Muslims Declare That They Must Cannibalize Human Flesh For Allah, They Take An Innocent Man, Carve His Heart Out And Eat It In Islamic Ritual

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Iraq declared that they needed to eat the flesh of a human being for Allah. They took an innocent man, carved his heart out and ate it. One of the people present was so disgusted that he vomited.

The barbarity that just came out today is unreal. This is the Shiite peaceful rebels, planning to enter Mosul, Iraq, whom President Obama and Hillary Clinton are supporting. One chants a fragmented prayer repeating “Allah wills it, Allah provides” while another says “barek, barek” (first bless it, bless it), as if it was a sacrificial lamb.

As the Shia Muslim savages are opening the heart of this Sunni Muslim, Mayan style, to only find out what Allah provided they eat was the man’s heart, and right in front of the camera. They then continue to pull out the liver and whatever else from the chest cavity while you can hear a sound of someone throwing up in disgust. One man tells them repeating “A’fieyh” “A’fieyh “bone appetite, as another man takes a napkin and wipes off the blood from the mouth of the cannibal who just took a large bite out of the heart:

Am I dreaming as I write this? Or will I wake up to soon realize, I do live in a dream world of zombies becoming reality. Eating human flesh brings in demonic influence and even possession.

Ashura, which to Shiites means “Day of Remembrance,” is one of the most sacred and emotional events in Islam, a defining religious moment for Shiites. The events and rituals surrounding Ashura yesterday have some massive demonic manifestations, but the one in the video above, have gone to the realm of demonic possession.Ashura, which means “Day of Remembrance,” is one of the most sacred and emotional events in Islam, a defining religious moment for Shiites. The events and rituals surrounding Ashura yesterday have some massive demonic manifestations. But this one, in the video above, have gone too far, it is unbelievable.

Pakistani Shiite Muslims flagellate themselves with knives during Ashura commemorations in Karachi. (Shakil Adil/AP)

Shiite Muslims perform with fire during Ashura commemorations in Najaf, Iraq. (Alaa Al-Marjani/Reuters)
Shiite Muslims gather during Ashura commemorations in Najaf, Iraq. (Alaa Al-Marjani/Reuters)

Shiite Muslims re-enact events of Ashura in Tehran. (Vahid Salemi/AP)
The events of Ashura are reenacted in southern Tehran. (Vahid Salemi/AP)
A Shiite Muslim covers herself in mud during Ashura rituals in the city of Khorramabad, Iran. (Ebrahim Noroozi/AP)

Shiite Muslims beat themselves with knives attached to chains during Ashura commemorations in Kabul. (Rahmat Gul/AP)
An Afghan man sweeps blood after Shiite Muslim men beat themselves with knives attached to chains during a procession to mark Ashura in Kabul. (Rahmat Gul/AP)
Mohammed Reza, 56, a Shiite Muslim, brought his two grandchildren to events marking Ashura in Kabul. (Pamela Constable/The Washington Post)

Women loyal to Shiite rebels, known as Houthis, join Ashura commemorations in Sanaa, Yemen. (Hani Mohammed/AP)
Yemeni Shiite rebels, known as Houthis, mark the holy day of Ashura. (Hani Mohammed/AP)

Perhaps now the west will believe when we reported Kuru found in war-torn Syria, Saudi’s passing fatwa to eat human flesh, and Islam approving cannibalism, even in school books. But perhaps they still will not believe, even if they watch it on video, because they too, not have their heads in the sand, but have eternally stuck it where the sun will never shine.

We live in strange times, where so many people do not look or seem normal anymore. It is as if there is a mass global possession taking place on a daily basis and within a couple decades, the normals will simply want to hide while the zombies take control of everything. Perhaps I am exaggerating, but perhaps from what we see, this is becoming a reality where the normal is called abnormal and the abnormal becomes the norm while no one dares to say that the emperor has no clothes. It is as the fruits of the spirit are gone and what we have is what the Good Book told us about:

Know also this, that, in the last days, shall come dangerous times. Men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, haughty, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked, Without affection, without peace, slanderers, incontinent, unmerciful, without kindness, Traitors, stubborn, puffed up, and lovers of pleasures more than of God: Having an appearance indeed of godliness, but denying the power thereof. Now these avoid. For of these sort are they who creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, who are led away with divers desires: Ever learning, and never attaining to the knowledge of the truth. (2 Timothy 3:1-7)

Lord Have Mercy! Its turning demonic.


