More Scenes Of Paris Destroyed By Muslim Invaders- They Are The Terminators Of Civilizations


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if so, how much more a video.

Something which I have discussed before but I cannot emphasize enough is the visual destruction of the Western world through the eyes of those lived on the ground. This video contains more scenes of the destruction of Paris at the hands of the Muslim invaders:

These scenes of destruction are not limited to just Paris. This is every major western European city and if not yet, what is coming to every city as these Muslims continue to invade.

Think of the Muslims in terms of the classic James Cameron film, Terminator through the speech given by actors Michael Biehn to Linda Hamilton. For while Muslims are humans, they regard non-Muslims as sub-human and have no respect for their lives and will not stop until Islam is made dominant over all and non-Muslims are their slaves or cease to exist:


If Islam is akin to SkyNet, then Muslims are the Terminators- the MT-1000- sent to destroy human civilization.




  • mspip

    paris was once a beautiful city, now just look at it. being ruined by these “immigrants” so sad. nobody will want to go there as tourists if this continues, many would be scared of these folk. the boats or planes go both ways, paris has plenty of police and these people ought to be sent back to where they came from. maybe i am naive, this would be a quick fix??

    • richinnameonly

      For now, the politicians are apparently more concerned with their fear of being called “racists”.

      • mspip

        do the “immgrants” vote? that might have some bearing on it.

        • richinnameonly

          The ones in the U.S. will if Obama and Hellary have their way, but I don’t know about France.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    This is the beginning of the final act of the accumulated debt from the national sin of ”1789” and the regicide that was committed along with all the other evils of Revolution.

    • Julie

      Liberalism began there.

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        England and France’s ‘Enlightenment’ thinkers, like Rousseau, Hume, Voltaire, Locke, and others, you bet.

  • AnthonyM

    The Terminator comparison is pretty good!

    • Brenda

      Some guy a while back attacked me on Twitter for saying Paris had changed and that I would not want to visit there now, Calling me chicken etc, well I think it’s common sense to not go wandering in a place like that especially as an American, Liberals have NO common sense whatsoever, it’s like they don’t even SEE all of the proof of change going on all over the world one bit, How can someone see that video and NOT see the garbage all over is beyond me!

  • Kelly ann

    Good bye Paris, see you when the great monarch rises.

    • James

      Until that glorious moment when thanks to the kind grace of the Blessed Mother and Our Lord the satanic masonic republic is no more and there is a new righteous Catholic king of France restored to the throne, there’s some great music to listen too 😉

      • Kelly ann

        its so nice to know the outcome in the end of this calimity. Helps with prayer in confidence thanks to the Blessed Virgin Mother. Thank you for the lovely music links.

        • James

          You’re very welcome.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Coming soon to a city near us. Beyond sad.

    • bubba

      it doesnt seem very many people know this and more that just dont believe it or care. seems there are lots of our citizens that want to bring in those barbarians. wont be until the terror hits our cities that people will wake up. we have our own barbarians among us now that are not from the middle east. they would do the same thing as middle east barbarians in the video of paris above.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Most don’t know – and most do not think any such thing will happen here.

        • Brenda

          They think having smart phones and such protects them from everything, What a wake up call it’s going to be when maybe millions of people with smart phones are nuked off the planet.

      • Kamau41

        What you said is very sadly the case. So many are absolutely clueless of what is happening around them; but soon enough, when they see massive bloodshed hitting our streets that is when they will see reality.

  • 1Bobby8

    This is the dreams of Obama and Hillary for America.

    • Kamau41

      Absolutely that is their goal and we have one last chance to stop them come Nov 8th.

    • Darren Neufeldt

      You can include Justin Trudeau in this, as this is what he wants for Canada.

      • 1Bobby8

        Absolutely, no doubt about it.

  • Kamau41

    Incredibly sad and absolutely horrific of what happened to Paris. Nothing but complete madness, chaos and destruction. The video you have linked up really depicts what eventually happens to a society/country when Islam takes over.

  • filomena seiffert

    What a dump! Is it very stupid to accept migrants when accommodations for them are nonexistent? To live on the streets they can live in their country as well. It just create more strife as the citizens get angry, and so do the migrants because they feel mistreated and discriminated.

  • Flame blue

    These are scenes that are never put on television by the media. Who would have thought that France would have allowed their country to be invaded by third worlders, savage and barbarian creatures. Yet, many Christians say that God says no one is beyond redemption if you dare point out what’s happening. True, God does say that, so invite them into your home to live beside your family. Why make a distinction at allowing them into your country? Really, you just can’t tell many Christians, they will deal with it from a strange angle, and use biblical scriptures to demonise you for daring to criticise Muslims and warn against them. It’s not on main stream news, so they won’t believe it. That mess on the streets is horrendous, but it will get worse, yet l pray not, what if we see human heads and blood all over the streets of France next. In fact, we would have done but France quickly clears up the bodies of the victims who get knifed, run over by Lorries, and they spend more money on Muslims giving them accommodation, benefits, medicines, education, etc, yet they make the victims of these savages, and their families pay for their funerals.

    • Brenda

      Those aren’t Christians to me, those are Liberals disguised as Christians and they are using the same exact tactics, the sooner people stop caring what they say the better off the world will be.

      • Flame blue

        It’s strange you should say that those people are not Christian because the Christian who said to me and my minister and his wife, that ” God says no one is beyond redemption” in response to my warning that Christians shouldn’t be badgering the government to bring in people who don’t worship the same God Yahweh as us, because they intend to harm us, replied that ” some people (meaning me) sound like Christians and are able to quote biblical scriptures which sound impressive but they are not really living a Christian life”. There’s nothing l do that doesn’t involve leading a Christian life, so it was a judgement on me warning them about Muslims. So, there you have it, according to that gentle and kind and compassionate Christian who wants to bring in the masses from the Middle East and Africa, Muslims not Christians, and wants to facilitate and care for the poor souls, l am a hard evil person, not a Christian!

