Secret Documents Reveal A Grand Conspiracy Behind Qatar And Turkey For A Muslim Brotherhood Takeover

By Walid Shoebat

So why is Turkey sending its troops to Qatar? Secret leaked documents which we will share here reveal much behind what is happening in Qatar that most westerners never get to see and understand Turkey’s involvement sending 10,000 soldiers to guard the Emir and plans to hide him in Iran. That plus this man who strikes like Thunderball causing all the chaos, none other than Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi the head of the Muslim Brotherhood.

There is a lot we can investigate from leaks we obtain from Arabic sources about the man behind the rise of the Caliphate ideology in Qatar: Sheikh Yousuf Qaradawi, the spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Sheikha Nouf bint Ahmed al-Thani, secretary-general of the Qatari opposition coalition, presented a new document proving that Tamim’s regime had been subjected to a coup attempt causing the arrest of five army leaders and asking Turkey for the rescue amongst other secret documents.

An order signed by the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani requesting the arrest of Major General Mansour Hassan Al-Hajri, Major General Khalid Nasser Al-Kuwari, Brigadier General Sheikh Ali bin Nasser Al-Thani and Colonel Abdullah Abdul Rahman Al-Khalidi to military trial for attempting a coup.

The failed coup attempt on Tamim by the Qatari army and because of his loyalty to Turkey placed the state under Turkey’s auspices which caused the military of Turkey to begin it move into Qatar.

If Turkey is the Islamic military machine, Qatar is the brains which houses all the Muslim scholars necessary for a Caliphate revival and is why it is extremely crucial to Turkey.

The Qatari opposition coalition began presenting documents condemning Tamim and proving his handover to extremists.

Some of the leaked documents reveal the Qatari government even made ready an emergency aircraft to take the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, to Iran.

signed by Muhammad Al-Thani dated June 5th 2017 requesting the embassy in Tehran to purchase an emergency home

The document reveals that the Qatari embassy in Iran has taken measures to buy a palace in Tehran, according to the demands of the Emir of Qatar, according to the newspaper “Gulf” UAE.

“The purchase of a palace for Tamim in Iran confirms the willingness of the Emir of Qatar to escape to Iran,” said Dr Ali bin Abdullah, special adviser to Qatar’s exiled Prime Minister Sheikha Nouf bint Ahmed al-Thani.

“The plan came after there were reports of moves in full swing, to arrange later, to isolate Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, and to choose a figure from the ruling family to take power,” press reports said.

But there is much to be said to the captain chaos behind the Caliphate agenda of Qatar: Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.

Qaradawi is 91 years old born in 1926 whose youth witnessed the end stages of the Ottoman rule. was able to get his Qatari identity card from Arabic sources which reveals his birthplace changed from Egypt to Qatar:

Even at such a late age, Qaradawi had his third marriage when he was close to 90 years of age to a 37-year-old Moroccan woman Aisha Al-Mufannin comes from the town of Banguiere, near Marrakech. For this 90 year old, any woman he wants, he’ll get, he will break any heart without regret. He divorced his Algerian wife and replaced her with a Moroccan with less milage. Leaks of his wedding even surfaced:

His days of asking are all gone. His fight goes on and on.

Even his kids from his first marriage are set for life in Qatar. was also able to obtain the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad, appointed Brigadier General Mohammed Yousif Abdullah Al-Qaradawi, the son of Sheikh Yousuf Qaradawi, as deputy head of the State Security Service signed by the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad.

Qaradawi began his activities in Qatar in 1976. He laid the foundation for the Faculty of Shari’ah and Islamic Studies in the University of Qatar and became the faculty’s dean. In fact we are able to obtain email addresses and phone numbers of the entire Qaradawi family in Qatar as they have positions at the university there:

Qaradawi has a history of nine lives. He was imprisoned under King Farouq in 1949, then three times during the reign of former President Gamal Abdul Nasser, until he left Egypt for Qatar in 1961. He returned to Egypt in 2011 in the wake of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution which was aided by President Obama who played a major role in twisting Egypt’s arm to accept the Muslim Brotherhood as a viable organization in Egyptian politics.

