Muslims Invade Christian Area, Remove The Crosses And Declare That All Christians Must Take The Mark Of The Beast, They Slaughter The Christians That Refuse, The Christians Then Take Up Arms, Rise Up Against The Muslims And Defeat Them In Major Victory. The Christians Raise Up A Giant Cross And Praise Jesus Christ As Their Lord And Savior

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat

This is a must read and must see; for the beginning will give you joy; but the ending will shock every Christian who loves Christ and the Bible to see what the goals of Antichrist are all about. Trust me, it will shock you.

I start with the video clips coming from Iraq that reveal the joy of Christians who fought ISIS and regained their churches. In one church, the closest church to Mosul, which reveal the nature of the war with the spirit of Antichrist. The Christians raised the cross in the town of Bartella near Mosul, which was recovered by Christians fighting under the Iraqi army seizing control of the town of Bartella, which is the eastern entrance to Mosul. The village is the closest to the downtown area of Mosul, ISIS’s stronghold.

They pour dust on their heads in the ancient tradition. “This is my soil” one Christian cries out as another weeps in joy.

They immediately as soon as they defeated ISIS, break pieces of wood and make a crucifix raising it while crying out with a loud voice “the church is now back in the hands of God’s people”.

A soldier rings the bell while the women make the sounds of joy. St. Mary’s Church is now open.

“Our Christian people are living in tents, they were scattered. We will defend our villages. Now I send a message to my people, ‘Bartella is back. The Crucifix is victorious”.

“Humanity cannot imagine, look at this, these people have no religion” says another Christian fighter.

Then the priest was brought to ring the bell in joy after ISIS held him hostage had removed the crucifix for two years.

The Christian warriors then immediately entered the church in prayer kissing the walls and kneeling in loud prayer:

“peace to you O Mother Mary. The Lord is with Thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus”.

After they did the Our Father, the priests then entered to rededicate the church which was in dire condition praying in the ancient language of Jesus (Aramaic):

The Christians are getting to all the churches as the army gets closer to Mosul and are ringing church bells so that ISIS listens to the message “Christians are coming back”:

Christians is Hamadaniyeh and Qaraqoush celebrate the victories.


But this war only began. Do not be so joyful, yet. The deception is so slick and so evil that few will see it. It will deceive the very elect if it can. The attack on Christianity in Iraq only began and it is not exclusively ISIS.

ISIS is not the only threat to these Christian villages. In 2013, Iran began to send Shabak Shiite Muslims into Iraq for the purpose of purchasing the homes of all Christian villages. The average home was $50,000 and the Muslims were paying $200,000 per home, a handsome amount difficult to resist.

So where is this money coming from? The plan from 2013 was revealed, it was all brought in from Iran, explicitly intended to empty out all of the Christians from these lands. Bartella ended up with 50% Shiite Muslims from the Shiite Shabak. The Christian festivities were replaced with Ashura, the ritual of self-mutilation and Islamic communion — an attempt to replace the Catholic Eucharist — of which already warned about which you can later read about by clicking here. (a must read)

Many fell for Ashura’, the Muslim communion.

The whole idea is to create a divide by using the ISIS Sunni persecution of Shiite Muslims to gain the sympathy of Christians to join Iran’s Shiism.

And how is this attempt by Persia doing? Here, watch this church where they sing an abomination of desolation. They say loudly “We remember Ashura‘” “labayka ya Huseein“.

They are singing “we honor you O Huessin (The Shiite’s false messiah)” and “we remember Ashura”. Ashura is the Muslim communion that represents not the suffering of Christ but the suffering of the Shiite messiah al-Hussein. They come and bring Ashura’ to the Christian altar instead of taking the Eucharist. While it sounds sympathetic to Shiite suffering, it is replacing Christ with a false Messiah.

Here watch this:

This is Chrislam at its best. 

Antichrist “will suspend [both] the sacrifice and grain offerings” (Daniel 9:27) which is the Communion of Bread Sacrifice. When it comes to AntichristChrist warned to focus the most on Mark 13:14Matthew 24:15 instructing us specifically to pay attention to Daniel 9:27 who spoke of the Communion Bread being replaced. Most are unaware that Muslims also have a communion they call Ashura, in which they consume grains with fruit which is also practiced by the Sufi Turks.


