Five Thousand Conservatives Gather Together And Do A Pro-Homosexual Rally And Declare: ‘We Accept Homosexuality.’

By Theodore Shoebat

Five thousand conservatives in the UK gathered together last night and did a pro-homosexual rally, and they all declared their acceptance of homosexuality. I did a whole video on this:

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  • filomena seiffert

    Conservative is just a word, it can have different means, it may conserve good habits, good ideology and the contrary. Humanity is rotten to the core. Did anyone read on end times a article of appearance of Our Lady, Saturday in Knock, Ireland?

    • yodave

      Do you have a link?

  • Mart1963

    The quiet revolution: why Britain has more gay MPs than anywhere › World › LGBT rights

    It is a symptom of the system that puts these people into power i.e. masonary. The higher you get the queerer you are.

    Over this organization and other secret squirrels is the royal gartr and the head of that is the ruling monarch.

    In the space of the prince’s lifetime, who will be king, the West has been subject to the gayification of it’s society and the influx of other religions to destroy the power of God’s people in the Christian countries.

    The news is full of the loveless marriage of the Prince and Di but it is only propaganda, Camilla is only the princes beard. The truth of the matter is that the Prince is gay and the third person in the relationship is his boyfriend.

    Prince kissing toy boy

    Naked Man climbing out of Buckingham palace

  • Raph Sebastian

    0.002% of the population are a mixture of these deviants and perverts. The sign of the times when the normally rational throw away rationality to embrace the irrational. Homosexuality, gender insanity and all sorts of perversions are evil, embrace and accept them as the norm means to embrace and accept evil as a norm.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    “All the world’s a stage” which is pitiful like passing that livestock tractor-trailer on the highway driving to the slaughter house and wondering if they are conscience of their fate?

    This always leads to: “Et tu, Brute?… be[ing] interpreted as a curse or threat.[12][13][14] One theory states Caesar adapted the words of a Greek sentence which to the Romans had long since become proverbial:[12] The complete phrase is said to have been “You too, my son, will have a taste of power,” of which Caesar only needed to invoke the opening words to foreshadow Brutus’ own violent death, in response to his assassination.”,_Brute%3F

    Cooperating with Apollyon (Revelation 9:11) is self hatred since:

    “…he who sins against me injures himself; All those who hate me love death.”
    Yet, God bless us to love His discipline, “”For he who finds me finds life And obtains favor from the LORD. ” Proverbs 8:36,35

    Good straight line reporting Theo.

  • magaforever

    So true..such a thick cloud of deception

  • susan

    The pulse killings by a sodomite muslim was a masterful move. People who really didn’t want to be chastised for supporting sodomites now had their excuse. And people who didn’t really care or want to support fags now felt they needed to.
    Great catch. These alt right Spencer types are downright creepy. It’s as if you’re gutting a fish, revealing all the repugnant evils lurking inside.

    • ace

      Thanks for the link. Please keep reporting on developments.

  • ace

    Excellent! Thanks for this vid. I had been asking (with links) on the Sunday Special about the EDL and Tommy Robinson and more and you answered some of my questions. Important message about how the powers that be just try to meet their nefarious goals (promotion of homosexuality and euthanasia) using different tactics based on whether one ascribes to a conservative or a liberal narrative. Best to always be seeking the narrow way rather than falling into the snares of the mass manipulators.

  • Randy Perez

    Yes that was creepy. My eyes get teary when im creeped out. Im glad your father saw that was an obvious set up. On the positive side theodore has a great sense if humor. You make me laugh.

  • Kamau41

    “People don’t follow truths, they follow narratives”. I’m seeing this more and more as the days are becoming much more wicked.

    Excellent comparison of what was happening during the days of Sodom & Gomorrah to these times. Those video clippings of those fag flags at these diabolical/demonic rallys, reveals how fast deception and evil is spreading.

  • I must warn you it will take you a year to finish his book. He documents the history of real Christendom from beginning to end on history few ever examine. By the time you finish you will see the glory of Christendom like never before.

    • CTyank

      Are you referring to “Christianity is at War” here?

  • I believe you consumed the red pill and you are heeled. This is exactly where we are going with all of our efforts. A world of utter deception with masses following and with so few realizing it.

  • I love it when I open the comment box to see fair and balanced statements. This is the second comment and its fair and balanced.

  • “Please let Theodore know I understand & agree with him!”

    I did and it recharged his battery 🙂

  • I had to buy Theo a huge wall map when he was 4 years old which had every nation with all their cities (a very detailed map). He stared at it so much that he memorized everything in it. At times I would have him face me with the map to his back and I’d look at the map pick a city anywhere on earth and then ask him to turn around and point it and in a flash he would point his little finger at the exact spot where that city was. By then he was only five. He authored his first book “In Satan’s Footsteps” when he was 16 years old and I still use it today to look up the wisdom which is being fulfilled as we speak. His bed is a mess but his brains are sharp as a two-edged sword. He is a blessing indeed.

  • Kamau41

    “Continue to Pray the Rosary”. AMEN!!!!! Excellent points. Your eyes are very wide open.

    Welcome Aboard.