  • Darren Neufeldt

    I am speechless.

  • Grandmere

    Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.

  • filomena seiffert

    It is the whole hell broke loose! Can one expect anything good from such people? Blood orgy to the grossest stage. May God have mercy on the ones who do not partake the evil ways

    • Julie

      I wonder how much to keep viewing this stuff….

      • filomena seiffert

        Me too. I perceive it to interfere with my mental peace.

  • Kamau41

    Our world is increasingly becoming more demonic far beyond comprehension….LORD HAVE MERCY.

  • rodolfo

    Filipino catholic also practice flagellation during lent for atonement. some even let themselves crucified. Only whip with bamboos at the tip of the whip. no knives. no cannibalism.

    • Julie

      Against the Church.

      • rodolfo

        Its our culture since Spanish era. Our own practice and belief asking for forgiveness from Jesus Christ. During Holy Thursday and Good Friday procession for the passion of Christ, some may walk barefooted and fast for a week. Some just during Good Friday.

        • Julie

          Yes…and my little boy was very sick.. My husband and I visited this Fatima shrine and we encircled it on our knees praying for him……I got the impression he would never be healed of asthma, but would grow up to become a priest….not there right now…

          • rodolfo

            Jesus Christ our Salvation, I pray for the son of our sister Julie. You came to heal the world and You will come again in glory. We live our lives believing in You. Grant that we understand the Will of the Father in Heaven for us. Make us ready to stand in Your presence when You come again. Holy Virgin Mary Mother of our Salvation, pray for us to your Son Jesus Christ especially for the son of sister Julie.

          • Julie

            Bless your heart, Rodolfo….he is now 25….but away from the Church….finished university with honors, very kind son, but has lost his faith….I will apply your prayers to the restoration of his faith.

            God bless and keep you, Rodolfo!!

            Much appreciated!

          • silverwombat

            Why on earth would you write such a personal plea as a comment on a story about muslim cannibalism and self-flagellation?
            Especially when your beliefs are the same superstitious nonsense as this mob flogging themselves and eating each other. Only difference is they’re a couple of centuries behind you and Salem.

    • Georgeorwell

      But they do if for Christ not the devil moon god Allah.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    When I think of ‘people’ like this and Cannibalism, I realize the truth in understanding why the Saints will rejoice in contemplation of the tortures of the Damned.

  • Julie

    Think of 3 days of darkness or Akita to finally stop it and chain Satan into hell for a thousand years.

  • richinnameonly

    The father of the lie is strong and very evil. Looking forward to Jesus return.

  • jami

    Thankyou Theodore, for this bringing forward this evil. I hope these videos spread for all to see whats coming upon them. You have shown courage in reporting this , i didnt even have the courage to watch the video. God Bless you and cover you with his powerfull wings. Oh Lord I have no words to describe how i feel and what to say . Scares me . Lord Jesus come to us .

  • Pamela Sage

    I doubt they would have cared — any kafir, including Christian or Yazidi, would probably have done. Only a figure who fulfills the requirements for Mahdi of Shi’ite and Sunni will stop the violence amongst the Islamic sects and then it will be only a temporary hiatus until they turn against each other in a bloodbath.

  • Laurie

    My God, they act act like rabid dogs. This is indeed “Mayan” style. Yeah, -and the powers in DC want to resettle these dogs next door to me.

    • silverwombat

      Don’t worry, including the three wives there’s only 13 of them, so you’ll hardly notice when they move in next door, next week. They’ve promised to be quiet and keep their slaughter rituals to a minimum. (Lock up your sheep and goats)

  • Julie

    We pray that nuclear war won’t happen….but we are beholden now to a secular atheist world in the West.

  • Good try Baseer. You act as if we do not know Iraqi dialect or we cannot tell the difference between Shiite rebels from Sunni rebels or that we do not even recognize that you chose Gen Qasem Soleimani for a photo because you too are a Shiite Muslim but we also recognize that you even live as a Shiite in India. We’ve been around for a while and speak Arabic fluently and understand the different dialects, dress, slogans of Shiites vs. Sunnis. So please give us a break and stop trying to pull a fast one on westerners who read your comment and think you are smarter than us. You also hate Israel and hate the U.S. We can also tell from your lousy writ that you believe in conspiracy theories like Jews are Khazars … bla bla bla and you swallow whatever Iran tells you hook line, shish kebob and sinker. Go eat rice polow.