Al-Thani today even gave a kiss to Qaradawi blessing his religious master:

The revolution was supported by many in the West where politicians promoted it to be a secular revolution where we warned this was a Muslim Brotherhood takeover. In Tahrir Square, Qaradawi led Friday prayers on 18 February 2011, addressing an audience estimated to exceed two million Egyptians addressed the crowds with “O Muslims and Copts”, referring to Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority instead of the customary opening for Islamic Friday sermons “O Muslims”. He praised the Copts for protecting Muslims in their Friday prayer, and called for the new military rulers to quickly restore civilian rule while referring to Mubarak as a Tyrannical Pharaoh.

He served U.S. interests of Hilary Clinton when on 21 February 2011, he talked about the protests in Libya and issued a fatwa permitting the killing of Muammar Gaddafi.

Most do not know that Al-Qaradawi has been an avid caller to what he calls “Islamic Sufism” and all this talk of a Shiite-Sunni divide will someday go out the window; Egypt’s Sufism and Erdogan’s Sufism will be a uniting factor.


Erdogan sympathizes with Qatar’s Al-Thani, especially after the failed coup in Turkey, a crucial letter of allegiance granted to Erdogan by all Muslim scholars globally was sent from none other than Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, president of the World Federation of Muslim Scholars. Qaradawi represents all Sunni Muslim scholars globally. He even tweeted some of its contents from Qatar. The excerpts from this letter was shared in every media in the Middle East. From the Arab world to Turkey, every Arabic speaking media covered it with zero mention in the West. It consists of what many viewed as a direct command from heaven itself to Erdogan declaring that “Allah” including “the angelic host” and “the saints” appointed Erdogan to be given allegiance by all Muslims including all Muslim scholars from all four corners of the globe:

“Allah is with you and all Arab and Muslim nations are with you including all freedom loving people are with you. We, all the Muslim scholars, in the four corners of the globe, are with you. The Angel Gabriel and the righteous one [in heaven] are with you. And after that the angels will be revealed.

We are all with you. It is because you have stood with righteousness against evil. You are with justice against injustice…

Dear President, lead Turkey as you wish and as we wish … we will be with you giving you strength and will support your party and your loyalists as Allah instructed “O ye who believe fear Allah and stand with the righteous …”

The “righteous one” or Saleh Al-Mumineen according to the majority of Muslim jurisprudence is Ali whom the shiites adore. This will include all Shiites. “The angelic host,” he proclaims that after such allegiance “will appear”. This Sufi call is why we see a cooperation with Iran.

In Islam, this is a sign of the end of the world when the angelic host descend on earth and from a Christian perspective this is the casting of the fallen angels which Daniel the prophet spoke about.

Islam’s angels seem to even have resemblances of The Luminous One’s minion. In the Qur’ân’s Night of Vision (Muhammad’s visitation) the Qur’an reveals:

“The angelic host descend [to earth] in it with the spirit by command of the their Lord. Peace shall it be until the rising of the Dawn” (Morning star, Q:97)

This ‘spirit’ and how is Allah the “lord of angels” and “spirits” is what prophecy confirmed when God casts the devil out unto earth:

“And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ. For the accuser of our brothers, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down.” (Revelation 12:17)

Erdogan’s success to fight the coup generated much noise in the Middle East. Mefail Hizli, the chief Mufti of Ankara announced after the failed coup that:

“I have seen the prophet of Allah in my sleep asking me to direct the Turkish people towards Erdogan”.

Hizli was the Mufti to denounce Pope Francis. When the Pope described the Armenian Genocide as “the first genocide of the 20th century,” the Grand Mufti of Ankara threatened:

“the Pope’s statements will only speed up the process of opening Hagia Sophia to Muslim worshipers.”

What this means is the speeding process of abominations of desolations.