Erodgan of Turkey passing the Ashura meal out of a Pumpkin to commemorate Moses and the Resurrection of Jesus

The above video is not in Iran but in Istanbul Turkey honoring the false messiah: Hussein by marking their foreheads and in Lebanon priests like this evil priest, George Massouh, explains why Christians “for the sake of peace” should mix Ashura with Christianity since Hussein, according to these suffered as Christ as “martyr”. This is also sparking in the west and like Esau sold their birthright for the porridge. It is literally “by peace he will deceive many”. The Arabic speaking priests are the most wicked who made made amuck Nostra Aetate as exposed by Pope Benedict which glorified Islam.

You find Catholics taking the mark of Hussein on their right arm along with the Crucifix and being proud of it as this Catholic girl and other young men show:

“I take the mark of Hussein right with the Crucifix” she says proudly in the video as she shows here right arm. Another boy points to his forehead showing the mark of Hussein while another reveals the Crucifixes on his left arm while the right on is marked with “Rafidi” (I also honor Hussein). The Christian interviewer asks these young people why they are taking these marks and if their parents approve? They say that their parents “do not approve” but that “since Jesus is love how can we hate Hussein”?

This Christian took the mark on the forehead and announced his allegiance publicly:

He saw a vision of fallen angels that told him to take the mark.

So few are the Christians who know that Muslims believe in a Passover communion. Ashura, through Chrislam will also play a role in the Abomination of Desolation. While many Christians believe that such abomination is exclusively in a temple building, once we consider the Christian body is also a temple, which it too will be defiled by Antichrist, then viewing the biblical text from this paradigm, will light up the biblical text in a way one can see how all this happens and how to prevent one’s soul from being defiled into eternal damnation.

While some will argue that what we have shown so far is just a video, this mingling of Christian Communion can be seen all throughout the Middle East as a peace-joiner to stop the bloodshed. Even in Lebanon Bishops are asking Christians to participate and this is also being pushed in Iraq all the way to Nigeria:


Karbala: Christian Bishop in Ashura Rally Observance. This is one of the many faces of Chrislam


Conducted by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Christians participate in Ashura

Here, a total declaration saying “in the name of Christ we declare Imam Hussein” as another Messiah. Here are Sabians and Christians adoring al-Hussein.

What utter abominations.

The genocide of Shiites by Wahhabism’s ISIS is a prelude for the false peace thats coming. To fully understand Ashura and Chrislam and how this works in the mark of the beast, click the following link:

Beware Of The Coming Chrislam: How To Prevent Falling Into The Abomination Of Desolation Where Christians Will Eat Islamic Halal Food And Consume Muslim Communion Instead Of Christian Communion And How To Prevent Yourself From Taking The Mark Of Islam On The Arm Or Forehead

What we see here is the testing by fire which Christ promised will come. The enemies of God invaded the villages of the Christians, slaughtering and devastating, killing, stealing, raping and destroying. The warriors of the Cross rushed into the sacred fray, spilling heathen blood, denying themselves in the great struggle of self-crucifixion. What is this, but an image of Christendom and that Christ promised to build and keep His church, even a remnant? This will spread even into Europe where it too will be tested through fire.

Most do not understand that the people of Christ (the true Christians) are in a perpetual struggle, always in the state of war, ever ready to be attacked, every ready to fight. But they need to be careful. The enemies of the Faith are constantly conspiring to make war on the saints, being “haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things” (Romans 1:30), saying amongst themselves: “Let us abolish all the festival days of God from the land.” (Psalm 73:8)  The Muslims want to abolish and obliterate all of the Sacraments of the Church, from the priesthood, to Baptism, to the Eucharist, all of these are to the rage of the acolytes of the Antichrist.

The state of the Christian Faith is a constant war, a struggle that makes the spirit like unto a sword, as the river, making round rocks sharp like blades. Notice that these holy warriors, upon entering the church, praised the Virgin Mary, calling her blessed. It is truly an amazing sight!  For it was Mary who said,  “He hath shewed might in his arm: he hath scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart.” (Luke 1:51) On this day, were the wicked scattered, the proud confounded and vanquished, by those of meek heart and zealous and valiant spirit, by those who revered the Virgin Mary. The Conquistadors reverenced the Virgin Mary in their battles against the pagan Indians, and even beheld her in the midst of their battles, and after the Battle of Kulkovo — in which the Christian Russians defeated the Muslim Mongolians — St. Demetrius was visited by the Virgin Mary in monastery, and told him that she will always watch over Russia. In the Battle of Lepanto, the warriors of Christendom prayed the Rosary moments before their ships collided with the Ottoman navy, and torrent of fighting and bloodshed commenced, with swords colliding, with cannons and muskets firing, with martyrs made and victory taken.