    • Grandmere

      Thanks, Walid. You know how to deal with this like nobody else. God bless you!

      • This is why I hate the comment section. It brings people who always argue nonsense and they post nonsense as if they know the secret falafel recipe including the 12 secret ingredients that makes our falafel stand the line up for hungry eaters 😉

  • rodolfo


  • There is one in every crowd.


      they often also think believing in stories about talking snakes is crazy …how is listening to talking snakes and believing them not ? … Are they really that shallow or intentionally deceiving / twisting and unaware of the greater picture parallels ? I credit you also for opening my eyes about Geller’s deceptions/ TWISTING/ FALSE CONSETRVATIVISM THERE IS AN ARROGANT ECHO


    Shobat ARE you funding Militias to fight these Muslims ? Your thing says ” donate to stop ” rape and Death of Christians …/ SO why is there no info of a militia to join…. ? suspicious re “CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY SINGLE DAY, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION TO OUR RESCUE TEAM THAT WILL SAVE THE LIVES OF CHRISTIANS FROM PERSECUTION aRE people posing as ” Christians ” being brought to western lands ? ( as Islam teaches DECEPTION this IS RELEVANT TO protecting our OWN children ) FRIENDS on Southern Border of India who are not seeing any such ” Rescue ” efforts … We are not going to ” win win win ” bowing down to anything less committed than our Enemies are committed TRUTH in action ./Users/NewUser/Desktop/top-CFA.jpg

    • Who are you specifically. We do little work in India. We are mainly in Pakistan, but if you have needs in India, please send us the details with evidence on who you are.


        I just lost true Crusader Walid. I have written [ages of response to this my email is [email protected] send me an email and I will lay it all out . I have been censored by Geller who I contributed many things to and who also plagiarized me . For the past 2 months I have been working with liberalized Hindus who fall for the Christian / catholic and racial divide Muslims have furthered with the help of the leftist Media complex . Muslims is with the black community in America as well .worst critics -discouraging a defensive Crusade who are ignorant /the reason we parish Hosea 4:6 I STAND AGAINST these false protestants .

        • Parks,

          Last year you thought I was censoring you. I wasn’t. As you said its the other side that censors not me. What in the world are you doing at Geller’s? She partners with fascists.

          And what do you mean by “I just lost true Crusader”?

          No need to write via email. Just post it on the comment box and type DELETE AFTER YOU READ if you do not everyone else to read it.

          • PARKS CURTIS

            I WROTE a long response that somehow got bungled any way [email protected] please DELETE tHIS ENTIRE MESSAGE AFTER YOU READ Sir thank you

          • PARKS CURTIS

            I have to return to work to combine those thoughts with these and resubmit something went wrong in transition : I will provide evidence of Gellers incessant censoring of truth and even JUST AT THE INSISTENCE OF HER tRUMPOCRATS WHO DISPLAY LIBERAL internet rule 1 : divert and not be able to deal with typos and case preference free expression as a mean to shut down people telling truth they cannot strand . I may have misunderstood censorship by you not sure what you are referring 6to My U S Marine Uncle ironically met my Great Aunt in Garland Texas where I was going to attend the Draw Muhamad contest but my dog was sick ( as well as my crusader Uncle I have lost her , the much hated by Muhammad best friend / family member protector and our defenders who die and get purple hearts for us as well – ) WHY AM I NOT able to put a photo here Walid ? The first ISIS claimed attack reveals the duality of Pamela Geller AND WAS IN the Town rooted in my families history . Note Geller is now advocating for Trump and both failed to emphasize that child rape / sexual mutilation and beheadings is consistent with Sharia law ansd was pushed for answering Trump appeaser question ~ ” why are they drawing Muhammad in the middle of Texas cant they draw something else ? ” 1.) Because

          • PARKS CURTIS

            how can I send you images to verify my claims ?

