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ISIS Captures 175 Innocent People And Butchers All Of Them In Cold Blood

In one of their most brutal massacres yet, ISIS massacred 175 innocent people, as we read in one report: Islamic State militants have killed 175 workers who were captured at a cement factory situated to the east of Damascus, Sputnik Arabic reported, citing its sources. Reuters had earlier cited the Syrian military as saying that […]

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Hillary Clinton Sold Her Soul To The Devil And Bernie Sander’s Campaign Exposes Her- “She Made A Deal With The Devil And We Know He Wants His Money In The End”

There is more to this statement than meets the eye. It’s not just about economics. Larry Nichols, a former Clinton insider, has said outright than Hillary is a practicing witch and would go out to California with a group of women to perform “rituals.” All I will say is that Clinton is an evil person. You […]

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Greek Police Fight Off Rampaging Mob Of Muslim Refugees Trying To Overrun The Border With Macedonia

  Thankfully the police stood their ground against the Muslims, but this is not enough. They destroyed the fence and as you can tell if you watch the video, they are NOT afraid except perhaps of a few bruises. As I have repeatedly said, one of the many problems which the West has with Islam […]

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Muslim Taxi Driver Kidnaps 15-Year-Old English Girl And Rapes Her Repeatedly Before Enslaving And Pimping Her Out To His Muslim Friends For TEN Years

It sounds like a horror story, but its becoming an every day occurrence in England today. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of English girls are being kidnapped, enslaved, and forced to perform the vilest sex acts for their Muslim handlers, and if they do not comply, they will be severely beaten up and even murdered. This young […]

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Muslim “Refugee” Anally Rapes Liberal Norwegian Politican And The Police Are Going To Deport Him But The Politician Defends Attacker And Fights His Deportation

Rape is a horrible crime. Forgiveness is good and important. It is what a Christian must do. That said, given the epidemic of rapes happening in Norway and across Europe, these “migrants” have shown that they have no remorse for their actions- they will rape again – and those who commit this crime cannot be allowed to stay […]

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Turkey Is Chomping At The Bit To Butcher Europe’s Christians And That Is Why They Are Building A New Mega Mosque Called “Hagia Sophia” In Amsterdam

The Hagia Sophia, or the Church of Holy Wisdom, was built in 360 and is one of the largest and holiest sites of eastern Christendom. When the Turks took over Constantinople and renamed it Istanbul, they desecrated the church and made it into a mosque. It was used as a mosque for centuries until the […]

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The Government Of Poland Is Now Planning On Utterly Banning Abortion, The Prime Minister Of Poland Is Fully Behind Destroying Abortion

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Poland is now planning on utterly banning abortion, and the prime minister of Poland is fully behind destroying abortion. There also many major politicians supporting this righteous measure, and all of the bishops of the Catholic Church in Poland are zealously upholding it. Now compare this to what is […]

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