WATCH: ISIS Released Video Showing Russian Airliner Crashing in Sinai Egypt

Walid Shoebat

Amaq agency for ISIS claimed that ISIS downed the Russian airliner and produced two videos that show footage of a downed civilian aircraft:

Officials say that the plane crashed due to technical difficulty and here ISIS says they downed the civilian jet killing all on board.

So which source do we believe in this case: the media or ISIS? Well, Fox news reveals that the official news is mired in contradictions:

Ayman al-Muqadem, an Egyptian official with the government’s Aviation Incidents Committee, said the plane’s pilot, before losing contact, had radioed that the aircraft was experiencing technical problems and that he intended to try and land at the nearest airport. The aircraft crashed at a site near the el-Arish airport, he said.

Fox then says: “It was not immediately possible to independently confirm that technical problems caused the plane to crash.” And then a complete contradiction:

Earlier, al-Muqadem told local media that the plane had briefly lost contact but was safely in Turkish airspace.

The reported news is mired with contradictions and there is no confirmation of a technical difficulty and we know that it did not reach “Turkish airspace”. So these reports cannot be confirmed or be completely trusted at this point until the investigations are complete.

Then we have Russia’s transport minister claiming that MANPAD stinger missiles are not within range to bring down an airliner that was flying at 31000 feet since MANPADS have maximum reach of 15000 feet.SA8GeckoDgreen2

However, the surprise comes when an SA-8 GECKO was used to down a cargo plane around Damascus by Syrian rebels last year which is highly mobile and has the range of 40,000 feet, well within distance of the reported height (36,000 ft). One example can be seen here:

Then we have the eyewitness account which do seem to corroborate the ISIS reported footage. A website called Flightradar24, which tracks air traffic around the globe, said the plane had been descending at a rate of 6,000 feet per minute just before it disappeared from radar. Eyewitnesses reported one engine on fire as it went down, according to a report in Masry Al-Youm, an Egyptian newspaper.



Whether or not the videos are real or staged productions is currently unknown but heat seeking missiles usually hit one engine which leaves only 30% chance of landing safely. The footage can be legitimate and ISIS does infest the Sinai which makes their report plausible, especially when we see the official reporting contradictory including the claims that terrorists only have simple low range stingers is no longer the case as evidence reveals.


  • Julie

    They could be staged….if the pilot first reported technical difficulties….wait and see……

    • Стефан Евгений
      • Julie

        Thanks….pray Russia save our country….after maligning it for so long

      • RodK1975

        If it turns out they indeed shot down this airplane… they can expect Putin to become like Wyatt Earp…

        • Julie

          Yes,….so the pilot did not at first report technicalities…and the fact he was already up so high….I am so sick of Islam…and we are only at the beginning stages of its massive destruction wich is coming.

          • RodK1975

            It’s so awful, Julie… you’re right, we’re all so tired of seeing the sadness and misery they leave in their wake, yet, it’s only just begun… sigh…

          • Julie

            I saw Turkish military history on youtube….and history of Smyrna…and its burning by Turks in 1922..history an eye opener…I was overseas in undeveloped country when Turkey attacked Cyprus….

            Scary horrible spirit in that country…we have so much before us.

          • RodK1975

            “Scary horrible spirit in that country…” The reality of these words you’ve posted run much deeper and carry consequences that very few can begin to fathom… The atmosphere there boils with evil spiritual activity…

          • Julie

            I read the destruction of Smyrna last night. Before it an essay by a professor who said the Turks wanted the whole event hushed up and the Americans went along, Admiral Bristol….because of interest in oil (Standard Oil) and business.

            So the Admiral ordered the American Navy of the Baltic Fleet to only go in to save Americans. It go so bad the sailors begged to save the poor Smyrnans.

            Later on the American and Italian sailors said vehemently it was not the Greeks as the Turks accused, but the Turks themselves….they coming first with rifles and going into houses and shooting the male heads of family. Troops came and what followed were the criminals.

            The American sailors could hear young girls being raped by Turks….and there was a report that a mother saw her 15 year old taken from her and gone into an alley, shrieking, and then the rapist coming back with the knife and wiping her blood on her mother’s arm.

            Sadistic people. Ataturk blamed it on the Young Turks who were also involved in the Armenian genocide.

            But we seldom hear anything of S myrna.

