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Christian Man’s 14 Year Old Daughter Gets Kidnapped And They Tell Him That He Must Pay $81,000 To Get His Daughter Back. He Gives Them The Money And They Give Him The Bloodied Corpse Of His Daughter In Return

By Theodore Shoebat Cultists in Mexico, all members of the Knights Templar drug cult, kidnapped a Christian man’s daughter and demanded from him 14 million pesos (around $81,000). The father, an avocado farmer in Michoacan, was able to accumulate 7 million pesos and told the cultists that this was all the pesos he could obtain, […]

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Allah Hates People Who Drive While Using A Cell Phone

In many places, if the police catch you using a cell phone when driving you get a ticket. I fear to ask what the Shariah punishment for this offense would be. I guess the question for the fuqaha’ (persons who specialize in Islamic jurisprudence) is, would Muhammad have used a cell phone when riding a camel? […]

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