Since the very beginning, the Virgin Mary and her foreshadower — the Ark of the Covenant — were held in warfare. For in the Battle of Jericho, the Hebrews help up the Ark, and in the battles of Christendom, the combatants of the Cross hold up the Virgin Mary — the Theotokos, the Bearer of God. As the Hebrews fought in battle, their commander, Urijah, declared: “The ark of God and Israel and Juda dwell in tents, and my lord Joab and the servants of my lord abide upon the face of the earth: and shall I go into my house, to eat and to drink, and to sleep with my wife? By thy welfare and by the welfare of thy soul I will not do this thing.” (2 Samuel 11:11) His reverence for the House of God stood with his zeal, his selflessness and indefatigable spirit. And so the warriors of Christendom, their zeal for the Bearer of God — the Virgin Mary — stands with their valor and impenetrable will to fight for the glories of the Cross, and the liberty to worship. The Holy Trinity, the saints, the souls of warriors and ascetics, valor and martyrdom, this is the ways of the heavenly Mount Zion, this is the path of the Faith.




  • Steven

    God bless these Assyrian armed forces. I believe it’s time Christianity fought back to retake what is rightfully theirs.

  • Here is what I have learned so far.

    The devil has a counterfeit system set up that mimics Christian orthodox theology. The one thing the devil cannot counterfeit is the Resurrection, yet he allows others to accept it as fact and give it a complete twist like the “Ashura” meal does.

    Counterfeit Eucharist. Counterfeit Christianity that assumes to venerates the Virgin Mary while committing the worst blasphemy – wholesale denial of Christ’s divinity which is a big deal – and it just gets worse.

    Christians being stupid to blend a bit of Christianity and a bit of Islam to create Chrislam is marking themselves for eternal damnation.

    Then there are stupid theologians returning to philosophy and heavily dabbling in mysticism in order to circumvent God’s requirement to enter heaven such as this “theologian” did.

    It makes me want to despair.

    So, my question for you, Constantine, since you are wiser than I: was Jesus exaggerating when He said the Way was narrow?

  • Darren Neufeldt

    I have to shake my head at the so called Christians that are falling for the deception, I have nothing but hurt and anguish in my heart, crying inside that is heavy in sorrow.

    I thank you once again Walid for giving us the Wisdom, Knowledge, and tools so we can be wary of those that would deceive us. I only hope that all of us here can put up the good fight and continue down the narrow path that seems to be shrinking every day.

  • rodolfo

    Another plate to my armor is added. thank Mr. Walid.

  • Grandmere

    Yes. People can lose their salvation. We must put on the full armor of God.

    • Kamau41


  • Стефан Евгений

    Walid, Have you heard of St John of Kranstadt? what you wrote sounds; brings to mind this part of his vision.

    We proceeded further, and the starets quickened the pace so that I could hardly keep up with him. ‘Look!’ he said. I saw a large crowd of people being persecuted by demons who were beating them with stakes, pitchforks, and hooks. I asked the starets, ‘What is the meaning of these people?’ He answered, These are the ones who renounced their faith and left the Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church and accepted the new innovative church. This group represents priests, monks, nuns, and laymen who renounced their vows or marriage, and engaged in drinking and all sorts of blasphemy and slander. All of these have terrible faces and a terrible stench comes from their mouths. The demons beat them, driving them into the terrible abyss, from where hell fire comes forth. ‘ I was terribly frightened. I made the sign of the cross while praying, Lord deliver us from such a fate!

    I then saw a group of people, both old and young, all of whom were terribly dressed, and who were raising a large, five pointed star. On each corner were twelve demons and in the middle was Satan himself with terrifying horns and a straw head. He emitted a noxious foam onto the people while pronouncing these words, ‘Arise you accursed ones with the seal of …..’ Suddenly many demons appeared with branding irons and on all the people they placed the seal: on their lips, above the elbow and on their right hands. I asked the starets, ‘What is the meaning of this?’ He responded, This is the mark of the Antichrist!’ I made the sign of the cross and followed after the starets.

    • Higlac

      Should not that part of the name “Kranstadt” be actually Kronstadt (my transliteration would be Kronshtad or Kronshtadt if the ‘t’ at the end is printed)?

      • Стефан Евгений

        Well dear, i can’t type 😉

        • Higlac

          I understand. I just thought that what little knowledge I happen to have could be put to use – no humiliation or offence intended in the least against you.