          • PARKS CURTIS

            DID YOU GET MY EVIDENCE OF GELLERS INCESSANT CENSORING FOR LIB TRUMP ( D) ? When you said she is with fascists I thought you were savvy to trump … then I saw YOUR SAYING HIS MUSLIM BAN WORKS … I9F ITS WORKJING WHY IS HE ALLOWING MUSLIMS TO ENTER AND SIGNING OFF O0N 50,000 REFUGESS ? Saudi still has visas wide open they did 911 by … how is this ” effective ” I wrote on gellers pages ” 911 over and over again ” she later apparently spoon fed to Trump after Bannon called her ” expert in ‘radical Islam’ ” ( like being a fairy expert which we know she sort of is with pedosexual Milo )” awaiting moderation ” is still a sort oif censorship Spenser ( hugely more intellectual them hairspray lipstick abortionists geller ) but still part of the wishful thinking brigade … appeasing watered down narratives and a path to false peace … War is our only path to peace … in our differences Walid I think we share that Uncle Bill said the Bible says there will ALWAYUS be war because man is evil ( Crusader wisdom from the hills of heroes


        note : just now i received ” Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Walid Shoebat.” and comments i posted yesterday seem to be gone other than the email one as you indicated … THIS is still a legitimate reason to mention censoring perhaps you can clear this up Walid I think the CATHOLICS AND tHE protests need to unite in a truth based common ground militant Crusade against Islamic Supremacists and consider you to be an Ally and the communication channels important … IOf io spend long anoints iff time writing and explaining … even turning down bushiness to reach out to you and then get ” Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Walid Shoebat.” Surely you can see that as frustrating and I wonder if my messages are received . Please email there dress I gave you and I will send organized Thoughts and articles / evidences to you

        • This comment is here. So how come it is here? It was not ‘censored’.

          Comments do not appear instantly and do wait for approval since the homosexuals post some really nasty stuff which we delete.

          • PARKS CURTIS

            Walid- there care other comments I have posted many many comments that are not still here ( I have grown fond of your crusader character and am willing to belive ther4e are perhaps some computer flaws / reasonable explanatrions and of course Geller and trump child raPe promoting ” Breitbart” ” MILO ” VERIFIES YOUR ” NASTY ” CLAIM of alt left ” Gellerian betrayal . and the one prior to that that was awaiting ” approval is not here but I have pasted into an email …Anyway as I said I generally have reason to believe you are an Honest man ( LOOKING AT THE FREUITS OF YOU LABORS EVEN THE MONIES YOUR ACCUSERS WERE SPEAKING OF WERE NOT SIGNIFIGANTB ESPECIALLY IN LIHGHT OF THAT YOU ARE RISKING YOUR LIKFE AND NOT SAYING ALOT that is just feeding the ignorant publics wish list reality . I am not meaning to make you defensive and the v” awaiting moderation ” is a type of censorship I don’t really think you are using that way but some channels would have that ” awaiting ” for months … for a while I noticed another sort of censorship geller was using where my more recent comments would go to the bottom of the deck to be hidden away not at all chorological and I’m not sure why these aren5t coming though I posted several THAT ARE NOT HERE AND I ALSO TOOK SOME SCREEN SHOTS SO YOU COUKLD SEE , Gellers page directly has removed and ” banned by Pamela Geller ” which I have evidence of as well as evidence of receipt from my company God Family and Country … To make contributions to your page is some reason more difficult Walid usually pay pal is a lot easier and you don’t have to fill in a lot of Blanks … One of the things ib pointed out in things you are not seeing it seems ( several comments not appearing ) is that of all the publications one of your authors was the only one to adjust the title from ” radical Muslim ” from my long protest and explanation here is a link of the Crusader among many in my family and friends circles Walid he was a “leatherneck ” which comes from our first war after the revelation against the Muslims who were head hunters thus the apparatus of a leather collar became standard equipment as modern-day flexible armor against these savages see :