            There was an officer, Horton, who saw everything first hand and wrote about it. Also spoke of Christianity…we in America not exposed to the Middle East, the Eastern people….the divorce rate in America in the 110,000’s (1922)…terrible he thought…people drunk at Christmas…so in some ways he could understand a former missionary woman marrying a Muslim with other wives, and how in Christian culture, if a woman falls once, she is condemned forever………

          • Julie

            I read when our troops were first going to Iraq…the place was claimed to be in bondage by an ancient great demon….

          • RodK1975

            I absolutely believe that, Julie… Sort of like in Daniel…

    • So far the reports are veering my way suggesting ISIS did it and not technical as you suggest. We will see who is a better guesser 😉

      • susan


      • Julie

        I was responding to initial report …Egypt that said pilot first reported technical issue.

        Didn’t know elevation of plane…video looked like plane was already up on autopilot as well….doubt ISIS would have capabilities to hit a plane that high….

        First reaction: terrorism in response to Russia….who is taking its time….waiting for Russia to respond….big time.

  • Delta Rain

    Stevens, in Benghazi, requested a buyback for Stinger Missiles.

    • OrthodoxKGC2015

      Yeah, that’s what worries me. If this is no accident, then the wrath of Russia will be terrible to see; not hot, but cold-blooded, fury. The Jihadists have seen nothing yet, they think they have it bad; wait til the Russians take their gloves off.

      • Kamau41

        I’m thinking the same.

        • OrthodoxKGC2015

          Believe me, it’s already happening that the ‘Spin Police’ are busy trying to make everything the Russians do or don’t do into an act of stupidity or vile evil. They are enraged that Russia is crushing their mercenaries and fascist slime in Syria.

      • Стефан Евгений
        • OrthodoxKGC2015

          Indeed she does. And i’m ‘done’ with the people she mentions too. This goes well beyond some bearded lunatics hiding in caves.

      • Julie

        I hope so….am so so sick of Islamists and their evil to humanity. And no wonder as truth is coming out why the Saudis refused them shelter in their own lands.

  • DeusLoVult

    Unusual for ISIS to just have what appears to be a crappy cell phone video. But still…..the evidence seems to suggest that it’s real. Either way, we’ll know whether or not Russia believes it, if we see a massive escalation in the conflict. I hope that’s what happens.

  • trouble06

    If ISIS did shoot down this Russian plane woe to them. They will find Putin is not the mamby, pamby, sissy Obama.

  • A meeting of allied nations and Russia was held in Teheran within hours of the downing of the civilian passenger airliner in the northern Sinai- in which media reports have said that there was no in-climate reported at the time of the crash and witnesses on the ground claim a line of smoke went from the ground in the direction of the airliner before the ground to air missile hit the airliner. SITE has reported that a video purportedly made by either ISIS supporters or ISIS themselves that shows the downing of the airliner.
    The White House has declined to make a statement about this incident and the Kremlin’s use of nuclear weapons. However, the Kremlin says the use of nuclear weapons is justified to protect its citizens and its interests, namely helping to sustain the government of Bashar Al-Assad and keeping the its allies in power in Iraq and Iran, which are considered allies to Russia. Their common interest in destroying ISIS motivates them to work together.

    However, the US has stated its fears that deploying nuclear weapons near the region would spur an nuclear arms race in other nations in the region, namely Saudi Arabia and the nations within the Gulf Cooperation Council, a group of Sunni Muslim nations located in the Persian Gulf region, which have aided in the creation of ISIS and continue to support it like the way they supported Iraqi insurgents during the Iraq War (2003-2011). Both the US and the UN are concerned that the conflict in the region could lead into a wider conflict, possibly a world war.


    • Julie

      Putin said he would not use nukes. This will only lead to more use of them by other nations and the end of Putin, Russia and everyone.

  • HeatherMaeC

    This is why the Benghazi investigation is important. You think Obama/Clinton gave their boyz only the crappy stuff?

  • Стефан Евгений

    Here is the service for the departed,for the people killed in the plain crash.Memory eternal.

  • Стефан Евгений
  • Grandmere

    It didn’t appear to be anywhere near that high.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Have you no decency sir? This kind of conspiracy paranoia is joy to the eyes and ears of our Islamist enemies, who probably themselves like to suggest this sort of thing.