One crucial point is that Arabs by large vehemently reject Erdogan’s messiahship. They simply laugh off any hint of Erdogan being ‘Caliph’ or ‘Mahdi’. This is perhaps why in Ezekiel 38 “Sheba and Dedan” (the Arabs) mock him “have you come to take booty”? They basically call Gog “a thief”. This is a crucial point showing that the state of things today do match what scriptures predicted.

As to Nouf Ahmad Jaber Al-Thani who is attempting the coup from Switzerland was given orders to surrender her Qatari identification to the nearest Qatari embassy.

قطر تسقط الجنسية عن الشيخة نوف بنت أحمد الثاني
 And the story of Turkey’s takeover of Qatar, Syria Iraq and later on it will be Egypt and Libya continues to unfold while the five virgins slumber without oil.


  • Taurnil Oronar

    And the story of Turkey’s takeover of Qatar, Syria Iraq and later on it will be Egypt and Libya continues to unfold while the five virgins slumber without oil.

    Interesting you frame the 10 virgins from Matthew 25:1-13 using countries. Hadn’t thought of it that way before. I get the inclusion of Egypt from its Christian history, most I’ve gotten from your thorough works, the others I’m a bit foggy about.

    • You can do the same with “Sodom and Egypt” which is a much bigger picture than just Jerusalem. Our Lord was Crucified in Jerusalem, but His Body (the Church) will also be crucified in Christendom (the other Jerusalem) because of Sodom (homosexuality) and Egypt (neopaganism, think Kek all stems from idols of Egypt) which is sweeping the West. So “the idols of Egypt will totter before Him” in Isaiah 19 covers a huge region where paganism is growing. There is literal and then there is the type. The second is hidden. Think Wisdom 2. How do you suppose that prophecy is fulfilled? Yet so few pay attention to it. Think of whom abandon the covenant who will work with Antichrist. Daniel says it is them who will cause the stopping of the Grain Offering (Communion). Wait till this Sunday Special fora shocker to see whom the right trust and how steeped they are into Satanism. It is so terrifying that it will shock you.

      • Taurnil Oronar

        When you say “West” of course you refer to the United States. Geographically, would I be correct to assume that also includes Europe? Either way it leads me to a loose end, one among many that I have, I’m like a piece of yard poorly woven and strands sticking out everywhere.

        Anyway it is this; if I understand correctly there will be sufficient (?), enough(?) Christians to elect leaders to right those ten terrible nations back on their correct keels to be present when Christ arrives for the grand putting down?

        Not saying those ten will be pure as the driven snow since none of us are by ourselves, only Christ can make that so and our works to be in coherence with His Word.

        My point/question; if even the elite, ie I take that to mean elected officials, leaders, along with a great many people will be deceived then in light of the ten nations being “on the side of Christ” then there will still be a remnant sufficient to move those ten to a more righteous path?

        I can’t think of any part of Wisdom 2 I have not seen or heard that hasn’t been done in my 61 years especially in the past 10 years.

      • Taurnil Oronar

        Looking only at Isaiah 19;

        I will stir up Egyptians against Egyptians,
        and they will fight, one against the other,
        neighbor against neighbor,
        city against city, kingdom against kingdom

        Looks to be the whole of Egypt not just a region. Hopefully there will be such a degree of internal clashes they will be so occupied to forget about the Coptic Christians, though I somehow think not.

      • Doc

        I can’t wait to read this Sunday Special.

      • Jeff Benton

        ” (neopaganism, think Kek all stems from idols of Egypt) which is sweeping the West. ”

        Good to see ya hit the right nail with the correct hammer Walid…

        Peeps do so love to swallow that ol red pill (or any other pill actually) without even asking whats in it…
        I imagine the coming Sunday Special might follow this chain of pagan worship down the line a bit ay?

        Im out again before more sdrateR show up misconstruing every word I write…
        Keep up the good work…

      • Filip

        Remember when I told everyone here that I am in the process of getting a better job.. and The Lord willing if I get it I will donate more for the rescue of Christians in the name of Jesus? Well.. The Lord did help me.. and not only that it is great. Thank you Jesus.