          • PARKS CURTIS

            FYI not only is it not conducive to pay pal ( I have head injuries from fighting Muslims and Muhamedian values thugs ) but I went to your tube link and it said it was removed completely for multiple 3rd party infractions . I m not sure that was not just a devise of censorship too Walid … I have a video completely banned by utube that is a barraged documentary and the reason cited was ” graphic ” but in inspecting tubes own policy it fit the exception as it was educational and against Islamic dog hate … the real issue was not that it violated rules but was powerful truth Muslims and leftists wanted hidden . Blaming a puppy/ females / Jews/. donkeys ( dogs in general but starting with a puppy I think he had already killed and left under a cot ) for unanswered prays shows the evil of Islam Muhammad does this directly according to Islamic texts as ape dung crazy as these cannibal’s satanically controlled claiming our angel Gabriel comes to him in ” visions ” when he is wearing his prepubescent rape victim ash’s clothing ( there is the pervert cross dresser connection and why trump inviting Bruce Jenner to the little girls room art trump tower is further evidence of these morally pathological libs )… Any way Walid I think you are one of the better informers I have a lot of knowledge and what I call ” safelight ” perspective … I am rewriting bits and pieces of things I’m repeating send me an entail I will be faithful to map out some plans and article ideas I think you will be impressed by and see if you can find my comments that still aren’t here … I think the missions you are speaking of are worthy but not extensive enough campaings one of my visions is to bridge the gap with the hindus and help themj to defeat islam whiloe they still have the numbers I have a hindu frind I kn0ow personally from my town who is a conservative hindu that is also in agreement with positive aspects of colonialism and Christian values that helped refoirm the hindus who have a life long setiment towards women and most are glad the vikling like funeral pyre boat days are nearly extinct as well as polygamy … I have a lot of info to convey but frustrated about repeating the parts that have disappeared into your cyberspace probably inadvertently in your screening devises against homosexual cult vileness . this should be another of the original man on the street reporter infantry captain who help institute the voice of the common patriot that gelleR is hypocritically stealing away while being trumps clean scabbing behind media maid … I also WROTE ALOT ABOUT Syria AND tRUMP THAT IS MISSING HERE ,Not blaming you Walid but pointing it out get in touch with me on email and I will send you the screen shots / a laso have intensive and DAMING INVESTIGATIONS INTO OTHER MATTERS BUYT I TEND TO THINK YOU ARE NOT AS YOU SAY the censoring left at all . on the right is my Uncle crusader with finger gone and many other wounds he would not talk about inside and out … Garlan is where he met his Wife and an area of missed opportunites to draw attention to a lot more worthy things then geller and trump which turned out to be a great media opportunity for him she has continued to reinforce . My family alsao battyeled Marxism that is more affiliated with the Nazis and muslims than people think and draws illegals and muslims for us to facilitatre breeding amnd welfarte … GELLER INSISTS SHE IS AGAIONST Marxism YET IS NOW CHEERLEADING AND DIORECTLY LYING FOR SOCIALIST CROWN JEWL TRUMP . people in my family ” never the same ” after these Wars againsty communism as well ( socialiosm is jiust commie training wheel;s ) and the alt left media getting rich just gives away freedom and gets rich doing it a root of our evil is their worship of the weak dollar that wont spare them later … and the ignorance they pedal rapes our children ,,, hose 4/: 6 … another reason I have preferred you as an author is perceiving a greater calling less profitable .

    • Grandmere

      If you go to the Rescue Christians site you can find out what we do to rescue persecuted Christians. Then decide for yourself whether you want to join us. It really is as simple as that.

  • Just hold on for a few, someone will be right with you. In the meanwhile, grab a magazine.

    • Grandmere

      I’m trying to get the patient’s history.

  • Okay,

    So if you got married and confessed that your wife loves you but you refused to live with her, eat her food, care for the children, provide shelter and food, would that mean that you do love your wife and that you are indeed married?


      one of those “faith without works is dead “I agree with you on but more importantly GOD agrees Walid and find no inconsistency with the Bible … if we love God then showing it makes sense by obedience .

  • Grandmere

    Are you telling us that you didn’t pray to Jesus and ask him to save you? You didn’t ask him to come into your heart?

  • Julie

    It all goes together spiritually, good vs evil.

    Pray, fast, penance.

  • Georgeorwell

    How do you know what he accepts?

  • Jen Wester

    They are already here.

  • Renee Wood Traylor

    Kill these murdering Viruses!

  • Jack Skjolde

    Satanic devils from deep hell, and hell is their next destination for shure..

  • Frederikahere

    How would you know?

  • Frederikahere

    Conjecture and hope for the best.
    I’ve had a different type of experience with them and yes, some can be quite dangerous.