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GERMANY: Chancellor Angela Merkel punishes anti-Muslim immigration protesters of Dresden by dumping 2,000 Muslim squatters into their city park

By BI: Dresden residents woke up to find their city turned into a squatter/jihadist camp for 2,000 North African & Middle Eastern MUSLIM illegal aliens. The German city which dared to stand up to its government’s policy of accepting Islamization and massive MUSLIM immigration appears to have been punished for its dissent by the zero-notice imposition of […]

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BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA approves of Turkey’s attacks on the Kurds

By BI: The Kurds have always been a strong American ally and have singly been the most effective fighting force on the ground against the Islamic State (ISIS). But apparently, Barack Obama has just stabbed the Kurds in the back after Turkey pretends to join the fight against ISIS in order to attack the Kurds. FOX […]

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Learn The Truth: Martin Luther Did Not Love The Bible, He Hated The Bible

By Thomas King  In a time of great chaos and anarchy within the Church, it is necessary to identify the source of chaos and disorder, and thus seek to bring back order as Christ intended. More than ever before the modern Church has become less like the Bride of Christ and more as the Whore […]

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Obama Is Involving The U.S. With Turkey And NATO For The Upcoming Major Battle: An Islamic Armageddon

By Walid Shoebat Megiddo, critics say is nothing much but a farmland in northern Israel. They also say that Dabiq, in Syria,  is nothing much but farmland as well. But it is these two farmlands that are the spark for Armageddon: Dabiq for the Muslims and Megiddo for the Christians. And when it comes to Dabiq, things […]

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Hindus Take Christian Pastor And Tell Him To Renounce Christ. He Says No. They Bury Him In The Ground All The Way Up To Neck And Leave Him There For Two Days. When He Asks For A Little Water, They Urinate In His Mouth. They Tell Him To Renounce Christ Again, He Says No, The Hindus Then Beat His Head With Axes And Clubs Until He Dies

By Theodore Shoebat A Pentecostal pastor named Rajesh Digal was captured by Hindus who told him to convert to Hinduism. He said no, and they severely beat him. They urged him again to convert to Hinduism and like a true imitation of Christ, he refused. They buried him in the ground all the way up […]

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Man Declares Islam To Be A False Religion And Leaves Islam, Muslims Behead Him And Then Crucify His Corpse

By Theodore Shoebat  ISIS Muslims beheaded a man in Syria and then crucified his body, for leaving Islam. We suspect that he is a convert to Islam. I did a whole video on this with photos of the murder: On the statement posted on his corpse it says that he was committing “Ridda,” or defection […]

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Another American Muslim (actually the 57th) Caught Attempting To Detonate Weapon Of Mass Destruction On A Florida Beach And Then Attack With AK47s

By Walid Shoebat This time its a 23-year-old American Muslim convert who has been charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. Harlem Suarez, also known as his Muslim name Almlak (The Angel) Benitez, of Key West, Florida, was charged over an alleged plot to detonate a backpack bomb on a beach. SUAREZ also discussed […]

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10,000,000 Africans Tell Obama “Take Your Gay Agenda And Shove It”

By Walid Shoebat When Obama lectured Kenya comparing gays to the mistreatment of African Americans, Africa responded with a scathing letter written by 700 Kenyan evangelical pastors on behalf of their 10 million Christian followers. In it, Africa told Obama to take his ‘disgusting agenda’, his ‘equating racism with rejection of homosexuality’, and told him to shove […]

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Hundreds Of Documents Have Been Seized And They Reveal That Turkey Is Most definitely Working With ISIS In Killing Christians

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat Hundreds of documents have been seized and they reveal that Turkey most definitely has been working with ISIS in killing Christians. According to the report: A senior Western official claimed that information gathered at the compound of Abu Sayyaf, the individual responsible for oil smuggling operations on behalf of […]

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Marijuana, The Mind Altering Drug Has Now Become KOSHER In Israel Out Of All Places

By Walid Shoebat Israel Hayom says its a “historic decision”. Marijuana is now to be sold at pharmacies all throughout Israel. Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman, who admits to never having seen marijuana until last week, says pharmacies will be allowed to dispense prescription marijuana (under supervision, of course). Now you can see Marijuana farms pop-up […]

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Christians Flee Syria To Escape Islamic Persecution And Settle In Sweden. Muslims In Sweden Then Force Them Out Of Their Refuge And Make Them Hide Their Crosses

By Theodore Shoebat Christians fled Syria to escape Islamic persecution, only to be persecuted by Muslims while taking refuge in Sweden. While they were in Sweden, the Christians were staying in a refugee house from which they were forced out by Muslims who also made them hide their crucifixes. According to the report: Syrian Christian […]

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ISIS Takes Infant, Booby Straps The Baby With A Bomb And Blows Him Up, As Part Of A New Training Exercise

By Theodore Shoebat Yet again we hear of the evil actions from the cult of death. They ever continuously plunge themselves into the abyss of deranged darkness. A few days ago reported on how ISIS was killing and torturing disabled people. Now they are blowing up babies. ISIS took an infant and blew the […]

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Christians Verses Muslims: The Battle Of Lepanto — One Of The Most Glorious And Most Beautiful Battles In History. It Was Battle Where God Rescued His People From Islamic Antichrist

By Thomas Kwoh   7 October, 1571, was one of the most decisive victories that Christian Europe held against the Islamic Ottoman Empire, besides the Battle of Vienna in Sept. 11-13, 1683. This very battle has many lessons for us today in the West but sadly, few know about it and the curriculum in our […]

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Coca-Cola Will No Longer Be Funding Planned Parenthood, Since It Is Ashamed To Be Sponsoring People Who Kill Babies And Sell Their Organs

By Theodore Shoebat Coca-Cola pulled out all of its funding for Planned Parenthood, since it was embarrassed and ashamed to be listed as a sponsor to a slaughter organization that murders babies and sells their body parts. Ford and Xerox has since joined Coca-Cola as once major sponsors who have deprived their funds from Planned […]

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AMAZING VIDEO: An American Sniper Leaves Everything Behind, To Become A Soldier For Christ, Sacrifices Everything, Trains An Army Of Christians And Defeats ISIS

  By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) “I’m not here serving my country – I’m here serving Christians,” Brett Felton once told CBS 60 Minutes. But whatever has been told by the secular media, Brett says is not the full story. What you will watch here is a rare breathtaking interview including footage on the […]

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