebali about her charges against Malik Obama.

A central theme at the Cairo meeting involved discussions about the formation of a new Egyptian constitution after the removal of Mursi on July 3rd.


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  • simpletony1

    Isn’t it wonderful what our illustrious muslim president has saddled us with…the end of the United States of America

    • texasjo

      Yet, they are blind, deaf, and dumb about anything pointed out about him, especially anything Muslim or about Islam. They have accepted the Trojan Horse, but do not know what’s happening, When they wake up, it will be too late.

      • Craven Moorehead

        uniformed voters.useful idiots and obamazombies….you ever try reasoning with them?you can put concrete evidence of crimes and impeachable offenses in front of their faces and they just accuse you of hating obama because hes black and that you’re a racist…….america is doomed.

  • Schawminator

    As our nation slept under Bill Clinton’s watch the terroist cells were opening up across the nation, WT bombing, Black Hawk Down, the Cole, Muslims attending FAA Flight School and Monica.
    Now we have a Muslim as POTUS and he has appointed several more Muslims as his advisors and czars to work in the White House. We need to ask will Obama leave in place for the next president as his 911 event?

    • texasjo

      There were people who warned about 911, but were made to be kept quiet. I know the ex-wife of one who taught one (or? more) to take off, but not land (AZ), when she tried to talk later, no one paid any attention to her. (Pres. Bush wanted to know all, but our “undercover” guys would fight with each other). Behghazi gets me the most. And, his protection of Muslims. If you tell any of the democrats I know, they look at you as you are crazy and say he is a Christian…they do not remember Obama’s growing up ways, and Jeremiah Wright. I haven’t heard about him since, either. It seems no matter what they do, the Zombies, who GET gifts from America’s fruited plains, and are swayed by his honey coated lies, just can’t figure out the Obama-Code to face reality. Instead of giving, instead of being united, they take. Does anyone remember what happened to the grasshopper who fiddled, while the ants worked. Well, all of us ants better get to giving and working so he and his workers can play, till he runs out of food…Now we are to give our best medical care to those who haven’t earned it. The doctors are upset, too.

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  • richinnameonly

    I wonder how much of this needs to come out in foreign media until one of the “news media” outlets on tv in the U.S. has the guts to expose it?

    • texasjo

      I had to watch BCC to get how the Muslims surround London and cause a lot of trouble. They are not integrating. Why don’t we hear about that? Now, the union guys (the top ones, not the necessary ones) are going to sell out…You see he’s promised, bought votes form the many, not the few. As has been said “many are called, but few are chosen.” Let’s stay in the right and be chosen for the higher court’s justice.

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  • fumunda

    He hasn’t lied about many things! BUT! The stupid, ignorant, idiot, sheople, just don’t understand how these Luciferians work! By their own code they must tell their victims what they’re gonna’ do. However deceptive their delivery method may be…”THEY” must give advance. He said from the very beginning , “We have to have a civilian force…JUST as strong, JUST as well funded as our military!” .. And the crowd went WILD!! YYEEAAHHH!!!! YIPPEEEE!! Of course few knew that he was speaking of being dragged out of your home and assassinated or FEMA camping trip! But, the obamacare lies were not the same kind of lies… THAT was tricky b’coz of simply writing a regulation that if it changed one penny….it was deemed not the “same” plan! He usually tells you what he’s gonna’ do…you just have to be a blue blooded illuminati luciferian to cipher it!!

    • texasjo

      Just heard by e-mail forwarded from ex-Marine that he’s (Obama’s people) culling out military who would rather follow the Constitution than his orders! There’s a test they have to take “would you feel you could disarm an American?” Such as that, (not an exact quote.) Another thing to worry about as he tells us he’s sorry some lost their insurance..(yeah, right, as if they all didn”t know about it a couple years ago, that this would happen). He and his are so sure of his “magic,” they have no fear of saying ANYTHING, because those un-informed scalawag’s are Vampire Voters…they have been cursed by drinking the kool aid…Unfortunately there have been too many “mind snatchers.” They are in the majority now.

      • fumunda

        I know brother…. It’s beyond critical! But, I’m gonna’ have my faith on overdrive. I’ve seen some things today that give me hope. The MAJOR issue at hand is false flag bigger than anything in the past!

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