      • Стефан Евгений

        Ok, i fixed it…. but the dt is German spelling like in my last name Schmidt.

        • racarrera

          There are many of us who are from there who ended up with German names (Linn in my case).

          • Стефан Евгений

            True, you get English names, and Scottish names too, with Russian spelling.

          • racarrera

            This happened when Catherine the Great asked for farmers and shipmen to come to Russia, and many came from Scotland, the Netherlands, England and all over the German realm. All of these would be mashed into Baltic Germans.

    • filomena seiffert

      This is very interesting vision but frightful. Visions of demons is quite common in our nightmares. I have them, used to be worse, now they come a human form but I can perceive the evil on them. It is only when I sleep.

    • Its interesting Стефан Евгений, but it does not mention the abomination regarding the Eucharist. The mark of foreheads and arms is already told to us in the Bible.

      • Стефан Евгений

        Sorry Walid, I left that part out. The communists tried (and failed) to set up a church of the sprite of the anti-christ, and our elders said the same would happen when he(AC) comes in the flesh. He will set up a un-holy communion, and we will not be able to go into the churches, they will have his communion.
        *prosphora Orthodox communion bread.

        We walked further and went into large church. I wanted to make the sign of the cross, but the starets said, ‘It is not necessary to cross yourself because this is a place of abomination and desolation!’ The church was very gloomy. On the altar was a star and a Gospel book with stars. Candles made of tar were burning and crackling like firewood. The chalice was standing there covered by strong stench. There was* prosphora with stars. A priest stood before the altar with face like pitch and woman was under the altar covered in red with a star on her lips and she screamed and laughed throughout the church saying, ‘I am free!’ I thought Oh, Lord, how awful! The people, like madmen, began to run around the altar, scream, whistle, and clap their hands. Then they began to sing lecherous songs. Suddenly lightning flashed, frightening thunderbolt resounded, the earth trembled, and the church collapsed, sending the woman, the people, the priest, and the rest into the abyss. I thought Oh Lord, how awful, save us!

        The starets saw what had happened as did I. I asked, ‘Father, tell me, what is the meaning of this frightening church?’ He responded, These are the earthly people, heretics who have abandoned the Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church and recognized the newly innovated church which God has not blessed. In this church they do not fast, do not attend services, and do not receive Holy Communion!’ I was frightened and said, The Lord has pity on us.

        • ahhhh, bless your heart. Now I will study this since to works well as I write my report. I will post on this. Thank you very much.

  • AnthonyM

    This Chrislam heresy is just another means to deceive people, and will lead to their destruction.

  • bubba

    its great to share articles like this on facebook. that first video is fantastic even if i dont understand a word. thanks walid!

  • filomena seiffert

    I am very happy for them but I still think they are not safe. The taking of Mosul did not happen yet (I am still skeptical the USA, UK, France want ISIS out. On this I agree with Trump; why inform them months in advance of the battle? also the demons can send their exploding demons to kill Christians.

  • Kamau41

    Deception will accelerate and become widespread. So many are unaware of this reality and will end up following the Antichrist into eternal damnation.

  • Steven

    Definitely the whole Middle East! Lol

  • Donald

    Yes, and along comes Erdogan to claim his prize. May Christ watch over these courageous men who are reclaiming these lands and hide them in his wounds.

  • Grandmere

    May God bless and protect you.

    • alexander

      Thank you Grandmere , May God Bless you and protect you as well

      Its terrible what happens now in the world ‘ Because what i see happening is that Islam is deceiving people .

      17 September until 25 September , Here in my Country the Netherlands Groningen there was a platform peace week of religions of a live Commitment . This was in a Park what is 15 min away walking from my House . Bahai’s , Boeddhists , Christians , Hindoes , Humanists , Jews
      Soefi’s (Turkish Muslims) , Freemasons , And all sorts of Muslims of different type of sects were coming together .

      What i see out of this ‘ Is that Satan is not fallen on his head to combine evrything together . This is what will happen in the end and the Outcome of it will be Islam , Evry one whom will not submit to it will be Killed , People think it will be peace but suddenly destruction will fall upon them , Because Islam has an agenda and that agenda Is to take over the whole world Because Allah told them So , By there so Called Prophet Muhammed Whom Twisted the Bible in his So called Quran and Sahih Bukhari (Hadith Sunna’s) .