  • First, WOW! This adds another dimension to the changing landscape of the Middle East.

    Second, this seem to strengthen the case for Erdogan as the Antichrist.

    • “Saudi Arabia’s counting of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization like ISIL or al-Qaeda is a matter of disagreement with Erdoğan, who sees the Brotherhood as an “ideological” movement rather than a terrorist organization.”

      The op-ed provided by “Hurriyet Daily News” backs the argument presented by Constantine.

      • Qatar is excited about Turkey coming to their aid.

        Oh man, what a time to be alive and see Bible prophecy unfolding before us. We have time but how much is the million dollars question.

        • richinnameonly

          We probably have 5-10 years before the final muck is on the fan blades. When you look back over a span of time like that it can seem like the blink of an eye, especially if you are older. But yeah, who knows?

          • I’m 36, so I know what you mean. I sense that time is almost up. The world is getting sicker by the day. Eugenics, paganism, neo-nationalism, Islam, witchcraft, sorcery, drug uses, and declining Church as the lighthouse are proof we are getting closer to the end but not yet.

          • Darren Neufeldt

            45 myself, and the years seems to be slipping by quickly. My town is so sick that we are having “Pride” month this month with rainbows painted on some of the crosswalks, it’s disgusting.

          • I feel you, man.

          • Kamau41

            Ditto that!

          • Kamau41

            I’m 43 and I have never seen so much filth, wickedness and evil in my life. So much has changed, especially within the last 10-15yrs. We need to make sure we continue to row and stick together. In just a couple of years or so, we will be thinking these days are the ‘good ol days’.

          • John Deer

            No One knows when the time is up.!! All I Read is conjectures and guessing according to what is taking place presently. So I keep the peace and look at what unfolds at 72 years of age. Maybe but MAYBE I shall have the Honor to see what the Near future has in store for the Human Race and me.!!

          • Yes, I know that nobody know when the hour is up.

    • PaulF

      True. It could be a successor of his after he creates the conditions. But with the rapid growth of wickedness it is hard to imagine God’s patience holding out much longer, so you are likely right.

    • magaforever

      This is an interesting development..the house unanimously condemns erdogans cowardly security and calls for them to be charged..

      • Heard about it yesterday and it’s already angering them, saying it’s jeopardizing the alliance.

        • magaforever

          Thank God..hopefully we severe ties and go against the cowards sooner than later

  • AnthonyM

    Very interesting information behind the scenes. Your explanation makes sense of the situation.

    • This is the headlines from Arabic Middle East which the Middle West is not even addressing. Qatar and Turkey are in on it with the Muslim Brotherhood, the brain of the Caliphate centered in Qatar. Qatar to Turkey is the theological core for without it Turkey can never advance. So powerful is that core of scholars that Turkey will abandon Mecca for it.

      • Taurnil Oronar

        Your answer here goes in line with a question I was going to ask concerning how you know a great many Arabs reject the notion Erdogan as their caliphate.

        The news in my country (US) is actually very pathetic. Unfortunately I don’t speak arabic and don’t trust google translate all that much.

      • Doc

        I thank God you are familiar with the language, culture, and customs of that part of the world. There is literally no one else I’m aware of who is giving this kind of insight into what’s going on with prophecy and the MidEast.

        • Kamau41

          Indeed….They are the best in putting all of the prophetic pieces of the puzzle together, unlocking the mysteries and decoding the Arabic language for us.

  • Methusalem

    It’s NATO which is protecting Qatar now? What about the American base there?

    I think Saudi Arabia will be divided along ideological lines, Shia / Sunni-Wahhabi. Iran too will be fragmented like Yugoslavia along ethnic lines; Farsi speaking Persians are minority in their own country, so the Turkic Azaris, the Kurds, even the Arabs and Baluchis will push for their own separate states. The Antichrist Turkish beast will be very happy.