  • Laurie

    This is so tragic. Paris is slowly sliding into being part of the third world. For the life of me, I cannot understand why so many Americans simply dismiss the “migrant” situation in Paris (and Europe, Scandinavia). The usual responses I receive are “that’s not here (USA),” or my favorite set of responses of “I didn’t see that on tv/didn’t read that in the paper/where go you get this information?” A growing number of Americans see the writing on the wall, and all the others are too busy being self absorbed and politically correct.

  • Julie

    I hate to say this, but the behavior of these Africans…is not just being muslim….but this ongoing problem with those Africans closed to the Gospel and behave with such little intelligence.

    Now watch me be accused of being a racist.

    • Juan

      You are right on this issue Julie. You cannot take thousands and thousands of African lumpenproletariat to Paris or Rome without consequences: European cities transformed in Bidonvilles. The same would happen if these Africans would migrate to Beijing or Seoul.

      Even between nominally Christian Africans Witchcraft is so strong and permeate their beliefs and behavior. Not 100% but the majority believe in witchcraft.

      • Julie

        Yes…witchcraft….Also what I experienced right away was the great presence of evil in ‘mother nature’….people very healthy on Friday but dead on Monday…it was near the Zambezi 40 miles inland.

        Snakes all over so…be careful where you walk or sit…

        You cannot go out barefoot when it rains…so refreshing because of larvae in the mud puddles and soil…people used the side of the roads for latrines…

        One it rained so hard and I woke up to see the entire floor of my room covered with these gritty hard worms about 3 inches long that ‘bit’.

        There were spider nests up on the telephone wires, huge that caught the birds.

        The heat was atrocious. I learned to fall asleep by just laying still, not moving. If you did, you would get over heated.

        The Africans lived in their mud huts and of course, the snakes and others would get in, the bugs…cockroaches, the beetles…the swamps…the pythons stuck in the drain pipes.

        There was a snake that came up my bathtub…a sister was using it, freaked out and ran out of the house…never wanted to stay there..they came up the toilets as well…

        The bacteria…cholera, dysentary, the poor medical care…the medics performed surgery in Beira…many didn’t survive….the wind and rains,…just alot of diseases in the air, your hands, no drinking the water of course…

        The priest I worked with considered it a miracle they could survive…and the heat…they said they couldn’t work in it.

        They were good people, Christians, and were just as much put off by the jive and wildness of others.

        An African priest told me here that they are most tradition bound because it insured them to live….even if it was 45 years, so it was and is very hard to change in some places…and a Protestant missionary came to visit this home I was working in….and he echoed the same thing…things hadn’t changed much.

        I met a kind African man out in the mato….who had this wonderful hearty laugh like the blacks here in America. And the ghetto ones here…are similar to those I had negative experience encountering in the place I was in, but admit most I met were very good….’A Terra de Boa Gente’…how the Portuguese called them, the “Land of the Good People”.

        • Grandmere

          God bless you for your work there, Julie. Your experiences there have proved to be very enlightening to us all.

          • Julie

            It is really the climate and nature that they live in…I really felt evil in it.

            I have my Irish roots, and didn’t think I did growing up. But my mother died suddenly, and my pastor told me, very Italian…You are so Irish!…we have genetic memory.

            And one of the priests who I worked with in Africa, came to visit his relatives in Queens, NY. We went to Rockefeller Square. A Black Baptist choir got up to sing. Very enjoyable.

            But he looked at me and said, ‘They are just like the people in Africa.’

            At Mass, the Africans like to go one by one to put their gifts into the basket where we pass it down the pew. And when the priests would go visit them in the villages, the people would be all lined up in a row, many of them to shake hands with the priest coming to celebrate Mass.

            Then at Mass, in their language, he would have to ask questions and give examples and hear them respond, so he would make sure they were hearing the Gospel in the right way.

            After Mass, the people would all go out to say good bye, all standing in line, the priest shaking hands with everyone and leaving with a live chicken or gifts.

            It was usually a 5 hour Mass. Alot of work for them, and they already said Mass in the am back in town. Sunday’s busiest day for the priest.

      • Julie

        These types are the degenerates of Africa. They impregnate women and then leave them and their children to be on their own….

  • Georgeorwell

    Oh dear France do you really think you have paid the blood debt for your persecution of the Church? Do you think that as long as you adhere to your libertine values and reject the Holy Church you will avoid the chastisement? Wake up and repent or choke on the fruits of your apostasy from the True Church.

    • Mona Lisa

      Fair France, eldest daughter of the Church still retains her faithful children especially in the Vendeen region. The annual pilgrimage to Chartres which draws 15k worldwide is a light of hope for this beautiful and blessed land. Long live Catholic France!

  • I’ve seen this disgusting clip. They have zero sense of decency. They probably crap where they eat and sleep too. Right on the street. It is bewildering that the government, local businesses or native residents tolerate this filth.

    • Mona Lisa

      In Metro Detroit it is common to see third-worlders shaking feces out of their pants in public places. I friend recently told me he stopped shopping at a certain market when he recently witnessed this despicable spectacle himself.

      • That is disgusting but I’m not really surprised. Is this not a reflection of a darkened mind? It isn’t as if sanitation and cleanliness are a recent discovery. Thousands of years ago as Israel left Egypt they were to go outside the camp, dig a hole and relieve themselves. When is the spread of disease going to begin?

  • Mona Lisa

    A glorious city with an equalky glorious history destroyed by the lie of multi-culturalism.