      Freemasons are The Builders because they have a Special Commitment what is a Secret , That Secret is Called Sollomon’s Key
      They are The Financiers of That New Temple were eventually The Antichrist will Go sit in , Because Freemasonry Calls There God Jahbullon ‘ Whom is This Jahbullon ? , One’s when you go study Freemasonry is non other Than Lucifer Satan . Freemasons know The Secret Knowledge of him and they use Islam as a Tool Because Islam knows only one thing and that is destruction (War) , Kiling evry one whom is againts Islam , For the Credo of Freemasonry is
      Ordo Ab Ceo , Which means Order out of Chaos

      This is Exactly what is going to happen as we see now already slowly
      here in the west Rape Murder Child Abuse (Pedophiles) Robbery Heads are being Cut off Christians and Jews Getting Harrashed by Muslims and So on and on . This is Just the Beginning of birth pangs For as Jesus has said Just like it was in the days of noah so shall the Son of man Return ,

      And if you look at that Story in the Old Testament about Noah what Do we see ? . Is now exactly happening Today all around the world

      So it cannot be so far away when Jesus is comming Riding on the clouds ? , and takes us away (Raptured) , Greek (Harpatzo)
      Caught up in the Air Because we are not appointed to God’s Wrath what falls on this Wicked World , Time is Short Because The devil Knows That his Time is short , Thats why he is going around Like a Roaring Lion looking to devour whom he can devour and drag as many People to hell as he can

      Stay Save Grandmere ,
      Ephesians 6:10:20 _ 2 Timothy 2:3:15 _2 Timothy 2:25:26
      Hebrews 2:14:15 _ 1 John 5:1:21

      King James Version

  • Yes, the man was converting to Shiism from Christianity. As far as Arab Christians, there is a division, not all are buying into this. We speak to a Christian from Lebanon who is truly holding down the fort including his priest. Many see through this. It would be wrong to lump all the same. We simply need to decipher who is who thats all.

  • Juan

    First videos are really soul touching. May God help and protect these brave Christian warriors!

    The Chrislam issue and the videos of deceived Christians praying with Shia Muslims and substituting Our Lord Jesuchrist, Son of God and only true Savior, by Hussein make me think in One Syncretist NWO religion for the whole World: a mix of heretic “Christianity” with Shia and Sufi Islam where the post Vatican II Roman Church will pray together with Pentecostals, Naqshbandis, Shias and even New Age movements… everything after a period of war and in the name of “peace and love”. Wouldn’t be so strange that at the end of the Carnival the Germanic nobility and Hasidic jews appear to lead the “holy” syncretist conga line around Fortress Antonia while the antichrist proclaims himself messiah and mahdi and a feminist priestess of Ishtar claims loudly that Shekinah is in every woman.

  • Although I am not allowed to email for security reasons, it would be so easy to google “Shoebat” and “Eucharist” and access and print.

    However, the key two articles that should be plenty for you for a weekend to study are these:

    Hope this answers your quest.

  • alexander

    Hello Nasrani , What i always say to Arab speaking Christians or Christians whom dont speak Arabic ‘ If you think That allah is the same God of the Bible may i suggest tha you read The Quran and Compare it with the Bible ,
    And start with This , Sura 3:54 , Sura 47:4 , Sura 8:12 , Sura 4:171:173
    Sura 9:29 , Sura 9:5 ,

    And compare that with 1 Peter 5:8 , Revelation 12:9 , Again with Sura 3:54

    Thats how simple i can see That Satan is Allah Nasrani

    The arabic Bible uses the Name allah and so on and on this is totally wrong
    Because even in the Arabic Bible we find the word Makr ‘ What is Revering to Satan which means Deceiver or Kahyrul Makireen ‘ Well Well foolish Arab Christians Think Before you sink in the Boat , Sura 5:51 , Sura 19:88:92 ,

    1 John 2:22 ,

    Anyway here is a wonderful song for you in Arabic
    I dont understand evrything but know that it is Going about Christ his Crucifixtion and that he is our lover , Wa Habbibi Mi Shiva , My Lover and Teacher Rabbi

    Godbless you Nasrani

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  • Evidently…you do not realize my question was purely rhetoric in nature. Of course, Christ said this!

    Constantine, the person I’m referring to here, is Walid which is his baptismal name.

  • I love misunderstandings … they always end up in friendships 😉

  • Oh thank you so much for pointing out what I already knew. I wouldn’t have remembered without your amazing insight.

  • I noticed you said “Jewish Root” but be careful of “Hebrew Roots” for they deny the Trinity.