  • Doc

    I do have one question. Unless I’m mistaken isn’t the Mahdi supposed to rise up out of a well or something? How can they believe Erdogan is the Mahdi if that is true?

    • Doc,

      First of all what did you do to your photo. You look scary now and customers (especially the elderly) are concerned if they should enter the ship 😉

      The well story is strictly a small Shiite sect which Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad belonged to who has long been a member of this small group, as is his close spiritual advisor Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi which the sect is called “Hojjatieh”…

      This is a small sect.

      The “well” story sticks in American minds only. Its like the story of Muhammad married a 9 years old Aisha and that the war in the Holy Land can be summed up as the war between Isaac and Ishmael …

      Thats for rookie old ladies gossip talk in a church cafeteria. Forget the well story Doc 🙂

      No Muslims talk about a well and when they see westerners talk about it they *smile* and go “aha … right …”

      This is why 90% of the time reading comments I am *smiling* no offense.


      • richinnameonly

        I’ll bet you occasionally shake your head while you “smile”!

        • Kkdgrace

          Or say, “Americaaaaaaaans!”

          • Precisely. But its Aaaaaamerican not Americaaaaaans 😉

            They are all good comments. Look below and see my friends say that they will try to get me on EWTN? I smile at that too. They do not know how media works. They do not understand why I started was because of the media. Once I start writing the things I write about, me being on the media is OVER.

            I had to build my own Shoebattube. If I tell how much they persecute us and our name it will never end. I don’t even discuss most of it.

            Even when I write what I write, most do not get the full picture.

            Antichrist is about Sodom and Egypt “Remember Lot’s wife” Jesus said.

            How many were left in Sodom? Lot and his family. And even his wife betrayed God and looked. This is one thing to ponder.

            So few will withstand the onslaught when no one can buy and sell lest they support homosexuality. This will become global. Everyone must give allegiance to this or they are done.

            The strange thing is that its already beginning.

          • Kkdgrace

            I read those comments. On one hand, something like that would be great, in that there would be a larger forum for getting out the messages that we all benefit from daily. There is such a huge caveat however- once you work for any corporate Media outlet, no matter how lenient and closely aligned to your own belief system, you are no longer fully in control or “master” of the content you create and disseminate. Because even a non-profit has to show that it is at least “breaking even”. As much as I would dearly love to see your messages spread far and wide, I can’t help but feel secure in the knowledge that what I am reading is scholarship, information, and opinion that truly comes from your heart and is not tainted in the least by any bureaucratic concerns. Does that make any sense? I and many others have benefited greatly from the material you have shared and I take solace knowing that you are writing from your heart and the interests and opinions of others aren’t subtly creeping into the material you put out. I may be wrong on all of this- I know very little about the world of business and how it actually works. Your articles have been very influential in my life and a major source of blessing and I thank God for the “Discovey” of your site. I can honestly say that I have been blessed greatly by your work.

          • Bless your heart Kkdgrace. Your pints is exactly why we stopped our travels and writings for other outlets. I still kept emails from these telling me that I cannot write the word “devil” and got calls telling me to stop talking about the “homos” …

            Strange, here I came as a foreigner to this country from Israel and I understand what ‘freedom’ means where most here do not understand how they really have no freedom in this country. They lived controlled by arm-twisters and they brag about how much freedom they have. They do not understand that the freedom they talk about is to be immoral. Anyone can be immoral over here but do all companies, educational centers, churches … have freedom to say that homosexuality is an abomination?

            Where is this ‘freedom’ everyone is talking about.

          • Kkdgrace

            And trust me to be “back- akwards” in writing “Americaaaaaans” instead of “”Aaaaaaaaamericans”
            Lol -especially when I can hear the darn phrase in my head, accent and all!

          • Grandmere

            You are so cute, like my eight year old granddaughter, you can get by with almost anything.

          • Taurnil Oronar

            Gah! I fell for it again. When you talked in past pieces about taking the mark, my focus was, well that. Now here you go and knock me in the head to refocus to see it isn’t just about taking the mark but also the things those do that take the mark.

            So few will withstand the onslaught when no one can buy and sell lest they support homosexuality.

            I’m so dimwitted to not connect the dots. Thanks.

          • Darren Neufeldt

            You’re not alone, Walid continuously makes me realise how lacking in knowledge I truly am as well.

      • Cuzick

        Perry Stone introduced the ” Mahdi from the well “, I believe , in some of his videos . Hopefully he’s spying on this site for the truth.

      • Doc

        Thanks for the reply. Too many Sinbad movies, I guess. Where’s my Alladin’s lamp. I need the genie to grant me three wishes.

        My avatar is there to scare jihadists. It’s like a stone head scarecrow 🙂

        • jami

          Keepic the picture of Jesus. Bloody dey all die and melt

    • Julie LaBrecque

      I believe that prophecy is from the Shiite branch.

  • Kamau41

    Most do not know that Al-Qaradawi has been an avid caller to what he calls “Islamic Sufism” and all this talk of a Shiite-Sunni divide will someday go out the window; Egypt’s Sufism and Erdogan’s Sufism will be a uniting factor.” This is quite significant indeed. Everything continues to unfold as predicted.

    Excellent work as always….

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Brilliant coverage. I am keeping a close eye on Arabian Peninsula. There are also millions of Indians there working. What happens there is being closely watched. Another area to look closely is how Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are making a military alliance and Pakistani troops being stationed at the border with Yemen, that also I will send some articles.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    “Dear President, lead Turkey as you wish AND AS WE WISH..”. That statement is unbelievable!!!!!! Thanks for revealing to us what the evil media omits.

  • Grandmere

    Thank you for helping fit the pieces together. Some of us have been reading a lot about this in Turkish newspapers. Adding Qaradawi to the mix helps pull everything into place.

    • Sometimes I wish I could read Arabic. They reveal far more than the English language publications prints.

      • Kkdgrace

        I know, right?

      • jami

        Nothing is impossible. Start learning online.I just started the Madina Arabic. Theye also help with pronounciations

  • Kevin Nicholson

    Erdogan’s interpretation of Colossians 1:18:

    He (Erdogan) is the head of the body (caliphate), the church (OIC) He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead (Ottoman Empire), that in all things he himself might be preeminent (Anti-Christ).

  • Cuzick

    Why aren’t you on EWTN with your own show ? Can anyone that supports this site make this happen?

    • Julie LaBrecque

      We could certainly make the case for EWTN to have a ‘prophecy’ hour!! Maybe, at least, have him on Marcus Grodi’s program then …..

      • Kamau41

        That can happen. Marcus Grodi has had so many converts on his program. Contacting the CHN(Coming Home Network) would be a great start.

        • “That can happen. ”

          It will NEVER happen.

          • Grandmere

            🙁 Oh, well. They can dream.

          • susan

            If we give you the money and equipment can you make it happen? Why can’t they at least air some of your documentaries?

          • Kamau41

            Great question.

          • Cuzick

            The will wish they had in the days ahead.

          • Kamau41

            If you don’t mind me asking, why not?

    • jami

      Actually it’s a good idea. The whole world should get to know about and their efforts

  • susan

    “Antichrist is about Sodom and Egypt “Remember Lot’s wife” Jesus said.

    How many were left in Sodom? Lot and his family. And even his wife betrayed God and looked. This is one thing to ponder.

    So few will withstand the onslaught when no one can buy and sell lest they support homosexuality. This will become global. Everyone must give allegiance to this or they are done.

    The strange thing is that its already beginning.

    The day will come even when many of my closest will abandon the cause out of fear.”

    I am afraid that they will take it all. PayPal has already begun. It’s hard to believe that most of the persecution will happen under Trump’s administration but it’s true. It’s corporate and global now. The Supreme Court did what no one else could do privately. They shoved it down a complacent populace’s throat. And we the populace swallowed it because it “didn’t effect us”…yet. But now it’s arrived to separate the sheep from the goats via persecutions (no buying and no selling) and even prison and death.

    PayPal refuses to accept payment to the Shoebat’s organization. So now PayPal is forcing their sodomite vomit down our throats. If we are against homosexuality then they will refuse to let us use PayPal. Don’t forget they have a dossier on each and every single one of us that will be used against us one day. There. I’ve said it. Remember it. And if you’re using PayPal then boycott it. Let your friends know what’s happening. It’s us or them. It’s heaven or hell. It’s Lott or Lott’s wife.

    Thank you Walid. I hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

    • Coming right up. Give me a few hours.

      • susan

        Thank you! 🙂

      • susan

        Yay! :D. Did I miss it already?

  • Reasons why “We, The People” Need To Take Action and Sign The
    Citizens’ Petition asking President Trump and the 115th Congress to Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Foreign Terrorist Organization:

    FIRST: Excerpts from article posted at John Guandolo’s “Understanding The Threat”

    “It is no oversight the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood is not yet designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). In fact, the issue has now been pushed off the table by the Trump administration as the result of a significantly successful information operation perpetrated by the International Muslim Brotherhood continually supported by media outlets.”

    “To summarize, the leadership of the International Muslim Brotherhood publicly stated they have an operation underway to influence the U.S. government, the media, and the American public not to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. The MB reports Hillary Clinton provided support for this operation, and a key node in the operation is the spokesman for the IMB who also spent five (5) years working with the Clinton Foundation”

    Treason anyone?

    At the end of the day, the Trump Administration has taken this issue off the table, thereby surrendering to our enemy and giving them a significant victory.”


    Designate The Muslim Brotherhood A Foreign Terrorist Organization

    Click the link, below, to access the On-Line Petition and Add Your Signature

    This is what all concerned citizens need to immediately demand of our elected
    officials. Our entire national security and future of America is at stake. The continued denial, complacency and political correctness must not be allowed to aid and abet the goals of our enemies, foreign and domestic, including the Muslim Brotherhood and its entire list of subsidiary agencies and associated organizations in America.

    PLEASE KEEP THIS GOING! Forward to your friends, family and colleagues across America.

  • susan

    Remember Lot’s wife when you try to read and practice what your bible teaches. You may not buy or sell. It’s already here and the rest of it is on the way. Good luck. We’re all going to need some before it’s finished.

    • Kamau41

      Indeed, the time is already well underway and so much more to come.

  • Is communism and islam the same ?

  • Thank you brother James. Much appreciated.

  • We have the same heart brother James. That is how I do it. I relate to the suffering of your people. I think of suffering daily. My family knew what the Turks were all about and they told us. Your family knew what the Turks were all about and they told you so me must tell the world.

  • I looked it up here:

    “The spiritual hero of this book is Apraham Hoja Levonian of Aintab, Turkey. He was a man absolutely dead to self and separated from the world. He was unique, incredibly unique in a thousand and one ways. Of all the men the author has known, Apraham Hoja could make without reservation the apostolic claim: “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me; and the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me” (Galatians 2:20). Though like his Lord and Master, he was rejected by men and misunderstood by them”

    Dead to self and being rejected by men and misunderstood are key. It is this what everyone needs to strive to.

  • The Bill was introduced again in January 2017 for this year’s 115th Congress to pass. Right now, it’s been “tabled”. Yup, the MB was able to successfully lobby for the Bill to be set aside. Thus, the reason we, the Citizens, need to bring it back to the attention of our Congress.

    The way the Bill reads, the State Dept. will be given the duty of “evaluating the facts” on the MB and then report on the analysis: Yes, terror group – or, No, not a terror group.

    When Hillary was head of State Dept. she had all the substantial evidence and proof on the MB. Any wonder why she took no action?

    Click the link, below,
    to access the On-Line Petition and Add Your Signature

    This is an open participation for all concerned citizens throughout the United States to unite, regardless of partisan affiliation, and to urge Congress to approve S.68, H.R. 377: the Muslim Brotherhood
    Designation Act of 2017